Caterpillar Exam-Solved

1- Not need x-ray for diagnosis
1. Hutchinson incisor
2. Dens in dent
3 concrescence
4 dileceration
Ans (1)
2 – Which one is Composite monomer
1 Methacrylate
2 Dimethacrylate
3 methyl methacrylate
Ans (2)
3- Most common site for sialolithiasis
1 submandibular gland
2 sublingual gland
3 parotid gland
4 minor salivary gland
Ans (1)
4-Most common duct for sialolithiasis
1 stensen’s duct
2 bartholin duct
3 wharton’s duct
4 von ebren duct
Ans (3)
5-Warthin’s tumor most common in
1 Parotid gland
2 Submandibular gland
3 Sublingual gland
4 Minor glans
Ans (1)6-Which root of the following is LEAST likely to form ledge on it
1 long
2 curved
3 short
4 narrow
Ans (3)
7-From anterior to posterior which order is correct
1 Inferior alveolar nerve , Inferior alveolar artery , lingual artery
2 lingual artery , Inferior alveolar nerve , Inferior alveolar artery
3 Inferior alveolar artery , Inferior alveolar nerve , lingual artery
4 lingual artery , Inferior alveolar artery , Inferior alveolar nerve
Ans (1)
8-You r going to do RCT for upper lateral with perapical abscess for which of the
following possibility you have to take informed consent from the patient ?
1 Broken instrument
2 long term prognosis
3 perforation
4 ledge formation
Ans ( 2?! )
9-Succuess of indirect pulp capping depends on
1 age of the patient
2 exposure location
3 coronal seal
4 thickness of CAOH
ANS 3!!
10- NSAID therapeutic effect
1 reducing the production of prostaglandins
2 Cox inhibitors
3 increase the production of prostaglandins
Ans 1 11-Best Plastic flap surgery for root cover
1 lateral pedicle graft
2 coronal positioned flap
3 Free gingival flab
4 connective tissue flap
Ans 2!?
12-Polishing bure
1 more fluts less depth
2 Less flutes less depth
3 More flutes more depth
4 Less flutes less depth
Ans 1
13-The drug-receptor activity of naloxone is best characterized by which of the
following pairs
1 High affinity, No intrinsic activity
2 Low affinity, High intrinsic activity
3 No affinity, High intrinsic activity
4 No affinity, Low intrinsic activity
5 High affinity, High intrinsic activity
Ans 1
14- Which of the following associated with presence of supernumerary teeth
1 cleidocranial dysplasia
2 down syndrome
3 gardener syndrome
4 ectodermal dysplasia
Ans 1 15-Oligodontia mostly related to
1 trisomy 21
2 cleidocranial dysplasia
3 ectodermal dysplasia
Ans 3
16-Odontomas mostly associated with
1 neurofibromatosis
2 gardeners syndrome
3 albert syndrome
Ans 2
17- what is the percentage of calcific metamorphosis in population
1. 5-18 %
2. 20-35 %
3. 35-49%
Ans 1 ?!
18- Most common impacted tooth from the following
1 max canine
2 man 1st premolar
3 max lateral
4 man canine
Ans 1
19- Most common conginotal missing from the following
1 max lateral
2 man canine
3 max premolars
4 max canine
Ans 1 20-Most common tooth lost by perio problems
1 max premolars
2 max molars
3 man premolar
4 man anteriors
Ans 2
21-Most common tooth to have caries
1 max 1stpremolar
2 max 1 molar
3 man 1st molar
4 man 1st premolar
Ans 3
22-Which of the following have the most effact on caries formation
1 ph salaiva
2 diet
3 specific bacteria
4 time
Ans 3
23-Which of the following has no radiopaque
2 fibrous dysplasia
3 ameloblastoma
4 condensing osteitis
Ans 3
24- 22 years old girl with fever , malaise, lymphadenopathy, multiple ulcers on
tongue, palate with swollen gingiva
1 anug
2 acute herpetic gingivostomatitis
3 marginal gingivitis
4 herpangina
Ans 2 25-Best to test pulp status for newly erupted tooth with open apex
1 hot test
2 cold test
3 Electrical pulp test
4 percussion
Ans 2
26-When you take Graft from a Pig it considers as
1 xenograft
2 allograft
3 autograft
Ans 1
27-Patient girl has Pain when she turn her head to the right and swallow
1 lateral thyroid cyst
2 elongated styloid process
Ans 2
28-Muscle to elevated tongue
1 styloglossus and palatoglossus
2 genioglossus and styloglossus
3 hyoglossus and palatoglossus
4 hyoglossus and genioglossus
Ans 1
29-flap in all the mandible which structure may damage
1 mental
2 facial
3 orbicularis oris muscle attachment
4 mentalis muscle attachment
Ans 1 ?!30-Tb oral ulcer present as
