10th feb rqs

How to.increase flexibility of clasp

  1. Half circumference of clasp
  2. Dec width
  3. Inc diameter
  4. Use wrought wire


2 why over waxup in metal ceramic fixed prosthesis (something like that)

A to retain contour of porcelain

B solder joint

C proximal connector

D.Facual contour

E retainer(so weird options.i had no idea)


  1. Past dental fear bcz

A conditioning

B modeling

C parents attitude



  1. Guide plane function
  1. For path of insertion I chose


5 Kenedy class 1 & 4 different questions


  1. Which is successors tooth
  1. 5


  1. 14
  2. 19
  3. 17
  1. 2 year pt cries or bad behavior something bcz

A.parents permissive

B parents ignore or something

C internal control underdeveloped


  1. Indirect retainer resist which movements

A rotational only

B rotaional & verticle

  1. Horizonal

D verticle

E both


  1. Oclusal rest seat function


  1. What component of rpd resist tongue movement., gravity force, sticky food

A .rest

B major

C minor connector

D direct retainer

E indirect retainer


  1. LA THAT same mepivacaine ques.

3% 5ml ..

  1. Dentist doing study over 6months 4 unrelated pts diagnosed for some facial pain which study

A.case series

B cross sec

C cohort

D clinical trial


11.ada drug approve by which study

Randomized Clincal trial


  1. Behavior shaping

A by stimuli

B influenced by consequence

& 2 other options


  1. After endo previously on #8 1month ago

Rl lesion there ..how will u tell pt ?

A there is something other than rct that is problem

B above tooth area doesn’t heal so we need surgery

C 2 other options.


  1. How can hygienist make pt comfortable or something like that ..

A tell him immediately all procedure after xray

B eye contact something


  1. Least elastic impression material

A polyether

B Irrev Hydrocolloid

C reversible

D pvs

E polysuphide


  1. True about methacrylate


A residual monomer left more in chemical cure as compared to light cure.

B no allergic reaction from it

C increasing temperature leaves no residual monomers

D decrease temp leaves no monomer


17 same in rmgic & composite

  1. Acid base reaction in both
  2. Both can be cured by light
  3. Same physical properties

18 rmgic can’t be used in

  1.  A class2 cavity
  2. Carous teeth in cervical area of bad marginal crown
  3. Class5 carois teeth
  4. Cervical area caries resoration due to xerostomia
  1. Rmgic is used bcz it

A chemical bond with dentin


  1. Flouride

Dec enamel solubility


21.s.mutans metaboliz all except



22 . Premedication

A heart transplant

B mitral valve prolapse

C others


  1. 1st visit what u do

A rapport

B evaluation

C med he


  1. Indurated lesion on tounge lateral side

A cytology

B incisiomal biopsy

C observe



  1. Autistic pt

Loud sounds & light

26.autistic pt

Repititive behavior


27 cerebral palsy

A collection of disorder due to brain damage


  1. Cerbral palsy what’s most found

I chose anterior teeth fracture


  1. Least likely cause of post cross but


B.tounge thrust

  1. Bells palsy


  1. Pt os hypertensive ,diabetic , gets pale n dizzy after LA cause?

A hypoglycemic

B syncope

C hyperventilation



  1. Young boy diaestema & 1 central rotated..frst thing to do

A check habit i chose


  1. Best bone for combination of strength density etc

A ant mandible

B post mand

C ant max

D post max


  1. Tad where place

A thickness of cortical bone


  1. Autogenous hametopioetic cancellous bone what it does

A helps in bone growth

B some other


  1. LA benzocaine showed symptoms like blue skin tachycardia etc

Ans methemoglobinemia


  1. Dentist giving gifts to pts for positive reviews online what is violated

A beneficeince

B non maleficence

C veracity

D justice


  1. Hypertensive pt was taking A drug (it was with SARTAN in end don’t remember name) & also hydrochlorthizide? MOA

A ace inhibitor with diuretic

B ccb

C beta blockers

D ace inhibitor & beta blocker


  1. Antagonost for lorazepam



  1. How u reverse respiration depression caused by fentanyl?

Naproxene IV


40 LA to kid ,his lips got swollen , what u give?

A diazepam

B epinephrine


  1. Epinephrine primary action.

A decrease systemic toxicity

B hemostasis

C increase arterial uptake


42 epi what you give with some other familiar options like

A i chose increase drug at injection site


  1. Diazpam > status epileptic


  1. Warfarin >INr 2 .what u suggest pt for day of treatment (simple extraction)

A.No modifications.

