DanMan File- Corrected questions

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May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
1- Agenesis is least in= A. Third molars B. 2nd premolars C. Lateral incisor D. Canines
2- Common location of supernumerary teeth: A. Max posterior B. Man anterior C. Man
anterior D. Max anterior
3- Developmental anomaly of supernumerary teeth occurs in which stage of tooth
development : A. Initiation B. Apposition C. Bell stage
4- Apical extension of pulp chamber and blah blah is A. Concresence �B. Taurodonism C.
5- One of the following is manifested with seizure = Encephalotrigamino haematosis
6- Bilateral parotid enlargement in = Warthin’s tumor
7- Pt complaints of inability to close the right eye after LA injection in rt side, the affected
nerve is: A. Ophthalmic B. Facial C. Optic D.
8- Epinephrine (Adrenalin) should NOT be used with tricyclic antidepressants
9- Sialolithiasis is common in = Wharton’s duct
10- If an odontogenic infection involves the pterygomandibular space, the most obvious clinical
sign will be = Trismus
11- DiagnoDent = Detects only Class-I caries
12- DYFOTI = Detects Class-I, II and II caries
13- Correct order to prepare RPD = Prepare guiding planes, Height of contours (Carbon
marker), Retentive contours (Block out undercuts), Prepare Rests
14- Theophylline relaxes smooth muscles by inhibition of = Phosphodiesterase
15- Columnar, pallisading, hyperchromatic basal cells = OKC
16- CT lesion that causes pseudoepithelial hyperplasia = Granuloma
17- What lesion is localized, not dysplastic, or inflammatory, or metaplastic or reactive =
Idiopathic oseteosclerosis
18- Patient with emphysema, what would you expect to see on Forced expirium 1 second =
19- 16 yr old girl with ectopic canines. What else do you see = Gingival recession
20- Lateral displaced or pedicle flap = To treat gingival recession
21- Wax is usually used for border molding because it can be redone = Thermoplasticity
22- Treatment of xerostomia in patients with Sjogren’s syndrome = Cevimeline HCl2
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
23- Patient has skeletal class 2, but dentoalveolar is class 3, he has dental compensation. What
movement would you do pre operation = Upper LABIAL and lower LINGUAL (ULa-LLi)
24- What drug is available to do the desired effects = Free in plasma
25- What is NOT an effect of opioids = Peripheral inhibition of nerves
26- Most danger to operator on an x-ray room comes from = Scatter from patient’s face
27- During closure of mandible, what is least important = Relaxation of lateral pterygoid
28- Which periodontal disease is NOT related to bacteria = Desquamative gingivitis
29- What will allow complete passage of transillumination = Craze lines
30- Percussion test = PDL inflammation / Symptomatic apical periodontitis
31- Tooth least commonly involved in fracture = Mandibular premolars
32- Conscious sedation. Which reflex = Verbal
33- Mode of action of Montelukast = Inhibition of Leukotrienes (used for asthma and seasonal
34- Anesthesia of lower lip indicates = Malignancy or fracture of angle of mandible
35- High C-Factor = Class-1 (Occlusal)
37- Which is the most common location for oral cancer in USA = Tongue
38- Ecchymosis of floor of the mouth after trauma on mandible indicate which site fracture =
Fracture of body of mandible
39- The most important factor to reduce sensitivity of root after periodontal treatment is =
Plaque control
40- Heavy duty gloves used for = cleaning instruments
41- Anxious patient feels helpless at dental appointment. What do you tell her = Raise hand
whenever she feels anxious
42- Which cancer has good prognosis = Cancer of the lip
43- Keratosis is dysplastic if it occurs on = Floor of mouth
44- Common feature of cleidocranial dysplasia = delayed eruption and supernumerary teeth
45- Gingivoplasty can be done in = ANUG
46- An indirect temporary restoration can cause periodontal disease when = margins impinge
on soft tissues3
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
47- Horizontal root fracture in middle third and the crown is slightly mobile = Splint and recall
48- Occlusal trauma causes = widening of PDL
49- East-West (Cryer) elevator = Used to remove roots of lower molars
50- Battle’s sign = Fracture/injury to cranial base
51- Infection of which space will clinically present as a swelling = Canine space
52- Facial bow in maxillary retainers is used for = Light tipping of anterior teeth lingually (but
some people say that it is solely for retention…debatable)
53- When can the dentist take x ray for 4 years old child caries free clinically = When spaces
are closed
54- Clubbing fingers nails in children indicates = Cyanotic heart problem.
55- Pt. has lesion on posterior palate need biopsy. What nerve should get infiltration LA =
Greater Palpatine
56- Methotrexate for Rheumatoid arthritis = Thrombocytopenia
57- What epithelium is found at the base of sulcus = Junctional epithelium
58- Most common pattern of osseous defect in chronic periodontitis = Horizontal (Facebook
friend went with Crater something if horizontal not in option!)
