5th February-Solved rqs

February 5th :

1-You want to put a liner under compsite ,,what’s the order

2-Which is a pear shape instrument

2 y old child what’s the classical stimuli?
-Loud sounds

3-Dentist protect the patient and the staff from infectious exposure
-Nan mal

4- 6 y old child has removable or fixed ortho,,What caries risk assessments

5-What the force used in open ni ti coil spring to gain space between tooth 6 and 8
-And other opt

6-Why use Ti implants
Bioavailability (i choose this)don’t remember other options
Metal oxide


7-All of these antibiotic used in periodontal treatment except

8-bacteria resistant to beta lactam which correct
-Streptococcus bacteria
-Produce beta lactamase enzyme that inactivate antibiotic
-And other 2 options I don’t remeber

9-If patient take multi vitamens which absorption of antibiotic will be affected

10-Combination syndrom what’s correct
-Cause resorption of posterior bilateral maxilla
-Place implants on posterior mandible to decrease resorption

11-Somthing about making digital denture what’s important
-Occlusal wax rim
-denture teeth(i put this )

12-Clicking and sores in tissues due to?
-Dec vdo
-Improper interocclusal rest space
-Improper interocclusal space

13-Why you do clinical remounting at delivering denture visit?
-Major occlusal problems
-Occlusal descripency

14-MO restoration on tooth 4 and marginal ridge high or cause premature contact what should you reduce
-mesiolingual cusp of 29
-Buccal cusp of 29
-Buccal cusp of 28
-buccal cusp of 30

15-GI release flouride and >>have ionic bond with tooth (2 times)
And another one what advantage of GI i put chemical bone with tooth (I don’t remember the other options)

16-4 y child has in non fouridated community how much flouride should take

17-When you have to put pits and fissure sealants?
Non floiridated community
In cavitated lesions

18-What’s secondary prevention?
Restoration for incepient caries
Removable partial denture

19-What cement do you use for procelain veneer

20-What cause burnishability

21-How gingvectomy heals,,accumulate or something like that don’t remember ?
-Over clot
-Over granulation tissue
-Come from connective tissue undereath

22-After week of FGG surgery the epi was sloughing why?
-Inadequate placement of the graft on ped
-Normal healing

23-Trigemenal neuralgia except
-unilateral distribution
-trigger zone
-pt over 50
-dull constant pain

-placement of aortic valve
-place cardioveter
-heat murmur

25-If crown has tight proximal contact how to check it
-articulating paper
-shim stock
-pressure indicating paste

26-how many seconds you put Acid etch ?
I don’t remember options but I put 15-30

27-fear of choking?? Catastrophizing

28- most important thing when you treat child?
-Age or emotional development
29- 2 question of cerebral palsy one how it happen and other one was symptoms
30-odontome x ray 2 times
compound—> ant mx
Complex—> post
31- targeted vesicular lesions and crusted lip
-erythema multiform

32-first sign of multiple myloma? Bone pain
33-oral melanoma appear on ?
-hard palate and gingva
-hard palate and lips

34-if pt feels nausea during nitrous oxide??give oxygen

35- overdose of nitrous oxide symotos?? peripheral neuropathies
36-child on oral conscious sedation what to check?
-pulse oximeter
-nails and lips

37-alcoholic abuse and take naletroxone,,go for surgery and extract all 4 impacted 3rd molar,,what analgesic you give ?
38-morphine metabolized in body to

40-biotransformation done by ?

41-treatment of ventricular arrythmias?

42-most L.A get into neural tissue?
2 others I don’t remember

43-benzocaine cause methglobnemia

44- 2 LA anathesia easy one
45- 1 mean calculation and attached gingva
46-gingval hyperplasia??nefpedine
47-defenition of pt abandonment ,, incedince,,prevalence,,behavioral shaping
48-study to know efficacy of 2 mouth rinse on 2 gorup of people at specific time ?
-case control
-clinical trial
49-OARS appreviation
50-tourodontism at what stage ?morpho
51- tooth development order??
-bud-cap-bell-apposition -calcification
52-why zirconia is tough and resist fracture? I don’t remember options but I answered something about its crystals that change its shape in response to streses,,I don’t know if its right or not !
due to their phase transformation toughening
53-omerprazole moa ? proton pump inhibitor
54-case about sojgren syndrome of old female pt had swelling on parotid gland and has rheumatoid arthtitis and conjuctivtis and dry mouth.
55-pic of lymphoepithelial cyst and recurrent herpes and AOT
56-what FGG do except ?
-cover exposed root
-increase thickness of keratinized gingva
-support alveolar bone

57- well circumscribed halo on root surface ?

58-MWF function ??
Root debdidment

59-implant to neighbouring tooth 2-3 mm apical.

60-implant to adjacent tooth 1.5 mm

61-do home bleaching cause tooth sensitivity- true
and home bleaching is 25% carbamide peroxide ?? False

62-feldspathic porcelain structure have ?

63-best prognosis?
-perio from endo
-Or perio from perio has better prognosis than endo lesions
-or endo from perio

64-best prognosis? Deep 3 wall defect

65-mandibular retrognathia what surgery you can do ?
-inverted L
-vertical osteotomy

66-Q about cleft lip and palate surgery I don’t remember it well but it was about after surgery in reevaluation there was a psuodohypoplasia of maxilla and retrognathia of mandible (something like that ) and what the reason?
-inadequate time of surgery if cleft lip
-inadequate time of surgery of cleft palate
-normal after surgery

67-why you do maintenance or reevaluation visit after perio treatment ? plaque control
68-most important indicator for prognosis of treatment ?
-there was medical history
-pt age

69- 2 Q about articles I don’t remember and I don’t know their answers


70-pt after local anathesia become pale and feeling ill,,what you will do?
-give .5 epinephrine
– give dextrose
-give 100& oxygen via facemask of nose cannule

71- order of wearing PPE?
-gown..mask..eye google..gloves


If you want to check your answers, you can find the answers in the attached file.













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