B stop 2 days before

C increase dose


  1. Pregnant >26weeks have gingivitis >bop 4mm

A s/p

B Antiobio & delay til delivery

C delay

D Surgery flap

E adult prophylaxis


46 Pregnant got pale on dental chair

A put her slightly in left

B Trendelenburg

C right

D supine


47  how to know willingness of pt for floss

A i don’t like it ,it makes my gums bleed

B I dont like it but if u say OK

C I will try to keep floss with my evening medication


  1. Optimum level of water flouride

A o.7

B 0.9

C o.5


  1. Pt says I read n newspaper that water flouride cause teeth bad or something ..what best reply
  1. Many fake news in papers
  2. Conflicting things can make puzzle
  3. Its upto u

Some other weird options


50 pt hyperpyrexia ,tachycardia, diarrhea, vomit

A thyroid crisis

B Pheochromocytoma


  1. Chrons sign

A oral granulomatosis


52 intestinal polyps,  perioral pigmentation

A Gardner

B petz jehger

C Neurofibromatosis


52 supernumerary teeth

Cleidocranial dysplasia

53 teeth form from which arch

A 1

B 2

C 3rd

D 4th


53 ectodermal dysplasia

Hypodontia/  anodontia


54 gardener

Supernumerary teeth


55 pt 1 tooth missing

A Hypodontia

B anodontia


  1. Soldering related ques.i don’t remember that exact ques & option .


57 . Cantilever failure causes as compre to conventional.


A  lateral missing & cantilever on canine

B pt discomfort

C les retention as compared to conventional

D more rotational force on it as compared to conventional


  1. Light cure initiator



59 . What initiates in chemical cure

  1. Why compressed air in double bonding system

A to let acetone evaporate

B to remove debris

C to add oxide layer something


  1. Self etch & OTHER etch

A prevents over Dehydration of dentine

B resin penetarate more in tubukes

C increase polymerization

D more retention


61 elementary school best prevention for children

A mouth rinse

B sealants

C gic

D tablets



  1. At which stage hard to change pt behavior

A primary prevention

B secondary prevention

C tertiary prevention


63 pt with less health literate what you don’t do?

A technical procedure explaining

B models

C written prints


64 non maleficence

Do no harm


65 osha protects exposure & ?

A provide traing yearly on employee cost

B keep training record for 1 year

C keep training record for 3 years

D wear personal protective equipments


66 ada do all except.?

Options were so strange to me .

I Dont remeber options .😔

Something about ada directors, ada system


  1. Amalgam class2 in kid.

A bevel on gingivak

B best if sharp margins

C more than. 1.5mm clearence at proximal for contacts

D converge towards occlusal


68  which pulp horn of which tooth can get expose?

A mesial of 1st primary molar


  1. Titanium implant is biocompatible bcz

A surface oxide layer i chose


  1. Chromium Cobalt alloy cast

Oxide layer


71which gypsum for fixed prothesis die ?

A gypsum 1

B 2

C 3

D 4


  1. How u Increase in setting time

A increase water powder ratio

B increase temperature of water

C Dec temperature of water


  1. Gingival contour sungihivaly can be achieved how?

A I chose retraction cord .

B hemostasis

C some never heard options


74 most dental problems in

A anorexic

B bulimia


75 abfraction in 4 & 5 what u see most in teeth

A occlusal facets on 4 n 5

B carious lesion on 4 n 5

C drinks soft drinks alot

D gerd


76 teeth wearing in



77 maxillary anterior lingual side cervical lesion

A abfraction

B abrasion

No attrition I guess.