59- Turner’s incisors = Trauma during pregnancy
60- Why mucous cyst appears blue = Vascular congestion
61- Function of the key way in post preparation = Anti-rotational feature. To limit movement or
resist removal (Dentin)
62- High risk to get retinal damage from dental staff = light used in polymerization of photoactivated materials
63- Which teeth can be removed without pain when you give IAN block and lingual nerve block
= Canine and 1st premolar on the injection side (Dentin)
64- Which infiltration is given with IAN block to extract 2
nd PM and all molars = Long buccal
65- Which drug is most likely to dry secretions in the oral cavity = Propantheline
66- Most recurrent caries after MO composite restoration = Gingival
67- what element added to alloy to produce corrosion resistance = Chromium (Dentin)
68- Finishing margin for full GOLD restorations = Bevel (Feather Edge) margin4
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
69- Luting agent for gold restorations and orthodontic appliances = Zinc Phosphate cement
70- Why gold made alloyed = increase strength
71- Perio-chip contains = Chlorhexidine
72- Most dangerous for dentist – Hepatitis B
73- Cognitive coping = INNER. Cognitive coping involves teaching a patient to identify negative
thoughts and behaviors that increase their stress burden and the situations where stress
74- All can happen in shock except = Hypertension
75- Fear of choking because of dental treatment = Catasphoring
76- Hypoglycemia causes all EXCEPT = Bradycardia
77- Root caries = Soft tissue in dentin
78- Ectodermal dysplasia = Oligodontia and hypodontia
79- Child in dental office u gave him LA with epinephrine only one cartridge he felt agitated after
giving la what do u suspect = too much epinephrine in LA
80- Indication for nitrous oxide sedation = Anxiety
81- There was swelling 3 x 3 on the floor of the mouth and the swelling is fluctuant.
What will be the treatment = Marsupialization
82- Collimation = Restricts the dimensions of the x-ray beam
83- Neuropraxia = Maintained continuity of axon and Epineurium
84- 2-year-old child mother complaining that my son doesn’t eat anything due to pain he has sore
red gums. What is your diagnosis = Herpes
85- A posterior crossbite in the deciduous dentition will most likely = present in permanent
86- Class III furcation defect. What would you not do = GTR
87- Patient came with the history of swelling and around mand premolar she has fever 101 and
difficulty in sleeping tooth has grade 3 mobility what u will do = Incision and drainage and
88- Treatment of cellulitis = Antibiotics
89- Patient with the history of bleeding n also bruising on extremities what it can be =
Medications (but some say Leukemia)
90- Bonding is difficult to accomplish where = Sclerotic dentin is not removed5
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
91- In what order the 3 canals of mand 1st molar will appear = If your x-ray coming from
mesial. So order slob ML MB D for lower. For Upper Palatal MB2 MB1 DB
92- What systemic condition associated with endocarditis and glomerular nephritis = SLE
93- Primary support for mandibular CD = Buccal shelf
94- What is not important in class 3 cavity preparation = Extension for prevention
95- x ray shows very small caries lesion cross the DEJ on mesial and distal surface of tooth #3
= Separate MO and DO composite
96- Function of filter = Aluminum discs are used to “filter” out these USELESS long wave rays
97- Combination clasp = Similar to the cast circumferential clasp with the exception that the
retentive arm is fabricated from a round wrought wire (platinum-gold-palladium alloy or
chrome- cobalt alloy).
98- Most likely cause pulp necrosis after trauma to the tooth = Pulp hyperemia
99- A 7-year-old patient fractured the right central incisor 3 hours ago. A clinical examination
reveals a 2-mm exposure of a “bleeding pulp.” The treatment-of-choice is = Pulpectomy
and Apexification
100- Difference between gingival margin trimmer and hatchet = HATCHET: cutting edge in the
plane of the handle. Designed to most effectively plane enamel of the facial and lingual
walls of a Class II amalgam preparation. GMT: has a curved blade and angled cutting
edge. Primarily used for beveling gingival margins, and for rounding or beveling the axiopulpal line angle of Class II preparation
101- If the 4 maxillary incisors were to be replaced by partial removable denture prosthesis,
which of the following would be desirable = Contact on Canines on lateral excursions
102- Percentage of 3
rd canal in maxillary first premolar = 6%
103- Into which space is local anesthesia solution deposited during an inferior alveolar nerve
block = Pterygomandibular space
104- The procedure of apical closure in permanent immature non vital tooth is = Apexification
105- Modeling for fearful child: A. Show him the procedure in non-fearful child (usually sibling)
106- Brushing technique during ortho treatment or after periodontal surgery = Charter’s
107- Indication for dual cure cement = Large posterior cavities or crowns
108- Most commonly associated with dysplastic cells / dysplsia = Erythroplakia6
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
109- Dentist ignoring unacceptable behavior is = Extinction
110- Dentist duties to practice truthfully, which type of ADA ethics = Veracity
111- Hardest to anesthetize = Irreversible pulpitis and Mandibular teeth
112- Diagnosis for lingering pain to cold and sensitivity to percussion = Irreversible pulpitis &
acute periapical abscess
113- A tooth is not responsive to cold, not to percussion, and palpation is tender = Necrotic pulp
and chronic apical periodontitis
114- Informed consent is type of = Autonomy
115- Unethical to fee the patient solely bcoz he is benefiting from insurance blah blah blah A.
