Q. CAMBRA used for- A.Mild b. Moderate c. Severe caries
Q.Ortho movement- torque, extrusion, intrusion
Pink tooth mummery? Internal, external resorption
QBenzodiazepines? Read in detail, they are asking lots and lots on this, like side affects
comparasion to barbiturates, anti emitic property
Q- Difference in endo and perio lesion- almost 10 questions i got
QLots of immunoglobulin questions- 2 Questions I remember was
1. What ig for anaphylactic shock?
2. IGg
Q. Sickle cell crisis occur due to- only option I remember was Epinephrine
Q. Cancer gene mutation- the only option I remember is P350
Q. 3 La calculations
Q Behavior shaping (Do it thoroughly)
Q.Pictures from oral pathology
-Lateral periodontal cyst(Twice)
-Antral pseudocyst
-Inferior border of maxillary sinus
Q.Full thickness flap
Q. Mucoperiosteal flap- where do we get blood supply from?
Q.Lingual bow characterstic
Q.chamfer line in complete denture?
Q.sharp alveolar bone cut by- Rounger or currete
Q. Flap is raised by- periosteal elevator or Blade?
Q.Retentive clasp in abutment teeth, where its placed?
Q.Hyperventilation symptoms- lightheadness and dizziness, Bradypnea
Q.Zinc oxide eugenol features
QDifference between indirect and direct composite? 2 questions
Q.Difference between infected and affectrd dentin? Sumthing related to die, color
Q. Which pontic to use in mandible-ridge lap or hygienic
Q. Active ingredient for desensitization in toothpaste-NaF, potassium nitrate…
Q.Indirect retainer comes under which classification?class 2, class 3
Q.protrusive movement?
Q Ranual occur due to? Trauma or sialolithQ.case- 25 yr old lady got her impalnt done overseas 2 years back, now she want to get her
crown? Refer to specialists, more options i don’t remember
Q.keyway use in non- rigid connector?
Q.wavelengths- Hue, chroma,value
Q. After flap surgery, how periodontium will heal? Option wer not straight forward
Q.case- In patient x-rays, radiolucency is seen in lateral incisor, but no pain, no response in
palpation, percussion or vitallty test- a. Symptomatic irreversible periodontitis
Q. Gutta percha is made up of?
Q.Resistance to corrosion- cobalt,chromium
Q. Indium and tin , how it works?Bonding
Q. Which of the following medication works by receptor interaction?
A. Magnesium
B. Antacids.
C. Atropine sulfate
Q. If a patient has multiple cervical carries what is the best material for restoration? A. GIC
B. Composite
C. Amalgam
Q. Which of the following is not an apparent evidence of employees -having conflicts with
each other
-showing progress due to competition
Q. The DEA mainly classified drugs due to
-Abuse potential
Q. Dentist sets condylar distance 20 , but correct should be 45 . what to do to correct the
– increase compensating curve
– Remount sumthing
– Q. Metal peaking from buccal side?
– A. Metal too thick
– B. Porcelain layer is opaque
– Q.Aphthous ulcer due to which vit deficiency-
– Vit B12.
– Q.Silane is a part of-BISGMA, coupling agent or filler
– Q.Difference between Enamel hatchet and GMT
– Q. In outline form which wall we will not prepare- a. Buccal b. Lingual c. Axial D. Occlusal
– Q. Small DO and MO cavity- a. We gonna prepare individually b.prepare as MOD
– Q.which is insoluble- a. Hydroxyapatite b. Floroapetite c. Both
– Q.In vertical fracture, what we see in x-ray A. Lateral radiolucency b. Vertical and lateral
radiolucency c. Vertical radiolucency
Q. Fibrous dysplasia
Q. Potency i got 2 questions
Q. Pinch- Relabeling
Q. Which of the following is not characterised by PDL destruction around primary teethSteven johnsons syndrom

If you want to look up the pdf, you just click on this Maddy Rqs-26th March

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