1.Alveolar osteitis most common in? Mandibular Third Molar

2.Mucous retention mucoceles how doest it form? Trauma, block minor salivary gland

3.Bucolingual resistance in implants there were option like : 2 implants 4mm splinted together or 5mm 2 implants splinted togther

5.Lot of qs of space related like canine space infect goes where n same for mandibular 3molar?
Canine space infection: Buccal space
Maxillary molars: Buccal space
Mandibular molars: Submandibular space

Anatomic Spaces Involved in Odontogenic Infections

Deep Fascial Space Infections Associated with Any Tooth

Deep Fascial Space Infections Associated with Maxillary Teeth
•Maxillary and other paranasal sinuses
•Cavernous sinus thrombosis

Deep Fascial Space Infections Associated with Mandibular Teeth
•Space of the body of the mandible
•Perimandibular spaces
•Masticator space
•Superficial temporal
•Deep temporal

6.Pencilin and tetracycline : cancel each other

7.clindamycin cause psedo membranous colitis. Treatment: Metronidazole

8.Chronic periodontitis comomnly found in which population ,black males/hispanics female /
northern American?

9.Staphne cyst pic

10.ameloblastoma pic

11.cementoblastoma pic

12. qs elder abuse : least report, HHS (health Human Services)

13.2 qs regarding propronol and epi interaction

Increase heart rate and Increase Blood pressure

14. Gingival hyperplasia caused by Niphedipine

15.drugs for angina Nytroglycerin, Amid Nitrates, verapamin, Propanolol (prophylaxis)

16.pt with history of radio n chemo for SCC now comes for an ext of 29 woth grade 2 mobilty n
pain whats the tr plan ? Coronectomy and root canal

17.pt with sickle cell anemia they were asking what is least beneficail for them options were
(nitrous oxide,premedication etc ): Pacient doesn’t need pre medication

18. conjuctival attachments in options were pemphigoid /pemphigus ?
Pemphigoid: split between the surface epithelium and the underlying connective tissue in the
region of the basement membrane . Conjuntiva
Pemphigous: acantolisis

19.whats the main benefit of nitrous oxide (increase cognitive ? Decrease respiratory rate or
haert rate ?: Sedation, Stage 1 *

20.reciprocal arm provide what ? There was one option like crossarch stabilty or path of
Stability and prevent rotation

21. Distal extention of complete denture? Superior: Coronoid process, hamular arch
Inferior: disto bucal: masseter and disto lingual; milohyoid and superior constrictor.
RPD: indirect retainer in canine and premolar.

22. tramatic neuroma: denture that pinched mental nerve

23.gardener n peutz : have intestinal polpys in common

24.lot of qs on ethics easy

25. Antagonist for almost every drug class such as flumazenil for benzodipne
Naloxone – Opiods
Warfarin – Vitamin K
Heparine – Protamin sulfate
Epinephrine – Prasozin or Phentalamine
Lidocaine – Benzodiazepine
acetaminophen – acetylcycteine
benzodiazepine – flumazenil (Mazicon)
coumadin – vitamin k
curare – tensilon
cyanide poisoning – methylene blue
digitalis – digibind
ethylene poisoning – antizol
heparin – protamine sulfate
iron – desferal
lead – edetate disodium (edta), dimercaprol (bal), succimer (chemet) 11. lovenox –
protamin sulfate
magnesium sulfate – calcium gluconate
morphine sulfate – naloxone hydrochloride
methotrexate – leucovorine
mestinon – atropine sulfate
neostigmine – pralidoxime chloride (pam)
penicillin – epinephrine
vincristine (oncovin) – hyaluronidase,also apply moderate heat to disperse drug and
minimize sloughing. (oncovin – iv administration only)

26.there was a radiograph teeth were ghost teeth but the qs was whats the lesion next to teeth
which looked like complex odontoma and in option they gave both options very confusing but
in the end i just selected : ghost teeth : Regional Dysplasia
Ghost cells: Calcifying odontogenic cyst

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