Veracity B. Justice and 2 more options
116- Which medicine to avoid with gensing = Aspirin
117- Chronic periodontitis is more common in A. Hispanic male B. Hispanic female C. Black
female D. Black male
118- Modified widman flap is = Full thickness flap coronal to mucogingival junction
119- Systemic antibiotic and scaling are combined as main treatment for: A. Chronic
periodontitis B. Aggressive periodontitis C ANUG D. Desquamative gingivitis
120- Which is true about alveolar bone = It is in a state of constant flux
121- Gingiva is attached to the tooth by = gingival fibers
122- Lamina densa of the basal lamina beneath the epithelium is composed of: Type IV collagen
123- DMF index for: A. Caries B. Plaque C. OHI – S D- PI
124- Percentage of fluoridated community water in US :�A. 60 %�B. 74 �C. 80
125- Children between 7-10 years are mostly benefitted from = Pits and fissures sealants
126- Band and loop space maintainer is all Except–Prevents vertical eruption of opposing tooth
127- Medications for:
a. grand mal seizure = Phenytoin
b. petit mal seizure = Ethosuximide and Valproic acid
c. Status epilepticus = Diazepam
128- Tooth and tissue support appliance: A. Lingual arch B. Nance C. Transpalatal arch D. One
more option
Nance appliance7
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
NANCE APPLIANCE is used to prevent upper molars from rotating or moving forward after
extraction of primary teeth or during orthodontic treatment. Some patients wear the Nance
Appliance while they are awaiting their permanent bicuspids or premolars to erupt into
129- Pt has skin nodules, Supernumerary teeth and one more description, investigator should
investigate for: intestinal polyps (Gardner’s syndrome)
130- Hallmark of peri-radicular abscess = sinus track drainage
131- Endocarditis prophylaxis is recommended in one of the following conditions before
132- False neurotransmitter = Methyldopa
133- Dicumerol (Vit.K antagonist) = Coronary infarcts
134- An opiate type MAA with both agonist and antagonist properties = Pentazocin
135- All of the following cause craniofacial deformity Except = Tetralogy of fallot
136- Erythromycin and tetracyclines are prescribed carefully in patients with peptic ulcers
because = interacts with antacids if any
137- Macrolides avoided in asthma = interacts the theophylline
138- Antidote of warfarin = Vit K
139- Antidote of heparin = Protamine sulphate
140- 76 yrs is on warfarin therapy and needs emergency extractions of a decayed tooth. Select
the appropriate protocol: Do not stop warfarin and perform surgery using local anesthetic
and administer Vit. K
141- Dental lamina is formed at = 6 weeks IU
142- Automated external defibrillator best described as? not used under 12 years of age
143- 5- x ray, there are unerupted teeth, retained deciduous, impacted permanent teeth and l
saw osteoma also, Wt the diagnosis :A. Ectodermal dysplasia B. Odontogenic keratocyst
C. Gardener’s syndrome
144- Sloughing of necrotic epithelium = Aspirin burn
145- Treacher choline syndrome (mandibulofacial dysostosis) has a relation to zygoma in same
manner of cleidocranial dysplasia relation to : A. Ribs B. Clavicle C. Iliac
146- Pigmentation of the face, lips and oral cavity and intestinal polyps = Peutz Jeghers
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
147- Children = Rhabdomyosarcoma
148- Macroglossia doesn’t occur in A. Amylodosis B. Down syndrome C. Hypothyroidism , D.
149- Brown tumor (Central giant cell granuloma) is associated with HYPERPARATHYROIDISM
150- Description of a lucent lesion starting from lower second molar extending to incisor area (no
xray).What’s the least possible diagnosis? Nasopalatine duct cyst
151- Pregnant first trimester, picture of pyogenic granuloma, what to do: Wait till 2nd trimester
152- Cross bites are treated with maxillary expansion. Tongue thrusting causes cross bite = First
true, second false.
153- Best time for treatment of pt under dialysis : A. The day after dialysis B. Day before C.
Hours before
154- Periodontitis in AIDS pt will be treated by all of following except A. Scaling B. Systemic
antibiotics C. Antifungal to prevent candidasis D. Multiple free gingival graft to correct the
gingival defect or contour
155- Dementia : A. Short term memory loss B. Long term memory loss Two more options
156- Wt is true about elderly pt :A. Become less intelligent and difficult to change their behavior
or something like this B. Senility comes by age 2 more weird options
157- Evaluation of 2 groups A and B with 2 drugs for same period, what type of study A. Cross
sectional 3- clinical trials 3- cohort
158- Most common mid-face fracture = Zygomaticomaxillary
159- One month ago, a dentist studied the prevalence of dental caries among school students,
Wt study :A. Cross sectional B. Cohort C. Others
• A cross-sectional study involves looking at people who differ on one key characteristic at
one specific point in time. The data is collected at the same time from people who are
similar in other characteristics but different in a key factor of interest such as age, income
levels, or geographic location. Participants are usually separated into groups known as
cohorts. For example, researchers might create cohorts of participants who are in their 20s,
30s, and 40s.
• Cohort studies observe large groups of individuals, recording their exposure to certain risk
factors to find clues as to the possible causes of disease. They can be prospective studies 9
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
and gather data going forward, or retrospective cohort studies, which look at data already
160- dentist studies 4 unrelated pts with myofacial pain and myalgia. Wt type of study :A. Case
161- mechanism of fetal alcohol syndrome A. Failure of cells distribution B. Neural crest
162- purpose of percussion :A. To assess inflammation of PDL
163- Flap heals by – primary
Gingivectomy- secondary
Graft- tertiary
164- Most potent and most toxic LA = Dibucaine
165- Long acting LA with less toxicity = Bupivacaine
166- Lozenges for candidiasis = Clotrimazole
167- Pain medication for liver toxicity and renal toxicity = OXYCODONE
168- painful response that subsides quickly after removal of stimulus is. Reversible pulpitis
169- polycrystalline ceramic :A. Zirconia B. Feldsparic porcelain C. Aluminosilicate ( not sure) D.
One more l think leutice something
170- Which type of suture is indicated in an immediate denture case to promote the best wound
healing for the alveolar ridge? = Interrupted
171- What is more frequent? DI, AI, Cleft lip
172- Adrenalin crisis = hypotension and cv collapse
173- Thyroid crisis = hypertension and Inc heart rate
174- Patient with Hepatitis B. All organs will be affected except? = Thyroid (not sure)
175- greatest fracture force A. Zircon B. Lettice something 3- aluminium or lithium blah blah bla
176- least fracture force: Leutice and also feldspathic porcelain
177- 15 years old pt with 107 f, lymphadynopathy, sore gums, diagnosis A. Primary herpetic
178- Parkinson’s disease, EXCEPT — Associated with intentional tremor, D. associated with
dementia (Note: TT of Parkinsons: carbidopa+Levodopa)
179- All will be included in the ortho informed consent except A. Ortho treatment can bend roots
of the teeth B. Caries and gums dieses can happen during ortho treatment C. Injury to the 10
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
nerve due to any previous accident can be increased during ortho D. During ortho Pt will
have to wear mouthguard during sports
180- All of the following reasons to restore erosion lesion except one, which one? a. prevents
future erosion b. reduced sensitivity c. esthetic
181- Which of the following dental conditions is often found in Down’s syndrome patients? A.
