1. Antagonist of opioid
2. Antagonist of diazepam
3. Leukotrienes associated with what?
4. Bisphophosonates
5. Which drug acts against acetylcholine
6. Thyroid storm
7. Primary herpetic gingivostomatitits
8. Combination syndrome
9. Peutz jeghers syndrome
10. Okc
11. Max nitrous for kids
12. Necrotizing sialometaplasia
13. Papillary hyper plasia
14. Most common missing tooth
15. Slob rule
16. Actinomycosis
17. Cross allergic to penicillin
18. 2 LA calculations -just remember ans 1-150
19. Climdamycin
20. Paresthesia of lip
21. Evaluation of 2 drugs study
22. Bio transformation except question I chose doesn’t happen in plasma and kidney
23. Behavior influenced by stimuli I did wrong, remember that .
24. Most common pattern on bone loss
25. Tzank cells seen in
26. Bacteria in implants
27. Where do we place place rest on tooth
28. Fetal alcohol syndrome
29. Cleidocranial dysplasia
30. Kvp
31. Filtration
32. Purpose of plaque index
33. Rescue inhaler-chose epinephrine but it’s albuterol (they didn’t mention anything about asthma just said rescue inhaler)
34. Most common perforation of medical side which tooth
35. Which pulp horn easily perforates in primary tooth
36. Tetracycline given at age 5 which teeth affected
37. Gingival retraction cord
38. Actinic cheilitis doesn’t happen except
39. If a student was to decide to do full crown or extraction study -meta analysis
40. Prevelance
41. Least sedative antihistamine
42. Mechanism of epinephrine in LA -most important one
43. Migraine
44. Ketoacidosis
45. School children prevention of caries
46. Xylitol
47. Periodontitis stage 2
48. Lymphoepithelial cyst
49. Coronoid x ray
50. Ptm x ray
51. Tmj-mri
52. Sialolith-occlusal
53. Tension side what cells
54. Saliva how it affects denture
55. Everything we do in try in -except Facebook transfer
56. Velvopharyngeal defect except question no airway blocking option
57. Why to extract molar in 43 year old pt.
58. Passive eruption
59. Asthma pt.what happens to airway
60. Methemoglobiemia
61. Function of post
62. Implant and neurovasccular bundle distance
63. Occlusal rest function
64. Chroma
65. Best bone for implant
66. Best place for connective tissue graft
67. What seen commonly -cleft lip
68. Desentizing agents-read all the material thoroughly
69. Gic advantage
70. Why we prefer open impression tray
71. Fracture of mandible what is affected -contra lateral condyle
72. Vertical angulation with value of 20
73. Pm drain abscess near buccinatir which space
74. Chromium cobalt why do we use
75. Opaque porcelain functions
76. Autism
77. Cerebral palsy
78. Ortho theory about how treatment affects psychologically to patients
79. Parulis no picture just description
80. OSHA doesn’t what and what not
81. Mercury dispense
82. Indirect function
83. Dents in dente
84. Status epilepticus
85. Posterior palatial seal
86. Exfoliate cytology
87. Biopsy
88. Test to diff apical granuloma and cyst
89. Test to diff apical abscess and periodontal abscess
90. Dentogensis imperfecta
91. Open niti what force
92. Chx mechanism and uses
93. Invisalign pin not in contact in protrusion record
94. Pt abandonment
95. Autonomy
96. Non malficence
97. Purpose of straight line access
98. Root tip broke what you do
99. Addison disease
100. Avulsion many questions read in and out
101. Pregnant women
102. Plaque cause pyogenic granuloma
103. Matrix placed in relation to marginal ridge
104. Bulk fill composite
105. Nitrates moa
106. Fgg
107. How you do external bevel gingivectomy
108. Hardest to remove impression
109. Least flexible impression
110. Cavernous sinus
111. 4 year old heart beat
112. Stress bearing area for mandible
113. Ian what not anesthetized
114. Critical ph
115. Leukoedema
116. Graces curette asked 2 times both medial and distal
117. Sulfonyl diabetic drug moa
118. Working and non working 2 easy questions.
119. Turner incisor
120. Best material for class 5
121. For resistance we add proximal grooves
122. Crohn’s disease
123. First sign of first degree burn
124. Why we do cultural sensitivity
125. Best position for vdr
126. Clinical attachment loss 1 question
127. Red complex bacteria
128. Forceps how they work
129. Digitalis moa
130. What do you do in the first appointment
131. Affected and infected dentin read well very close options
132. Which doesn’t occur in midline
133. Most malignant potential
134. Contraindication for gingivectomy
135. Disulfiram to treat
136. Palatogingival groove
137. Most common osteoarthritis
138. Not to consider in Endo planning
139. Dental manager not on site -general supervision
140. Blood flow in tooth
141. Open apex why better chance of healing
142. Which one caused by Endo infection -apical granuloma
143. Doesn’t invade basement membrane -dysplasia
144. Pedal edema
145. Most likely reason to not find mb2 Canal
146. Inhibits resin bonding
147. Why do we need recall at 3 months for perio
148. Ostectomy
149. Expiratory wheeze
150. Concresence
151. Germination
152. Fusion
153. Trephination
154. Which one quantitative
155. Study that measured people negative for positive -less sensitivity
156. Bundling
157. How to increase flexibility of wire
158. Bone of interdental
159. Tad attached to
160. Leading question
161. Mi and angina how to differentiate
162. Initiation stage
163. What we see in older people -depression
164. Aspirin and acetaminophen what they have in common
165. Efficacy
166. Ed 50
167. Acyclovir for
168. Diazepam moa
169. Zoloft moa
170. Beta adrenergic affect on heart .


-I had a lot of Prostho Rpd questions which were close options and never seen too.
-Pt mg – different studies know which ones quantitative and qualitative,general theories which I never heard about one was about human center model how they behave and affect of ortho treatment on psychology of adolescent.
Operative -materials and how you prepare for each material along with indication for each material for difference cases.
Endo-diagnosis know WELL
OP-very less
Pharma -moa
Perio-incisions,periodontitis stages ,implants
Surgery-extractions indications for different scenarios .
Pedo -avulsion and mangement and materials used




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