1 painless ulcer for long duration
2 mostly palate
Ans 1
31- In genioplasty sergury there is risk of damage to
1 facial nerve
2 lingual nerve
3 mental nerve
4 hypoglossal nerve
Ans 3
32- Where you should’t put a temporary filling
1 have no time to finish treatment today
2 cusp of the molar is broken
3 emergency and need a root canal
4 pt has many caries lesions that has to be done today
Ans 2
33 -Pt went to educational clinic with deep class 3 in upper lateral , while the
student preparing the cavity the time is over so he should put temporary
filling which one he should use
1 GIc
3 zinc oxide ( cavite )
4 zinc polycarboxylate
Ans 2
34-MRI which type of radiation
1 electromagnetic radiowaves
2 ionizing radiation
Ans 1 35-You put Pregnant patient in left position To prevent the pressure on
1 fetus
4 bladder
Ans 2
36-Tooth past anti senetivity
1 Cacl2
2 KNO4
Ans 2
37-Patient said I don’t have time to stop smoking
1 Contemplatory
2 Denial
3 Precontemplatory
4 Action
Ans 3
38 – Color property which give strength, intensity , saturation to the color
1 Value
2 Chroma
3 hue
4 translucency
Ans 2
39-Color family is
1 hue
2 value
3 chroma
4 pigmentation
( got this question 2 times different languages )
Ans 1 40-Forceps for man premolars
1 150
2 151
3 23
Ans 2
41-Which of the following Is Pre Malignant
1 odontoma
2 pagets disease
3 hairy tongue
Ans 2
42 -pseudomembranous colitis caused by clindamycin is
1 overgrowth of C. diff
2 treated by IV metronidazol
Ans 1
43-Most resitance to be killed by autoclave
1 Hepatitis B
2 Mycobacreim bovies
3 s mutans
Ans 2
44- cannot be advertised by a general dentist
1 Cost
2 Specialty
3 License agreement
Ans 2
45- 4 years child Primary central intruded 5 mm what to do
1 ortho pull
2 surgical extract
3 let re erupt
Ans 3 46- In forced excursion of central incisors u pull it
1. 1mm in 1 week
2. 2mm in 1 week
3. 1mm in 1 month
4. 2 mm in 1 month
Ans 1 ?!
47- Why replace composite anterior
1 discoloration
2 marginal detach
3 fracture
Ans 1 ?!
48- You have tooth with Sinus tract what is the additional treatment beside RCT
for this sinus tract
1 surgical excision
2 nothing
3 antibiotics
Ans 2
49- Which one is LEAST cause for extraction
1 grad 2 mobility
2 deep endo perio caused by perio
3 non restorable tooth
4 vertical root
Ans 1
50-You re implant Avulsed tooth with non rigid fixation how long you will leave
1 5-7 days
2 10-14 days
3 18-21 days
4 28-30 days
Ans 2 51- Which one of the flowing require LONGEST time for acid etching
1 Zirconia
2 Feldspathic
3 Lithium disilicate
4 Ceramic
52- you have mesial and distal caries on max 1st molar you decided to make it
MOD rather than separated cavities because of
1 remaining width of oblique ridge less than 1.5 mm
2 for more retention
3 for resistance
4 to gain occlusal anatomy
Ans 1
53- Minimum distance between 2 implants
1 . 1mm
2. 2mm
3. 3mm
4. 4mm
Ans 3
54-How much minimum buccolingual bone thickness needed for 4 mm implant
1 . 5 mm
2. 7 mm
3. 9mm
4. 11mm
(There was no 6 mm option )
Ans 2 55- How much distance From inferior alveolar canal and implant should be
1. 1 mm
2. 2mm
3. 3mm
4. 4mm
Ans 2
56-Why you put implants instate of tissue born RPD in lower arch which is
opposite upper natural dentation
1 to distribute the foce
2 to decrease bone loss
3 to increase support
Ans 2
57-Best to preserve root supported over denture
1 daily fluoride
2 metal coping
3 amalgam post
Ans 1
58-two implants to support denture
1. implant gives support and retention
2.implant gives support,tissue gives retention
3 implant gives retention tissue support
4 implant gives retention tissue retention
Ans 3
59-Lefot 1 include which of the following
1 Max sinus
2 orbit
3 zygomatic process
Ans 1 60-Maxilary artery direct branch from
3 facial artery
Ans 1
61-Lower Denture distal extension should
1 Cover 1/2 or 2/3 of retromolar pad
2 cover all retromolar pad
3 do not cover
Ans 1
62-Best root support FPD
1 longe less bone lose
2 Short less bone lose
3 Conical more bone loss
4 Conical less bone loss
Ans 1
63- ginseng contraindicated with
1 Aspirin
2 Penicillin
3 Clindamycine
Ans 1
64- Which interleukin is related to bone destruction?