Mulberry molars B. SupernumerariesC. Short, conical roots D. Hutchinson’s incisors
182- Which tissue show most growth in first 6 years and then plateau? A. lymph B. neural
183- In PFM, to prevent porcelain fractures, the junction should be: 1. Right angle 2. Not round
3. Round NOTE:Junction: Right angled, Internal line angles: Rounded
184- HPV vaccine : before 18, after 18, after 26, before first sex
185- Cavity prep amalgam class 5 retention form ? A. prox grooves mesial / distal B. prox
grooves oclusal C. parallel walls mesio-distal D. parallel walls occluso-gingival
186- Maxillary premolar extraction forcep = 150
187- Mandibular premolar extraction forcep = 151
188- To prevent demineralization of enamel from orthodontic treatment, which method is
expensive? = Fluoride varnish every 6 months
189- The most predictable for treatment of perio disease? 1. Scaling & root planning 2. The
modified Widman flap 3. Free gingival flap 4. Apically positioned flap (1 or 4…Not sure.
SRP is gold standard. I prefer 1.)
190- What is not an advantage of LED cure in comparison to halogen: A. lifetime bulb, B. energy
efficient, C. weight, D. curing depth
191- what determines implant height in an overdenture? 1. implant length 2. impl diameter 3.
gingiva height 4. number of implants
192- Pregnant 36 weeks we don’t give ibuprofen why ? A. premature ducts arterious closure B.
cleft lip and palate C. spina bifida D. tachycardia
193- A dentist has the legal obligation to report all situations except: A. working under substance
abuse B. Advertising on electronic media C. abusing patients
194- MOA Doxycycline = If 30s ribosomal is not an option, then select “inhibit collagenase”
195- What are the important differences that we should know about Pemphigus and
pemphigoid? Pemphigus: suprabasilar vesicle and acanthylosis
Pemphigoid: subepidermal and NO acanthylosis11
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
196- Had that Glass ionomer cement question it does fluoride and what else — pick this “ionic
bond to dentin and enamel”
197- which property porcelain has? = High compressive strength and poor tensile strength
198- Amalgam sealing quality question. You did amalgam but if at times leakage how to define
in reality = Improves over time
199- How to reduce penumbra = decrease object/film distance
200- When there is no barrier, protection of dentist = 6 feet; 90-135 degrees
201- Increase the voltage of radiation = Short wavelength and high energy
202- Source/object distance for lateral ceph = 5 feet
203- Mandibular fracture = Panoramic
204- what happens when a patient moves during panoramic = Irregular border and vertical line
205- View sinus = Waters
206- Condylar fracture = Reverse towne
207- View Zygomatic arch/zygomatic fracture = SMV
208- Best revealing issue for prediction about ossification = Hand wrist radiograph
209- Workers of nuclear plant, how much radiation permitted yearly = 5 rem / 5000 mrem yearly
210- On average, a nuclear worker receives approximately 150 mrem of occupational exposure
a year
211- To confirm horizontal fracture = Multiple vertical angulated radiographs
212- Hyperkeratosis of the palms and soles of feet = Papillon Lefvre syndrome
213- Something about fixing x ray image = Remove unexposed silver halide crystals (not sure)
214- Amalgam waste is regulated by = ADA or OSHA???
215- Amalgam restoration should be changed when it displays = Recurrent caries
216- Huge MOD amalgam, U notice that its got a line in a middle. But when u explore there is
not an actual crack. What is the next step? = Observe
217- The characteristic of an impression material to change its viscosity when applied tension ?
218- Patient has discolored composite in #8. She doesn’t like it. What will you do? 1. Replace
the whole filling 2. Remove 1mm and add new composite 3. Veneer 4. PFM
219- Which of the following is False concerning the indirect technique in
custom cast post and core fabrication: a. The technique involves reduced clinical time but 12
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
increased laboratory Costs. b. It is more suitable for multi rooted teeth, and producing multi
directional post systems. c. Posts produced by this technique are considered to be with the
most accurate fit. d. It includes the use of a putty and wash impression technique. e. The
lentulo spiral is used in one of its steps. MAY BE “B” but not sure
220- If pt has infected maxillary sinusitis you can know it from all methods except: A. when pt.
bends forward it bothers him B. it irradiates to the ear C. pain irradiates somewhere else
D. palpation and percussion of upper molars and premolars Not sure
221- New ceramic crown 7 days back two red spots adjacent caused by Chemical burn
222- Scarring from electrical burn = lingual inclination of teeth or decreased VDO (both correct
223- Diazepam-mediated effects include A- Peripherally-acting muscle relaxation B- Lowering
seizure Threshold C- Anterograde amnesia D- Analgesia
224- Least effective in treatment of Class-2 furcation defects: Floss
225- Levodopa therapy for Parkinson disease may result in each of the following effects
EXCEPT: a. Development of abnormal involuntary movements, especially in the face b.
Extreme sensitivity to sympathomimetic drugs c. Exacerbation of an acute psychosis d.
