20 Dental Anatomy Facts-3

Maxillary Central Incisor
33. The teeth whose function is primarily biting are incisors
34. Maxillary central has the greatest F-L axial inclination
35. Max central has the greatest cervical curvature (on mesial) of any other tooth
36. Maxillary incisors are the only anterior teeth that are wider M-D than F-L
37. Max central incisor has greatest M-D crown dimension of any ANTERIOR tooth
38. Max central has measurement that is nearly identical for Inciso-Cervical vs Mesio-distal
39. Contact btn a max central and lat incisor makes lingual embrasure larger than the facial
40. Incisal embrasure btn the maxillary centrals is smaller than btn the central and the lateral.
41. Non-molar tooth that most frequently has a mesial and distal pulp horn is the maxillary central incisor
42. Non-molar tooth that is least likely to have a bifurcated root is the maxillary central incisor.

Maxillary Lateral Incisor

43. Maxillary lateral has MOST crown shape variations
44. Except for 3rd Molars the maxillary lateral incisor exhibits the most deviation in crown morphology
45. Maxillary lateral incisor most often is in abnormal relation and contact with adjacent teeth
46. Other than 3rd molars the tooth that is most often congenitally missing is the maxillary lateral incisor
47. Anterior tooth that most likely would demonstrate the lingual pit caries is maxillary lateral incisor
48. The DL groove of a Max Lat incisor is an anatomical feature that complicates root planning.
49. The distoincisal angle of maxillary lateral has the greatest convexity of all maxillary anterior teeth.
50. Max lat incisors generally have the most prominent marginal ridges of all anterior teeth.
51. Max lat incisors have the most distinct and deepest lingual fossa’s of all anterior teeth.

52. Max lateral incisors’ M-D crown width is SMALLEST of any MAXILLARY tooth
53. Max lateral has M-D measurement that is nearly identical to F-L. (Attention!) Closest of all ANTERIOR teeth

54. M-D width of the max lat incisor is narrower than the max central incisor
55. Max lateral has distal contact that furthest cervically of any INCISOR (usually very incisal).
56. Max lateral has distal contact centered both Inciso-cervically and facio-lingually.
57. Max lateral incisor is usually equal to or larger than the maxillary central in root length.

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