1) What % of acidulated phosphate fluoride;

2) Temporary anchorage device;

3) Sturge- Weber syndrome- port wine stain;

4) EBV virus- Burkitts lymphoma;

5) Wartin duct stone- what X-ray?

6) A lot of questions on Null hypothesis;

7) Tagamed

8) Vitallium;

9) Does old age cause – reduced salivary flow? – senility or …something else?

10) Illegal for dentist: -2 glasses of wine for lunch,- consensual sex with a patient,- prescribing schedule II drugs for back pain or something else?

11) Sibilant sounds;

12) Easiest cement to clean? –GI –ZOE …

13) Most common salivary tumor (Btw I got tons of questions on salivary gland, So go over them!)

14) Emrasure rest

15) KCOT

16) Most common? –amelogenesis imperfect – dentinogenesis imperfect

17) N20

18) Translation movement

19) How to treat patient with PTSD? –midazolam every time,- explain to him/her everything (sort of tell-show-do);

20) Example of primary prevention;

21) Longitudinal studies, incidence study

22) Mode

23) Bundling

24) Affinity (I fot a lot of calculations in pharmacology which I was not quite familiar with)

25) HMO- capitation;

26) First order kinetics calculations;

27) Flumazenil

28) Neostigmin;

29) Prazosin;

30) CCB;

31) What cases methemoglobinemia ?

32) Example of Narcotics with agonist and antagonist effects at the same time;

33) Ph enamel;

34) Worst detection of caries? –Xray,-color;-caries detector, -probe

35) Lactofferin;

36) Carbide Burs;

37) Distance between implants and nasal cavity, adjacent teeth;

38) Questions on biopsy;

39) Glickman classification;

40) Reevaluation after periodontal treatment;

41) Examples of Risk factors;

42) Gracey curette classification;

43) Doxycycline (SDD);

44) Splinting;

45) Impression materials;

46) How deep should vibration line be?

47) Straw like fluid in the mandible? What to do? –Antibiotics ,- enucliation,-resection and something else.

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