Nausea and vomiting e. Extreme sedation
226- Pregnant woman 5 months , cavity which LA? Lidocaine
227- Pregnant woman faints = Turn to LEFT SIDE and raise hip 150
228- Which NSAID does not block cox pathway = Acetaminophen
229- Ganglion blocking agent = Mecamylamine (Used for Hypertension)
230- Most appropriate time for surgical treatment of a patient with mandibular prognathism is =
Following completion of growth
231- Oral Hairy leukoplakia = Epstein Barr Virus
232- Condyloma acuminata is caused by = Human Papilloma Virus
233- Cleft lip happens in which week?= 6-9 weeks
234- Cleft lip more common in MALES and Cleft palate more common in FEMALES
235- All associated with periodontal disease EXCEPT= Stevens-Johnson syndrome
236- Acrodynia = primarily affects young children. The symptoms of irritability, photophobia, pink
discoloration of the hands and feet, and polyneuritis can be attributed to chronic exposure
to mercury.13
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
237- Arcon vs non arcon articulator = Arcon- where the condyles are attached to the lower
member of the articulator and the fossae are attached to the upper member. More accurate
for fabricating fixed restorations, especially when an interocclusal record is used to mount
mandibular cast. Nonarcon has upper and lower members rigidly attached. Provide easier
control in setting teeth for complete and partial dentures. Both are semi-adjustable and use
a facebow.
238- When u put crown on for cementation. What u check: A. Proximal contacts, occlusion there
is one more which I never heard about was in every option . Its something like iglu long
word. Don’t remember You check first Internal then proximal and then marginal
239- Study to know the effect of gastric bypass surgery on nutritional status: – Observational
Clinical trial Descriptitve Cohort
240- Home internal bleach causes mostly = External root resorption
241- Most common tooth to get plaque: A mandibular incisors B maxillary molars C
mandibular molars
242- Prevalence is measured by which study design: Cross-sectional
243- Incidence can be directly calculated from: a cohort study
244- One of the disadvantages of cohort studies is that: they are more prone to selection bias.
245- When fail and safe mechanism start in nitrous at what percentage . Doesn’t mention if for
kids or adults: 70%
246- How much oxygen give when u patient feel nausea in nitrous oxide. A stop nitrous
B give 60% oxygen C give 100 % oxygen
247- Healing after gingivectomy = Secondary intention
248- Mitral valve relapse patient. Do u do premedicate? NO
249- You can check all drugs in complete blood count except A. Clopidogrel B. Plavix C.
Apexaben D. Warfarin
250- When u put crown on for cementation. What u check: A. Proximal contacts, B. occlusion
there is one more which I never heard about was in every option . Its something like iglu
long word. You check Internal, then proximal and then gingival
251- Patient on initial stage in leaving smoking all can be done except: A Chantix B hypnosis
C Nicotinic patches D Bupropion14
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
252- Emancipated minor: Under 18 person who has been married, has been pregnant, or
responsible for his or her own welfare and is living independently of parental control and
support can give consent
253- Patient came to you and he only speaks limited English . You do all except: A Tell him pros
and cons. B Get consent in his own language C You talk to spouse about his plan
254- A person comes to you after SRP. He doesn’t have any calculus but his pocket depth is
around 5 or 6 mm generalised pocket . What u do? A Put him on maintenance phase B.
Do another SRP C. Do surgery
255- A mandibular 1st molar has a Grade-3 through to through furcation involvement. What do u
do? A. Hemisection it and make it like premolar B. Bridge from premolar to molar C.
Extract and implant
256- CUSTOM INDIRECT TECHNIQUE (outside the mouth in the LAB) FOR MAKING
257- For external crevicular incision where it will end: A apical to alveolar crest B Sulcular
epithelium C. Bone
258- Ectodermal dysplasia seen most in A maxilla B mandible C Alveolar bone
259- X rays 1 stafne but they mention lingualized salivary gland. 2. Ear lobe. 3. Hyoid bone
4. Nasal process of maxilla
260- File Diameter Calculation15
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
261- Who controls dental office materials. Ans ADA and if not in
options, then FDA
262- Sample-size is irrelevant in: Case-report or Case-Series
263- Epithelium growth per day= 0.5-1mm
264- Low fusing porcelain used for? Crown and bridge
265- Porcelain occlusal adjustment, which bur? Diamond
266- Margin discoloration of veneer:
267- Treatment without consent=Battery
268- Tort law = If you treat without consent then technical
assault oand battery
269- Green discoloration of porcelain=Silver
270- House classification. Which is best? Class-1 (Physiologic)
271- All are side effects of opioids EXCEPT: Diuresis (too much peeing)
272- Which of the following is NOT a clinical presentation of oral Candidiasis? A- Erythematous
patch B- White, hyperplastic patch C- White, curd-like patch D- Ulcerative
273- Gustatory sweating while eating and crocodile tears = Frey’s syndrome
274- Which is the best approach for a patient who becomes very uncomfortable when a planned
surgical procedure is discussed = Explain post-operative instructions, obtain informed
consent, and help the patient to resolve anxiety before the procedure.