1 IL1
2 IL2
3 IL6
4 IL10
Ans 1 65-Most Perforations on max lateral root during RCT is
1 mesial
2 distal
3 buccal
4 lingual
Ans 1
66-dens invaginatus commonly seen in
1 max laterals
2 man premolars
3 max canine
4 man molars
Ans 1
67-Least likely to have caries
1 man anteriors
2 max anteriors
3 man premolar
4 man premolars
Ans 1
68-Why to wash film by water in the last step in processing
1 to remove chemicals
2 to harden the film
3 to gain latent image
Ans 1
69-For big osseous defect in mandible which graft is the best
1 Allograft
2 Autograft
3 Dried frozen
Ans 2 70-How many population have Herpes virus in there bodies
1. 35- 40%
2. 50–55%
3.80-85 %
Ans 3
71-Which of the following is NOT characteristic of external root resorption
1. Appears irregular in X-ray
2.Could be accompanied with ortho movement
3 . Can happen in reimplanted teeth
4 . Asymptomatic
Ans 2
72- Caries in radiotherapy patients MOSTLY in
1 cervical
2 occlusal
3 proximal
4 All
Ans 1
73- Antidepressant drugs mode of action
1 blockage of amine reuptake
2 Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Both are correct !!
74-patient has signs of opioid toxicity what u should give
1 aspirin
Ans 2 75-Lumpy jaw appearance ( and some more information i can’t recall ) which
1 actinomycosis
2 cherubism
3 pagets disease
Ans 1
76-Which is hardest to maintain space missing primary
1 max 1st molar in 7 years
2 man 1st molar in 6 years
3 man 2nd molar in 5 years
Ans 3
77- Patient has prosthetic heart valve , penicillin allergy needs
antibiotic prophylaxis which you can give
1. 600mg clindamycin 1 hour before
2. 2 mg amoxicillin 1 hour before
3. 600 mg clindamycin 1 hour prior
4. No need
Ans 1
78-Patient has facial swelling with 101 fever which antibiotic could you give
1. 1 mg ampicillin then 500 mg * 4 for 7 days
2. 2 mg amoxicillin one shoot
3. 2m metronidazole then500mg *4 for 7 days
4. no need
ans 1
79-Cleft lip is formed in which weeks during pregnancy
1. 2-3
2. 6-9
3. 10-12
4. 13-15 ( exactly these options )

Ans 2 80-What is not recommended to place the instruments if you are going to use a
steam sterilizer?
a) Paper packets
b) Paper/plastic porous bags
c) Plastic bags
d) Solid metal containers
e) Cloth pouches
ans D
81 -Red edematous gingiva , no rete peg , marginal gingivitis , whta initial
1 oral hygiene and plaque control
2 scaling and root planning
Ans 1
82- Most important to determine any disease
1 history and clinical examination
2 blood test
3 biopsy
4 radiographic examination
Ans 1
83-Cleft palate / cleft lip mostly associated with which disorders
1 recessive dominant
2 autosomal dominant
3 Hereditary
Weird Question I think A
84- 11 years old child with buccaly erupted canine what to expected to see
1 gingival Recession
2 anterior deep bite
Ans 1 85-Which one has least benefit from antibiotic besides mechanical debridement
3 Chronic periodontitis
4 periodontal abscess
Ans 3
86-Which of the following can cause submerge
1 ankylosis
2 root resorption
3 missing teeth
Ans 1
87-Displacement of Odontoblastic processes is caused bya.Deccisation
ans d
88- Bulimia is most common in which population?