  1. Vasopharyngeal disorder u see al except

A stuttering

B nasal sound

C upper airway block


79 maxillary denture posterior covers

A keratinzed mucosa & Minor salivary glands

B keratinzed mucosa & cortical bone

C non keratinzed mucosa & movable

D non keratized & cortical bone


  1. Distal extension of maxilla

Coronoid process


  1. Ian which accessory nerve


  1. Retroganthic mand which profile

A convex

B concave

C straight


  1. Edentulous ridge with resorption anterior in maxilla what is danger

A anterior teeth appear short

B appear long

C looks on facial side

D looks on lingual side


  1. All indication for endo except

A pt on bisiphonate

B leukemia

C recent mi


83 pt is asymptomatic after 6 week of pulp cap shows what?

A secondary dentin formed

B the symptoms were temporary

C odontoblasts covered area


  1. Pt called after endo that there’s still soreness in tooth & pt isn’t allergic

What would u prescribe

A acetominaphon

B penicillin


D clindamycin


85 pt after month of mod inlay with sensitivity with cold & hot & pain only on bite



86  normal response of tooth with thermal test is pain ..pain for how much time

A 3-5 sec

B 10-15 sec

C 20-25 sec


  1. Pt complaint pain with cold not lingering & not spontaneous

What u prescribe & diagnose

A Revesibke oulpitis & nsiads

B reversible pulpitis & antiobio

C irrevocable pulpitis & nsiads


  1. Open tray advantage

A implant diverge (15 degree) I chose


89implamt analog ques

I chose something related to lab


  1. Acetominaphon & aspirin common

Antipyretic & analgesic only


91 penicillin allergic what u cant give

A cephalexin

B clinda

C erythromycin


  1. Pencillin cross allergy with


93 sulfonylureas moa

A renal reabsorption of insulin

B stimulate cells to produce insulin in pancreas

  1. Myelosuppressive pt dies most bcz of

A systemic infection

I chose

95 nitroglycerin & epi interaction

96 beta blockers what to keep in mind during LA giving?

A vasoconstrictor in LA

B LA concentration

C LA on both sides


97 less sedative antihistamine


98 how LA work

Na block

99 infection why not LA working

  1. Most acceroy canals found in

A ant mand

B post max teeth

C ant max

D post mand


111 Palatogingival groove in which tooth cause perio pblms

  1. Connective tissue flap best harvested most in?

A ant mand

  1. Post mand

C ant max

D post max

  1. Ffg blood supply
  2. When u put bone graft in palate cleft

A after canine crown full form with no root form

B canine full form with 2/rd root form

C canine both crown root fuul form

D at orthodontic surgery time

Before eruptions of canine


  1. Modeling

116 pt says I can’t handle pain if it hurts

A pain lessen by patient self efficacy

B pain lessen by pt self distraction


117 cognitive reconstruction


118 best way of behavior modification

119 hypotension, pigmentation loss weight

Addison disease

  1. Adrenal insufficiency

A.Causes hypotension

B inc hypertension


121 diuretics moa

A antidiuretic produced from picture gland

B renal reabsorption of Na

2 other

122 4 unrelated pts diagnosed with  facial pain something what case study

  1. Students wants to know which prosthesis to give which study should they go for?
  2. Diazepam CI in

125 lady avoids noises lights pain gets better when lie


126 trigeminal neuralgia nerve

127 bells palsy

128 pt has multiple rcts before..complains that brown pigments on mucosa

Amalgam tattoo

  1. Lyphepithelial cyst pic & says yellow nodule in floor of mouth

130 a lesion comes n go in floor of mouth

A ranula

B hemangioma

  1. Hamartoma related ques
  2. Disappear when stretch


133 red elongations in palate

A papilaart hyperplasia

B pleomorphic


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