275- Lingual incline of buccal mandibular cusp which interference = Non-working16
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
276- What tooth has developmental groove, which influences to development of primary
periodontitis? = Max. 1st PM
277- Template for implant control except = Size of implant
278- Porcelain is strongest in which stage = Cooling
279- A child comes to your office with a neighbor, he states that he was playing in the yard and
injured himself, they gave the class of injury, I think it was Ellis III but it wasn’t relevant for
the Qs. The adult states they couldn’t contact his mother, the kid says he has a dentist but
doesn’t remember his name. What do you do: contact parents
280- Differentiate between periodontal and peri-radicular abscess = vitality test
281- What NOT to do in COPD patient? = 100% oxygen
282- Intrinsic activity, efficacy, affinity, potency = TI = LD50/ED50
283- LD50/ED50= therapeutic index or drug safety
284- A drug with a high LD50 and low ED50 has a HIGH therapeutic index, thus is relatively
285- How to see soft tissue injury radiographically = Dec 25%
286- 3 mm crowding. What to do: A. observe. B. Disking
287- Moderate crowding = Leeway
288- When you receive a PFM crown from the laboratory, what is the FIRST thing you check =
Internal surface17
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
289- Penicillin is cross allergenic with CEPHALOSPORINS because of the beta lactamse
290- Broadest antimicrobial spectrum = Tetracyclines18
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
291- Which can be safely administered to a patient with chronic renal failure without any change
in dosages = Doxycycline
292- Which does not cause scarring of oral mucosa = Erythema multiforme
293- Prilocaine is not used in = G6PD deficiency
294- Drug with good first pass effect? Low bioavailability
295- If a 5-year old child receives tetracycline therapy, the affected teeth will be = Canines,
premolars and 2nd molars
296- Morphine (schedule 2 opioid) relieves pain by = acting on opioid mu receptors on neuronal
cell membranes
297- Bupivacaine has all the following properties relative to lidocaine EXCEPT bupivacaine: A. is
more toxic B is an ester type local anesthetic C has slower onset of action D has
longer duration action
298- Mona-Lisa face = Sclerderma
299- Addison’s disease = diffused pigmentation
300- Treatment of myasthenia gravis: Physiostigmine and Piridostigmine
301- Diagnosis of myasthenia gravis = Edrophonium (Cholinesterase inhibitor)
302- Tricyclic antidepressants = Imipramine and amitriptyline
303- Both diazepam n narcotics antagonist
Diazepam – flumazenil
Narcotics or opioids- naloxone
304- Treatment of status epilepticus = Benzodiazepines such as diazepam, lorazepam or
midazolam (prefer midazolam)
305- Benzodiazepines mode of action = gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) at the
GABAA receptor
306- Anticholinergics mode of action = inhibit binding of acetylcholine to muscarinic and nicotinic
receptors. These receptors are found in eye, secretory glands and nerve endings to smooth
muscle cells.
307- Which medication for anticancer works on folate synthesis/ prevents folic acid production:
308- Montelukast = Inhibits Leukotriene
309- Montelukast = For treatment of Asthma and seasonal allergies19
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
310- Amantadine = Antiviral
311- Amphetamine = Psychostimulant, increases the release of dopamine and NE in brain. Used
for the treatment of ADHD.
312- ADHD: More common in boys. If a kid is taking amphetamine, tell him not to take the
medicine before dental appointment.
313- Penicillin = Low toxicity
314- Administration of succinylcholine to patient deficient in serum cholinesterase would cause =
prolonged apnea
315- Patient has a deficiency in acetylcholinesterase = d-tubocurarine
316- Best initial treatment of TMJ muscle spasm = NSAIDS+muscle relaxants
317- Never give penicillin with tetracycline. They ANTAGONIZE eachother
318- Which of the following glucocorticoids is the strongest? Dexamethasone
319- Acetaminophen MOA = antipyretic effect by acting on centers in hypothalamus
320- Adalimumab and infliximab = bind to TNF-alpha receptors and used to treat rheumatoid
321- Benzodiazepine antagonist = Flumazenil
322- Articaine is the only amide metabolized in the BLOOD STREAM and NOT in liver!
323- Percocet (Oxycodone+acetaminophen) is Class-II
324- Antihistamine contraindicated with erythromycin = Terfenadine
325- Which medication does not cause hyposalivation = Pilocarpine
326- Antagonism to motion sickness = diphenylhydramine (indirect sympathomimetic drug)
327- Motion sickness = Scopolamine
328- Diphenylhydramine has the MOST sedative effect
329- Chlorpheniramine has the LEAST sedative effect
330- The drug which causes withdrawal symptoms in pts taking oxycodiene = codeine
331- The drug contraindicated in pt taking gingko biloba = Heparin
332- The drug of choice in patient with bradycardia = Atropine, Epinephrine.
333- Which of the following does not have anti-inflammatory action = Acetaminophen
334- Prilocaine above 500mg causes = Apnoea, cardiogenic shock, methemoglobinemia.
335- Histamines are produced by = Mast cells
336- Propranolol = Non-selective beta blocker20
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
337- Common between Gardner’s syndrome and Neurofibromatosis = Autosomal dominant
338- Dentist wants to evaluate the effect on by pass surgery and nutrition = Clinical trial or
339- Most anaphylactic reactions to penicillin occur (3 correct answers):
A when the drug is administered orally.
B in patient who have already experience an allergic reaction to the drug.
C in patient with a negative skin test to penicillin allergy.
D when the drug is administered parentally
E within minutes after drug administration.