1. 16 years old African American female
2. 15 years old Caucasian female
3. 15 years old Hispanic male
4. 15 years old Black female
Ans 2
89- Osteoradionecrosis is mostly related to
A. seen in maxilla
B. seen in mandible
C. related to bisphosphonate use
D. happens when radiation is 42.5Gy
Ans B90-PDL mostly affected by
1 intrusion
2 extrusion
3 lateral laxation
4 Concussion
Ans 1 ( thanx god there was no avulsion option )
91- 33 years old Male Fat Patient had septal deviation suffer from sleep apnea ,
which one of the following is NOT related to sleep apnea
1 . Patient gender
2 . Patient age
3 obesity
4. Septal deviation
92 – How many cartridge of LA 2% lidocaine u can give to child 45 lbs
1. 1
2. 3
3. 6
4. 9
Ans 2 ( 3 cartridge )
93-Best prognosis of broken file at the apical third
1 vital with no preapical lesion
2 Vital with preapical lesion
3 non vital with preapical lesion
4 non vital with no preapical lesion
Ans 1
94-Broken file in apical third what to do
1 extract
2 apeocectomy
3 obturate and fellow up
and one more not logical ( there was to refer option )
Ans 395- Appearance of an osseous crater in a bitewing x-ray will show:
A. More bone than what is actually lost
B. Less bone than what is actually lost
C. Like a cervical burnout
D. No difference
Ans b
96-When determining the appropriate dose of systemic fluoride supplement for a
child, it is MOST
important for the dentist to consider which of the following
a. The fluoride content of the drinking water
b. the child’s diet and caries activity
c. the child age and the fluoride content of the drinking water
d. the child’s weight and the fluoride content of the drinking water.
Ans c
97-Dentist tells a boy that local anesthetic will hurt like a pinch, what is he doing
a) Refocusing
b) Relabeling
c) Distracting
d) Distancing
ans B
98- What is the correct method of excavation of deep caries?
A-Large bur from periphery to the center
B-large bur from center to periphery
C-small bur from periphery to center
D-small bur from center to the periphery
Ans A99- cephalometric doesn’t show:
a.ethmoid sinus
b.sphenoid sinus
c.maxillary sinus
d.frontal sinus
Ans A
100- high modulus of elasticity , low elongation , high strength is
1 dulicity
2 brittle
3 tough
4 malleable
Ans 3
101 – how much the reduction from incisal edge in veneer
1 0.3mm
2 0.5mm
3 0.0mm
4 1.5 mm
Ans 4
102 during panorama x ray Patient was moved for 1 sec what will happen
1 horizontal distortion
2 vertical distortion in the inferior border of mandible in this area when he moved
3 blurred all the film
4 no thing
Ans 2 103 aggressive periodontitis is characterized by
1 loss of bone around 1st molars
2 loss of bone around canines
3 horizontal bone loss
4 associated with plaque
Ans 1
104 lingual varicosis associated with
1 hypertension
2 gender
3 DM
4 xerostomia ( there was no age option )
Ans 1
105 – not involved in Ludwig’s angina?
1 Sublingual space
2 Submandibular space
3 Retropharyngeal space
4 Submental space
Ans 3
106 – Most common deep fungal disease in USA
1 blastomycosis,
2 candidiasis,
3 histoplasmosis,
4 mucormycosis
Ans 2 107- Before taking inform consent what u should do
1 consult physician
2 call pt relatives
3 ask if the patient has guardian
Ans 1 !!??!!??
108- Which of the following red complex bacteria
1 Treponema denticola
2 s mutans
3 A.actinomycetcomitans
4 provetella intermedia
Ans 1
109 – scaring from the electrical burn, never treated and it is in the corner of the
mouth, what will happen?
A. arch length discrepancy
B. impacted tooth
C. decrease VDO
D. labial inclination of teeth
Ans 1 ? 3 ? please search about it
110 – after man 3rd molar extraction what may happen
1 parasthesia , trismus , infection
2 parasthesia , bone fracture , alveolar ostitis
3 . bleeding , fracture , trismus
Ans 1 111- 42 years old man with post cross bite how to treat him
1 rapid palatal expantion
2 surgical treatment
3 hyrax
Ans 2
112 – you did scaling and root planning to pt after that he went back with perfect
plaque control but still have bleeding on probing and 6 mm pocket depth what is
the next step
1 another scaling and root planning
2 no thing
3 open flap surgery
4 oral hygiene instructions
Ans 3
113 – trisomy 21 have all the following except
1 rampant caries
2 macroglosia
3 short roots
4 mandibular protrusion
Ans 1 114- acrylic mostly associated with candidiasis:
1 heat cured
2 chemical cured
3 light cured and one more option
115- class 1 composite restoration
1. Pulpal depth 2 mm
2. Cavosurface angle 45
3. Sharp line angles
4. Only do pit and fissures where caries is
Ans 4
116 – 40-year- old patient has 32 unrestored teeth. The only defects are deepstained grooves in posterior teeth. The grooves are uncoalesced. What is the
treatment of choice?
