Feb 9 Day 1

Most common…- cleft lip
Which is a non-odontogenic tumor
H2 antagonist
Epinephrine and propanalol cause what in the patient.
TMJ and condylar fx and how that affects the mandible
Least missing tooth- canine
IANB anatomical landmarck- ptergyomandiblular raphe
Amantadine- antiviral and anti Parkinson
Drug antagonist of folic acid? Sulfa, Trimethoprim, Methotrexate

Side effects of different antibiotics
Match the antihypertensive drug with its category/MOA
Endo diagnoses questions
Bulky crown- under prepped
Most cariogenic- sucrose/dextrose
Different shapes of caries. Pit/smooth surface.
What do you do if you have a vertical root fracture- extract
Apexification- non-vital, open apex, permanent tooth

No LA calculation/ 1 probabliity question
Most stable material- PVS

Identify median
Prilocaine- methemoglomia (know symptoms as well)
Pregannt woman- IVC
Easily removed cement- zinc phosphate

1 question over on non-fuctional movement

If a child patient has nitrous oxide posisoning, what do you do?

What disease is contraindicated for glucorticosteroids.
Best to see articular disc-MRI

What insulin surplus not cause- hyperglycemia

Hyperthyroid- don’t give them epi
Patient is having anaphylactic shock -give epi
Best x-ray for siolothiasis

Alpha 1 blocker- Prazosin

Atongist where the two different drugs bind to different parts of the protein- I put physiologic

Why LA won’t work in presence of infection

1st reason for failed amalgam in kids- improper prep
Dens n dente happens what tooth- lateral incisor

ANB will continue to decrease if Class 3 is not corrected in patient
If maxilla is protruding what do you do? Lefort 1
Describe malignant lesion
Negative reinforcement
Direct reindisbursement
What instrument do you use to detect for calculus
Inition stage- supernumary/anodontia
Why extract third molar it is not hurting the patient?
Contraindication for max molar with class II furcation? hemisection w/ crown
Gingivectomy- 2nd intension
Splint for 10-14 days
Best for cleaning interproximal- floss
What is predominant in plaque 3 days after prophy? Gram (+) cocci and rods
Smoking is bad for perio health
3 wall defect is most predictable
Elementary students get oral rinse
Why do give pre-procedural oral rinse to patients
A good amount of patient management questions
Hamartoma/Chriostoma- what are they
What diseases/causes of macroglossia
Learn Method/Kligmann (forget the name but something like this) learning
Xerostomia is not caused by-
Treat xerostomia with pilocarpine
How to treat a patient with latent tuberculosis? I said universal precautions.
Ankylosis- replacement resorption
Gorlins-multiple OKC
Trigemical neuraglia
White spone nevus
Gustory swelling Frey’s syndrome- 8th Cranial nerve
Describe a patient who has the highest chance of Periapical COD- African American/middle age/woman/mandibular anterior
Neurofibromatosis- café au lait and nodules
Dip in 2nd max premolar
Perforate mesially on premolar
What endodoctic issue has the best prognosis- overfill with gutta percha or perforate internal resorption
Hue/chroma/value- know how they all increase and decrease. Which increases/decreases with age?
Ptergymanibular raphe-buccinator and superior constrictor
Stafne bone cyst radiograph that you had to idenify
2 chronic apical absess questions- how to treat. Sinus tract present. No antibiotics
Sinus lift
Kvp- penetrating power
First sign of first- degree burn
Contraindications to implant placement? Adolescents
Horizontal bone loss to more common
Minimum distance between adjacent implants? 3 mm
patient comes in with preliminary diagnosis of candidiasis on ventral tongue and floor of mouth, white lesion rough and firmly attached. What do you do? Incisional biopsy
Don’t give asthmatics NSAIDS.
What posterior palatal seal is excessive?
What will happen if there is no indirect retainer?
A dentist can prescribe C-2 drugs for back pain
What works on COX
Why place CAD/CAM MOD vs amalgam MOD
Bisphophonates don’t cause osteomyelitis
















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