340- 10 y.o girl, with good OH, no caries but a child of divorced parents. How would you rate her
caries risk? Middle
341- On a lateral cephalogramm of the 10 y.o girl what is the radiolopacity that crosses her
posterior teeth? = Palatine process of maxilla
342- Compression rate in CPR = 120/minute
343- Gingival index = Ordinal like 1,2,3
344- Manipulative kid = Positive reinforcement
345- Red Complex bacteria = P. gingivalis, T. denticola, & Tannerella forsythia (formerly
Bacteroides forsythus)
346- Which test does not check for bacteria and their metabolites = IL-1
347- Cool glass slab? = to incorporate more powder into the liquid and increase working time
348- Pink growth on palatal between canine and 1st pre? Pyogenic granuloma
349- Pregnant gingivitis = progesterone, plaque, estrogen
350- Which of the following causes speech problems in a patient with cleft palate? Inability of the
soft palate to close the nasopharyngeal air flow
351- The most stable elastic material in a moisture environment? PVS or polyether
352- Trismus most common in which space? Submassteric, Submandibular, Sublingual
353- Bone resorption after 1 year in implant? 0.2 or 0.02 (DD says 0.02)
354- Least bucco-lingual resistance to lateral forces = One 4 mm diameter implant
355- Critical pH for dentin demineralization = 6.2
356- Critical pH for enamel demineralization = 5.5
357- Rubber dam = dry teeth21
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
358- Incision for palatal tori = Y-Shaped (Some people say double Y)
359- Medication for Asthma control = albuterol (short acting) and theophylline (long-term)
360- Muscle in maxillary frenum = orbicularis oris, elevator angular oris
361- Muscle in mandibular frenum = traingularis\depressor anguli oris, buccinator
362- To prevent eye damage, the protective eyewear that u wear should effectively filter which
light rays below: 500 or 509 (both correct)
363- After how long of wearing does a face mask become useless = 1 hour
364- Which muscle is pierced during IAN block = buccinator
365- When draining purulent exudate from an abscess of the pterygomandibular space using
an intraoral approach = buccinator muscle
366- Kennedy’s class-III, Tooth supported RPD rest towards the ridge
367- Main function of indirect retainer? Prevent dislodgement of RPD vertically
368- A dentist is doing research on 5 unrelated patients with different background. Dentist is
doing what kind of research? Case-Series
369- Under which principles of informed consent of treatment, a dentist is NOT required to
inform a patient about which of the following?
a) Alternative treatments available by a specialist
b) The risk associated with non-treatment
c) Potential risks of treatment
D) insurance co-payment for treatment
370- Combination clasp = The combination clasp is similar to the cast circumferential clasp with
the exception that the retentive arm is fabricated from a round wrought wire (platinum-goldpalladium alloy or chrome-cobalt alloy)22
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
371- Nutrient canals seen radiographically most common where? Mandibular incisors
Nutrient Canal
372- Advantage of distraction osteogenesis = Less relapse
373- After IAN block, patient has facial paralysis. Which ligament = Sphenomandibular ligament
374- Cheek biting occurs due to = insufficient HORIZONTAL overlap in molars
375- Cheek biting corrected by = increasing the HORIZONTAL overlap in molars
376- Kennedy’s Class-III gets support from = Occlusal rest (tooth supported)
377- Kennedy’s class-4 is also tooth supported23
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
378- The most stable elastic impression in moisture environment? a. polyether b. additional
silicone c. condensation silicone d. polysulfide
379- Patient is given oral habit reducing appliance to prevent an oral habit, what is
this considered? – Negative reinforcement POSITIVE PUNISHMENT
380- Axial walls on an MOD cavity for a cast gold onlay should = Converge from the
gingival walls to pulpal walls
381- Best allograft = FDBA Cadaver
382- Breathing rate in a kid = 22 to 30
383- With age, CHROMA increases
384- While doing external bevel incision the curette is touching which structure
apically: JE
385- Reversal occlusal plane can be seen in a given pano. why? Chin tilted too much
386- What is an allograft – transplant from one human to another
387- Crowing sounds are seen with. Acute asthmatic attack, COPD.
388- Blood transfusion before surgery should be done when the platelet concentration falls
below. 20,000, 50,000 , 100,000 etc
389- Normal bleeding time = 1-9 min
390- Normal prothrombin time = 11-16 seconds
391- Normal platelet count = 150,000 to 450,000
392- Normal Partial Thromboplastin Time = 32-46 seconds
393- The most effective method of caries reduction = Systemic water fluoridation
394- 5 A’s of cancer prevention: Ask, assess, advise, assist, arrange
395- Ectodermal dysplasia = sparse hair
396- Max. nitrous oxide in kids = 30%
397- Long-term nitrous = Symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis
398- For thiazide diuretics = Give K-supplements
399- In multiple sclerosis = LA with epinephrine is CONTRAINDICATED
400- A patient suddenly becomes pale and sweaty after an injection of 4ml of
lidocaine 2% with epinephrine l:l00,000. The radial pulse is slow and 24
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
steady. The respiration is slow. The blood pressure is 80/60. What is the
most probable diagnosis? Incipient syncope
401- Most common respiratory emergency = Hyperventilation
402- Most common CNS emergency = Syncope
403- Patient has a petit mal seizure in your office, what do you do? Protect patient
from hurting themselves.
