100 Questions-NBDE part 2

1.Which medication with non-selective B blocker causes hypertension? Epi

2. 2 cartridge 0.5 % bupivacaine epi 1/100000 calculate amount of epi and bupivacaine?

3. which endo diagnosis is asymptomatic but needs endo therapy?
1. asymptomatic irreversible pulpitis, normal apex
2. irreversible pulpitis, acute apical abscess
3. normal pulp, normal apex

4. which one is not a research index?
1. validity
2. reliability
3. sensitivity
4. reversible

5. which one has best initial seal?
1. composite
2. amalgam
3. GI

6. mother said after previous restorative therapy my son bite his lip, what can we do in this session not to happen again, all except?
1. apply heat
2. massage
3. use phentolamine
4. use naloxone

7. what should we do in class 1 composite?
1. include carious pit and fissures
2. sharp line angle
3. 2mm deep

8. most imp disadvantage of IV sedation? Respiratory depression

9. a 7 years old boy come with fractured maxillary central incisor with large pulp exposure immediately after fracture, what should the dentist do as soon as possible?
1. partial pulpotomy
2. complete pulpotomy
3. pulpectomy
4. direct pulp cap

10. which one is the reason for composite failure?
Remained debris on the cavity and light cure

11. which one is pure competitive antagonist?
1. naloxone
2. pentazocine

12. Action of which one needs drug-receptor interaction?

13. which one is not therapeutic effect of atropine?
1. Sweating
2. Tachycardia
3. Pupil dilation
4. Xerostomia

14. Leukoedema what type of lesion?
1. premalignant
2. unilateral, diffuse
3.unilateral localized
4. normal mucosal variant

15. Why benzodiazepine preferred over barbiturates?
high therapeutic index

16. If student wants to decide whether to do full crown restoration or do extraction and
implant, then how will they decide with high evidence-based analysis??
2.random trial
3. cohort
4. case control

17. highest malignant potential? Actinic cheilitis

18. protrusive movements of mandible causes disocclusion of post teeth, what should the dentist do?
Increase compensating curve

19. which one is result of chronic irritation and mostly located in gingiva?
Pyogenic granuloma

20. ginseng contraindicate with aspirin

21. which one causes delay in eruption?

22. in preparation of class 2 if pulpal floor perpendicular to axial wall, causes pulp exposure in which tooth?
1.Max 1st molar
2.Max 1st PM
3.Man 1st PM

23. CAD/CAM improves what?
other options

24. which malignancy causes PDL widening as an early sign:
1. Osteosarcoma
2. Ewing
3. multiple myeloma

25. in VDO maxillary tuberosity contact with retromolar pad , what should we do?
Surgically reduced tuberosity

26. Why do we prefer Pen V over Pen G?
Pen V is more acid stable

27. combination of penicillin and erythromycin causes:
1. summation
2. antagonism
3. idiosyncrasy

28. main cause of rest breaking?
Inadequate rest seat preparation

29. Gingival recession is due to plaque and other factors such as?
1. age

30. Bell’s palsy occurs when needle passes too far in which direction?
1. Forward
2. Backward
3. Lateral
4. Medial

31.most common site for salivary gland tumor?
1. parotid
3. sublingual
4. minor of palate

32. which form of palate is best for retention?
1. V shape
2. U shape
3. flat

33. indirect retainer best for which one?
1. class 2
2. class 3 mode 1
3.class 4

34. You give the nitroglycerin to the patient with angina and heart rate goes up, what’s the reason? natural reflex to the decrease in blood pressure

35. During apexogenesis, all of the above with the root except:
root lengthening
root widening
root apex closure
root revascularization

36. which one is chelating agent? EDTA

37. best treatment for deep vertical defect?
1. gingival flap and resection
2. gingival flap and regeneration

38. after recently MOD amalgam, patient has sharp pain ? reversible pulpitis
In another q the asked what’s the reason? Premature contact

39. report child abuse? beneficence

40. Your dental patient asks for diazepam prescription as she wants to go on vacation.
You prescribe antianxiety to her always before dental treatment. What should a dentist
– prescribe her, because she is your regular patient of record.
– deny giving prescription and mention in her chart?
– only make available if she comes to pick up.

41. definition of wheezing?
1.Lung sound due to passage of air through narrow airways
2. vibration of pleural spaces due to inflammation

42. Which sensation is the last to be lost when given local anesthesia?
A. Pain
B. Touch
C. deep Pressure
D. Temperature

43. best way to differentiate apical abscess and periodontal abscess?
Pulp vitality

44. complication of up righting molars?
Extrusion and hyperocclusion

45. apical boundary of sulcus? Junctional epi

46. recent studies show relation between oral cancer and?

