Maxillary 2nd premolar

(When in doubt between 1st and 2nd premolar choose 1st premolar)
108. Size and position of the cusps are more identical for the 2nd maxillary premolar than the first
109. Maxillary 2nd premolar has two cusps that are of equal height.
110. Maxillary 2nd premolar – symmetrical POSTERIOR tooth (has to do with the cusps)
111. Instead of a long central groove with few supplemental grooves it has a short central groove with a lot of supplemental grooves that make it look wrinkly.
112. Maxillary 2nd premolar has fossa that are closest in size compared to any other posterior tooth.

Mandibular 1st premolar

113. Mandibular 1st premolar has a uniquely prominent triangular ridge (Snake eyes! No central groove)
114. Mandibular 1st premolar has frequently both a separate mesial and distal pit (snake eyes)
115. Mesiolingual developmental groove on tooth #21 originates from the occlusal pit. D
116. Mesiolingual developmental groove on tooth #21 extends onto the proximal surface. D
117. Mandibular 1st premolar – only tooth with a mesio-lingual groove
118. Mesio-lingual groove is an identifying characteristic for the Mandibular 1st premolar
119. Mesiolingual developmental groove makes marginal ridge run at a 45 degree angle
120. Mandibular 1st premolar – mesial marginal ridge located more cervical than the distal
121. More of the occlusal surface can be seen from the mesial than distal for a Mandibular 1st premolar (due to 45 degree MMR)
122. Occlusal outline for the mandibular 1st premolar occlusal view is DIAMOND shaped.
123. In the rare event of a second canal – most likely located to the lingual
124. Mandibular 1st premolar – only premolar that frequently has only one pulp horn
125. Lingual cusp of Mandibular 1st premolar is approx. 2/3rd of height of the facial cusp
126. Ligual cusp of a Mandibular 1st premolar is similar in development to the cingulum of a canine
127.Lingual cusp of Mandibular 1st premolar in normal occlusion does not occlude

128.Mandibular 1st premolar – Most variation of all posterior teeth in facial vs lingual cusp height.
(max 1st premolar -1mm diff)
129. Facial masticatory mucosa (attached gingiva) is NARROWEST on the FACIAL aspect of
mandibular premolars
130. Mandibular 1st premolar FL smallest of any posterior tooth
131. Mandibular 1st premolar is closest of all MANDIBULAR TEETH in FL vs MD diameter,

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