1-Management of seizure in dental office:
-administer Epinephrine (anaphylactic shock)
-administer glucoses (diabetic shock)
-place pt in supine with legs above trunk (this is for syncope)
– ‪Place the patient in lateral decubitus position ‬‬(this is for lumbar puncture)‬

2-Effect of radiotherapy in osteointegrated implant:
-decreases risk if radiation bleow 65Gy
-97% survival after hyperbaric oxygen
-no risk with poron radiotherapy
-can’t remember

3-Not proper use of mouth mirror:
-indirect vision
– transillumination

4-According to studies, the failure of resin bond in ceramic crowns after thermscycling and mechaniocyling commonly found in:

5-Smell and taste changes with age:
Both decreased

6-Habit breaking appliance is an example of ?
-Positive reinforcement
-Negative reinforcement
-Positive punishment
-Negative punishment

7-3 groups in a study, d:20 m:50 f:15
What’s the probability to have a subject in m or f??

8-In Management of anaphylaxis, the most important agent is:
-administration of epinephrine
-administration of glucosteriods

9-2 1/2 years live in area of 0.4 mg of flouride, the proper dose is:

10-Immediately after tooth has been luxated, it doesn’t respond to pulp test:
-blood circulation has been interrupted
-nerve endings has been interrupted
-the tooth was necrotic

11-All are true regarding the cardiac referred pain in orofacial region except:
-not releived by LA
-provoked with local stimulus
-increased with physical effort
-can’t remember

12-Child had trauma and came with his parents, what’s the least important:
-medical history
-parents consent
-ability of parents to pay
-intraoral examination

13-X-ray is generated in which part? Filament I think

14-Symptoms of autistic child, except?
Which is not true regarding cerebral palsy
Which is not true regarding Parkinson disease?

15-Not characteristic of vertical fracture?
-often affect pdl
-usually results in bone defect
-almost always in endo tx teeth

16-Radiograph of internal ridge

17-Best management of furcal perforation?

18-All of the following can result in furcation involvement except:
-enamel pearls-??
-occlusal trauma
-poor oral hygiene
(I cannot remember what was the wrong choice )

19-Mechanism of action of caries indicatos:
-stain denatured collagen fibers

20-Difference between enamel hatchant and gingival marginal trimmer – GMT has curved blade and angled cutting edge. Enamel HA: cutting edge in plane of handle

21-A lot of questions about leukemia:

22-Host modulation done by which antiobiotic
I think doxycycline 20 mg

23-Xerostomia is a risk factor for all except:
-slavilaty infection
– cant remember

24-Antiviral for infulenza A? amantadine

25-The least favorable to restore a fractured LD cusp of lower molar:

26-The hardest to cut:
-full metallic crown
-full fold crown
-pfm wih high noble substructure
-pfm with base metal substructure

27-Easiest cement to remove:
I think it was zinc phosphate

28-Age at what calcification of 1 molar completed?
2 1/2-3 yr

29-Age at what calcification of maxillary incisors completed?
4-5 yr

30-There were two to three questions about modeling behavior management

31-Tell-show-do is an example of:

32-Material data safety sheet is maintained by which agency? – marketing

33-Best way to decrease sensitivity after scaling?

34-Clinical remount in CD delivery appointment is done to correct what?- polymerization issues

35-Most vulnerable area for ORN?
-mandibular anterior
-mandibular posterior
-maxillary anterior
-maxillary posterior

36-Tongue cancer stage III means:
-tumor is larger than 4cm
– single lymph node involvement
-bone metas is

37-Most common leukemia in children:
I think Lymphoblastic

38-Type of cell in the pulp produces the ground substances :

39-Most common salivary tumor occur in:

40-Most common salivary tumor:

41-Best prognosis malignancy of salivary glands :
I think Adeno cystic

42- for q translation movement, the force must be applied through :
– center of resistance
– Center of rotation

43- side effect of class II elastic:
– extrusion of molars

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