Farnaz RQs,
15th and 16th June
My RQs..
Dentist have decided to give GA to female patient then…
Female staff must be there
dont remember the other options

Probability question like 50 ppl have caries 20 ppl have caries plus filling..and 15 have missing teeth..what is the probability of getting caries or filling?
D+F+M = 85
F: 20/85, M: 15/85

What causes gingival enlargement Midazolam was in option
Others havent even heard ..

Flouride calculation .patient 2 and half years old and community water flouridation is > 0.4 how much flouride does she need?
According to flouride table it should be zero which was not in option

Most rigid : plt pld gold/ pt pd/ type two gold/ type 4 gold

Why you place Base under amalgam?Znpolycarboxylate prevent sensitivity
Other option

Class three elastics?
It Cause extrusion of molars and mesialisation (maxillary)
Intrusion of molars and distalisation
Intrusion of molars and mesialisation
Extrusion of molars and distalisation (mandibular)
Elastics are available as rubber bands, elastic thread, and formed shapes for specific purposes. They are used
to move teeth, to ligate archwires to brackets, for intermaxillary traction, and for separation. Elastics are always
attached to brackets and archwires, never around a naked tooth.
• Class I elastics (intramaxillary): used for traction between teeth and groups of teeth within the same
• Class II elastics (intermaxillary): usually are worn from a tooth in the anterior part of the maxilla (i.e.,
the permanent canine) to a tooth located in the posterior part of the mandible (i.e.,first permanent molar).
Used to correct Class II malocclusion.
• Class III elastics (intermaxillary): usually are worn from a tooth in the posterior part of the maxilla (i.e.,
the permanent first molar) to a tooth located in the anterior part of the mandible (i.e., permanent canine).
Used to improve the overjet in an edge-to-edge or anterior crossbite situation.
• Cross bite elastics: are worn from the lingual of one or more maxillary teeth to the buccal of one or more
teeth in the mandible to help correct crossbites.

The following are the side-effects of Class 3 elastics
Distal movement of the lower teeth and mesial movement of the upper teeth
Flaring of the upper incisors
Extrusion of the lower incisors
Extrusion of the upper first molar
Flattening of the occlusal plane

Stafne bone defect picture

-Non odontogenic cyst?
Radicular cyst

-Patient had SCC on tongue. Acc to classifaction by blah blah stage three cancer is classified when
When more than two lymph nodes are involved
When size of tumor is > 4

-Most common lukemia in kids?

-Embrassure clasp has
It has 0.5mm clearance from occlusal
1 mm clearance from occlusal
It is placed buccally with drop away on lingual

-Direct reimbursement?
A direct reimbursement plan is a dental insurance plan that is usually entirely funded by your employer and allows you to choose any dentist without the hassle of networks. With a direct reimbursement plan, you are reimbursed for money spent on dental work, which is not limited to specific treatments.

-External locus of control?

-Pt with hemangima and dentist did excision. But diagnosis said was
A hemartoma

-Pt had done SCRP.. During maintanqnce visit, pt still has bleeding on probing. But good oral hygiene ..what you do?
Scrp again
Periodontal surgery

Picture of class two composite filling on premolar and another picture of same tooth with markings of high points..more dark colored on bucall area of premolar. And asked which area or cusp you grind?
We reduce non fuctional cusp
-High COTE?
-Pt had filling yesterday and came with cellulitis the next day. Dentist did incision and drainage..and prescribed Ab..what did he give?
No need of Ab if incision and drainage is done

-If P value is = O.O5 ..then what is correct?
If you reject then type one error

-Pit and fissure sealant etched with
Pgosphoric acid

Pt had fractured veneer what you do?
Etch with Hydroflouric acid

-Spectrum of wavelwnth- Hue

-Opaque look at incisal edge?
Inadeq reduction by dentist

-Highest temp in which sterilisation?
Dry heat

-Overdose of insulin? Stmptoms all except?

-Facial artery is direct branch of
External carotid artery
Lingual artery

Hand foot mouth decease caused by which virus?

⁃ 7-8 yes old? What is most effective?
Pot and fissure sealant
Routine dental care

-Benzidiazepine reversal: Flumazenil

-Cyclic neutropenia what trt?
Absolute neutrophil count

-Pt had third molar extraction? What you prescribe after ext?
Acetamenophen plus oxycodone

⁃ Pt had molar tooth with bluish black line seen on middle third..The tooth is actually filled with composite. All are reason except?
⁃ Tetracycline
⁃ Amalgam resudes
⁃ Recurren caries
⁃ SnF

⁃ Pr had large caries on oclusuon of molars? Bur is used to remove
Bur starts from perioheey to the centre of tooth
But starts from centre to periphery

-Bone height of maxillary ridge above max premolar is 5 mm.if implant of 4 mm should be placed, then
Do sinus
No need of any modification

⁃ Pt with multiple myloma? What is abnormal?
Plasma cells

-Sonething about Thixotropic material i forgot
If something thins or becomes more fluid under pressure it’s thixotropic
ex: impression material

Patient whose oral hygiene was really bad came for cleaning his teeth.He said to dentist that he needs his teeth cleaned. He have severe periodontitis and very bad oral hygiene..What should be the first thing you do?
Considering patients autonomy you should scale and root plane
You do SRP as it is the first thing you should do
Explain patient about the importance of oral hygiene and about periodontitis he have

Many questions on hue chroma and value atleast five questions



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