A- Periodic observation
B- Pit and fissure sealant
C- Preventive resin restoration
D- Application of topical fluoride
Ans a
117- if you compare the radiation dose of the person working in a nuclear power
plant and that of the dental assistant or whoever takes the x-Rey in the dental
office, how much will the dosage of that person be?
A. 1\10 of the nuclear worker
b. 10 times of the nuclear worker
C. 5 times of the nuclear worker
D. 1\5 times of the nuclear worker
Ans A118- Filtration is used in dental x-ray machines to remove
A- Scatter radiation photons
B- High energy electrons
C- Long wavelength photons
D- Low energy electrons
Ans C
119- Angioneurotic oedema is mostly occurs with which of the following LA
Ans A
120- which cell doesn’t present in all stages of chronic periodontitis?
C- plasma cells
D- lymphocytes
Ans B
121- When placing I bar on premolar distal extension , under occlusal forces the i
bar moves
A-Occlusally and distally
B-Occlusally and mesially
C-Apical and distal
D-Apical and mesial
Ans D122- If a rubber dam is abnormally wrinkled between teeth, the probable reason is
A-overlapping or crowding of the teeth involved.
B-teeth with abnormally broad contacts.
C-the holes were punched too far apart.
D-the holes were punched too close together.
E-the holes were not punched large enough.
Ans c
123- What not to do in veneer:
1.try in paste for shade
2.apply silane to inner surface
3.apply bonding agent
4.etch enamel with hydrofluoric acid
Ans 4
124- Indirect composite inlay has the following advantages over the direct
composite EXCEPT:
a. Efficient polymerization.
b. Good contact proximally.
c. Gingival seal.
d. Good retention
Ans D
125- perineural invasion is seen in:
A.Adenoid cystic carcinoma
B. Acinic cell carcinoma
C. Mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Ans A126- – Most common cause of rest breaking?
A.Heavy occlusion
B. wear by opposing tooth
C.inadequate rest seat prep
Ans c
127- combination syndrome shows all except
A.maxillary ridge resorption
B.flabby tissues
C.enlarged tuberosities
D. increased VDO
Ans D
128- Incision made in vestibuloplasty with mucosal graft
a. Subperiostal
b. Supraperiostal
c. Submucosal
d. Supramucosal
Ans B
129- Most common location for caries in a 4 year old child?
a. Distal of mandibular m2
b. Mesial of mandibular m1
c. Distal of mandibular m1
d. Distal of mandibular canine
Ans C
130- The function of post
A. Provide retention for a crown
B. Enhance the strength of the tooth
C. Provide retention for a core
D. Provide the root canal sealing
Ans C131- In selection of maxillary teeth for overdenture abutments , the ideal location
is :
A.Maxillary canine
B. Maxillary lateral incisors
C. Maxillary premolars
D. Maxillary central incisors
Ans D
132- A radiograph of a 4-year-old child reveals no evidence of calcification of
mandibular second premolars. This means that
1. these teeth may develop later.
2. the child will probably never develop second premolars.
3. it is too early in life to make any final predictions concerning the development
of any permanent teeth
4. extraction of primary second molars should be performed to allow the
permanent first molars to drift forward.
Ans 1
Some more Question without options as we remembered only the question
and the correct answer
133- wavelength :hue
134- during routine examination you find RL lesion Periapical to mand lat incisor ,
the tooth has composite no pain , respond normally to thermal stimulus no pain on
percussion: Periapical cemento dysplasia
135-wheezing sound detention : options were so confusing but I chose the one said
lung sound and narrowing air way
136 – acrylic mostly associated with candidiasis: heat cured, chemical cured or
light cured and one more option
137- muscle that retrudes the mandible: temporalis
138- muscle that translate the mandible: lateral Pterygoid139- disadvantage of cancellous autograft : lack of strength
140- mesolingual cusp of max 1 molar occludes with : central fossa of mand 1
141- scleroderma: microstomia
142- day 2, antibiotics for acute ulcerative periodontitis with lymphadenopathy :
143- day2: all true for transient ischemic attach except ; give nitroglycerin
144 – dentist did post and crown and insurance pay for crown : bundling
145- most common caries : pit and fissure
146 – antibiotics that is safe for renal hemodialysis ; I put clindamycin .. I hope it is
147- antibiotics for mycoplasma: erythromycin
148- how to reduce value : add complementary col
149- test for cyclic neutropenia : periodic total CBC
150- patient allergic to ampicillin what to give him : azithromycin 500 mg
Pay attention to the dose they gave options with clindamycin 1 gm
And another opinion clarithromycin 2 gm .