47. gingival enlargement: nifedipine

48. Infection on the mandibular molar at the attachment of buccinator muscle is most likely to go where?
1. buccal
2. submandibular

49. Best test for diagnosis chronic apical abccess?
3. cold

50. loss of filiform papilla and macrocytic anemia due to which vitamin deficiency? B

51. what is not a confliction in dental office? I chose increase productivity due to competition

52. when goal of SRP is reduction of inflammation what should we remove?
1. cementum
2. bacteria and bacterial byproducts

53. Teeth respond to thermal testing, the rest of the tests are normal. You see mixed radiolucent and radiopaque lesions in anterior region. What is it?
Cemento osseous dysplasia

54. what can we see in Rx?
1. necrotic pulp
2. buccal curvature
3. canal calcification

55. Luxated tooth gives negative EPT result, why?
Nerve endings have been interrupted
56. what can causes Crisis in sickle cell anemia during surgery?

57. in cyclic neutropenia which test?
1.Periodic CBC
2.absolute neutrophil count

58. most rigid?
1. silver-palladium
3. gold type 3
4. gold type 4

59. in seating of RPD the retentive tip of retentive arm should?
1. passively contact tooth
2. apply force to tooth and engaging in undercut

60. first step in seating of crown? No internal in options
1. proximal contact
2. polish external surface
3.adapt margin

61. hematoma in floor of mouth after trauma?
1.Due to fracture of body of mandible
2.Fracture of mandibular angle

62. all of the following are an indication for putting a temporary on a deep caries and restoring at a later time except?
1. Lack of time due to it being an emergency appt
2.weakened dentin under cusps
3.to assess pulp condition

63: sealant type of retention?
Mechanical micro retention

64. most relapse in ortho?
2. rotation
3. torque

65. How to consider a patient had acute MI?
Elevate heart enzymes, pain and irregular ECG.

66. Most common lost tooth during long term perio therapy?
1. max molars
2. max incisors
3.Mandi molars
4.Mandi premolars

67. Which of the following teeth have least chances of having multiple canals in a single
1.max incisors
2.MB root of max first molar
3.distal root of Mandi first molar
4.Mandi incisors

68. Which material abrades natural tooth most?
2.hybrid resin

69. In which direction should we reduce mandible which is dislocated?
1.downward, forward
2.downward, backward
3.upward, forward

70. What is most accurate diagnostic to check the extent of periapical lesions?
1. conventional periapical

71. Patient complains their front teeth shows too much in complete denture, free way
space is 3mm , what should you do?
1.increase VDO
2.decrease VDO
3. raise occlusal plane

72. shunt in spina bifida? Maintain intracranial pressure
73. What is the primary function of IgG?
1.bind to antigen
2.induce production of IgA and IgM
3.Reduce phagocytosis

74. Pediatric patient on NO sedation, what would you check for signs of cyanosis?
1. ECG
2. pulse
3. lips and nails

75.clubbing fingers: cyanotic heart disease

76. Patient vsiting dental clinic after 2 years. Proximal caries in lower molar. asked about CAMBRA assessment?
2. moderate
3. high

77. Diet analysis helps in all except?
1.directly decide type of restoration
2. to monitor type and frequency of carbohydrate in diet
3. consult for modification in diet…

78. Which one is dermatologic disease that have systemic manifestation include bacterial
endocarditis and renal glomeruli damage?
1.lupus erythematosus
2.lichen planus

79. the teeth is asymptomatic after 6 weeks of DPC what does it show?
1. success in DPC
2. complete dentinal bridge formation
3. lack of symptoms may be temporary

80.CDC recommends checking sterilization should be done?

81. Hazard communication related to OSHA

82.cause of ranula?
3. mucus plug

83. Which pontic is advisable in posterior but not used in anterior due to esthetic
2. ovate
3. ridge lap

84. in Kennedy class 3, support is due to?
1.major connector
2. occlusal rest
3. minor connector

85. definition of stability in denture?
Resistance against horizontal force

86 tooth had fluctuant swelling and did not respond to thermal test , what should be done as an emergency Tx?
1.open the canal, debride and incise the soft tissue
2. open the canal, put medicated dressing and incise tissue

87. multiple examiners in research, what should we do to get most reliable result sth like that ?
2.blind assessment

88. Fallot Tetralogy child with rampant caries, what to do now
1.Give pt prior ceftriaxone
3.Refer pediatric dentist
4.refer pedo physician

89.all related to bone loss of primary teeth except?
2. steven Johnson syndrome
3. HIV

90. Tin and indium: for porcelain bonding

91. Hb A1c is 12 in patient what should you do? Refer to medical doctor

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