151 –deflection of Pontic occlusogingival : directly related to cubic Pontic length
152- advantage of external splint over internal splint: conservation of tooth
153- during post preparation with rotatory you see blood why ?
Lateral perforation
154- – Why shunt used for spina bifida?
To reduce intracranial pressure155- Cardiovascular accident stroke risk factor mostly: hypertension
156- child objective fear : from his own bad experience
157- patient has problem in swallowing , while making an impression for complete
denture … which area in mandiblular denture is hard to register?
Masseteric notch
158- after big MOD patient come back with pain in drinking cold and after
examination .. the tooth has pain in cold stimulus that subside quickly and bite
exam was normal .. tooth is not sensitive to percussion ; diagnosis ?
I picked reversible pulpitis
Other options are wrong according to the history.
159- a boy came to your clinic he has limited mouth opening . While taking his
history his mom told you that he fell in his bicycle on his face one year age ,
diagnosis ; condylar ankylosis
160- incidence :rate
161- prevelance : percentage
162- 58- 9- When u publish an article, which is the most important point that u
consider ?
P value , reject the null hypothesis
163- aspirin 12 mg/ml in plasma concentration how ml after three half lives ?
Answer: is 1.5
12–> 6 —>3 —>1.5
164- Inform consent definition ( was not clear )
165- Bundling definition ( was not direct ) 166- Aggressive perio : chemotaxis
167- Gic: adherent to tooth structure
168-Object Away from focal spot in OPG
169- question from Rita file about which is not code of ethic
170 – White caries = u can see it when dry the tooth
171- Patient use Anticonvulsants drug what he have:
Trigminal neuralgia
172- patient child use amphetamine what he have : ADHD
173- Whay u have to preserve the ridge btw mesio buccal and mesio lingual cusps
in primary first molar ( I can’t recall the options but it was easy I am sure that you
Know it )
174- Warfarin mOA
175- An act from 1997 that gives free treatments to poor children. What’s the name
of the act? CHIP
176 – implant epithelium : hemidesmosome
177- nitroglycerin side effects
178- One patient want to suicide long story and unbelievable choices
u have to pick the wrong answer ( if you interested search about suicide )Now the time for some photos which are almost same as those which
appeared in the exam

179- identify: Hyoid bone
180- identify : Coronoid process
181- diagnosis : geographic tongue ( 95% same photo )182- which class : Kennedy class 1
183 – – which class : Kennedy class 2 mod 1
184 – diagnosis : Idiopathic osteosclerosis185- diagnosis : Lichen planus
186 – diagnosis : Florid cemento osseous dysplasia
187- Diagnosis : 188- I got as this radiograph and asking about diagnosis : amelobastic fibro
189- got this pic but was so bad quality asking about diagnosis of this lesion in the
palate it is nicotinic stomatitis but they gave me these options
1 – inflammation of minor salivary glands
2 – erythematous lesion as a result of smoking ( really confusing options )190- identify Q labeled structure : ear lobe
191 which class : class 2 div 1
192 – Identify the u shape in x ray : zygomatic process 193 – diagnosis : Parulis
Some questions I got from ASAD papers ( I got more 7 Question from ASDA
papers but I can’t find them so please do All ASDA )
ans 4195
Ans 1
Ans 1
197 – implant analog definition198 – What is combination clasp
199 – In selection of maxillary teeth for overdenture abutments , the ideal location
is :
A.Maxillary canine
B. Maxillary lateral incisors
C. Maxillary premolars
D. Maxillary central incisorsSome patient management Questions from ASDA which we collected during
studying 200 – After extraction of 8 what is the percentage of alveolar bone resorption?
God only knows
201- What doesn’t occur in midline ?
A.Cleft lip
B.Lingual thyroid
C.torus paltinus
D.Nasopalatine duct cyst
Answer is A
202-Slurred speech where ?
1 Transient ischemic attack
2 dementia
3 2 more options
Answer is 1
203- On delivering cast restoration the sequence shod be used : check internal
fit then proximal contact them marginal integrity and last occlusion
204- anti tartar in tooth paste : tetra sodium pyrophosphate
Good Luck !!
Nesreen A. Ibrahim and N board prep ( AL-Azzawi )

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