404- Strep mutans: lives in a non-shedding surface
405- Short story about a patient with candida, what medicine can we give that can be given
orally (systemically) and locally with efficiency: Miconazole (in can be used as cream and
406- Maximum allowable dose of EPI that can be administered to a cardiac-risk patient is
407- Lidocaine may show cross-allergy with = Mepivacaine (Dentin)
408- Which drugs when administered intravenously, is LEAST likely to produce respiratory
depression? Diazepam
409- Side effect of nitroglycerin = Orthostatic hypotension and headache
410- First sign of lidocaine toxicity = CNS stimulation/Nervousness
411- Trismus is most commonly caused by = Tetanus
412- High-flow 100% 02 is indicated for treating each of the following types of syncope EXCEPT
= Hyperventilation syndrome
413- What antiviral drug is used for influenza A and Parkinson’s = Amantadine
414- Ganglionic blocking agents cause = orthostatic hypotension
415- Atropine poisoning = burning dry mouth and orthostatic hypotension (as it is anticholinergic)
416- Cause of death by irreversible cholinesterase = Respiratory paralysis
417- Cholinergic crisis = lacrimation, bradycardia, extreme salivation, weakness voluntary
418- Levodopa crosses brain barrier to treat Parkinson’s disease
419- Hallmark of anticholinergic drug = Mydriasis (pupil dilation)
420- Cocaine overdose = mydriasis (dilated pupil)
421- Opioid overdose = miosis (constricted pupil)
422- MOA of levodopa = replenish deficiency of dopamine in patients with parkinson’s25
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
423- Alpha1 stimulate – vasoconstriction, mydriasis
424- Alpha1 block – vasodilation
425- Stimulate beta – increase HR, bronchodilation, vasodilation
426- Block beta – decrease HR, brocho constriction
427- Epi – to reverse give – prazosin or chlorpromazine
428- MOA of reserpine – stabilize the axon terminal membrane preventing release norepiephine,
Used for treatment of hypertension
429- Amphetamine – indirect acting drug
430- MOA of Naloxone: non-selective and competitive opioid receptor antagonist in case
of opioid overdose
431- MOA of Clonidine: centrally acting sympatholytic (α2 adrenoceptor agonists)
432- MOA of Zoloft: Sertraline – Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
433- Serotonin syndrome = Tramadol (narcotic pain killer like morphine) + SSRI
434- Immediately following a posterior superior alveolar block injection, the patient’s face
becomes quickly and visibly swollen. the immediate treatment should be to = Use pressure
followed by cold packs over swelling
435- For codeine allergy = use meperidine, tramadol or pentazocine
436- Each of the following is an advantage of midazolam over diazepam EXCEPT one. Which
one is this EXCEPTION? Less potential for respiratory depression
437- Nitrous oxide sedation should be postponed in pt. with: Sinusitis, GI obstructions, Middle
ear disturbances and Nausea (all of them)
438- Occlusal reduction for fixed crowns: flat and round for porcelain….similar to natural
contours for metal
439- Color is usually described according to the Munsell color space in terms of hue, value, and
chroma. Hue is the attribute of a color that enables the clinician to distinguish between
different families of color, whereas value indicates the lightness of a color. Chroma is the
degree of color saturation. When color is determined using the Munsell system, value is
determined first followed by chroma. Hue is determined last by matching with shade tabs of
the value and chroma already determined.
440- Wavelength of color = Hue
441- Who regulate temperature of the autoclave? FDA (DD)26
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
442- The most frequent respiratory complications following oral and maxillofacial surgery are:
1-pulmonary atelectasis (in smokers).
2-aspiration pneumonia (manifest in pt right lung).
3-pulmonary embolus (originate in deep venous system of lower extremities especially in
non-ambulatory patient).
443- 50% NO/50% O2 and pt feels nausea. what should dentist do? Stop NO and start 100% O2
444- Least incidence of oral cancer = Native Americans
445- Best prognosis of cancer = SCC (that’s what the group people said)
446- Most common location of SCC = Posterior lateral borders of tongue
447- A 40 years old patient bilateral posterior crossbite. How to correct the problem? Maxillary
448- Prevalence of cleft lip and palate in US is 1 to : A. 600 B. 700 C.1000 D. 1200
449- Stridor: laryngospasm
450- Which one does not affect the tactile sensitivity of dentist? = Material composition
451- Male extracted his lower left third molar, on the second day he feels feverish, with
sublingual swelling that elevate his tongue, affects the swallowing and breathing, diagnosis:
Ludwig angina
452- Cellulitis A. Neutrophilia B. Neutropenia C. Lymphocytosis D. leukocytosis (Both C
and D)
453- Immunoglobulin IgG: A. Decreases phagocytosis B. Antigens receptor
C. Produces macrophages and neutrophils
454- Flabby tissues in anterior maxilla for a complete denture impression = Passive
455- Recurrence is least in: A. Ameloblastoma B. OKC C. Odontogenic myxoma D.
Adenomatoid odontogenic cyst
456- MOST COMMON complication associated with the use of LA = Vasaovagal syncope
457- LA with epinephrine is contra-indicated with = TCA, propranolol, amphetamine, MAO
inhibitors such as Isocarboxazid and Phenelzine (All of them)
458- Failure of tubercular impar to retract prior to fusion of lateral halves of tongue result in
A median rhomboid glossitis B cleft bifid tongue C geographic tongue
459- X-ray with radiolucent /radiopaque lesion in the left posterior molar ramus area, diagnosis:
A. Ameloblastic fibrodontoma B. Ameloblastic fibroma 27
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
460- x ray of Dentigerous cyst (impacted tooth with radiolucency around the CEJ)
461- Which of the following lesion is strictly diagnosed from microscopic features
A. Ameloblastoma B. OKC C. Fibroma
462- Pic of prescription: name of pt…., date….., Rx : Motrin 800 mg/ 2 TABLETS, every 8
HOURS, for dental pain, name of Dr……, Bill…… Q: what is the wrong of this prescription :
A. Frequency of dose B. Number of tables per dose
463- Diazepam uses in all Except : A. Emesis B. Anxiety C. Muscle spasm D. Seizures
464- Epinephrine is NOT used in = Hyperthyroidism as it causes hypertension
465- What is NOT important for biohazard container = made up of metal
466- Cells most frequently found in granuloma = lymphocytes
467- Most common benign tumor occurring in the oral cavity = Fibroma
468- Uncontrolled diabetes = inhibits osteoblastic activity
469- Pear-shaped radiolucency causing displacement of the roots of vital maxillary
lateral incisor and canine = Globulomaxillary cyst
470- Horizontal and vertical angulation causes what type of distortion of image?
– Horizontal-overlap
– Vertical -elongation or shortening
471- In Emphysema, the anteroposterior of the lung is = Lengthened.
472- Capitation is with = Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
473- Lesions that occur in the alveolar ridge of infants = Bohn’s nodules
474- Multiple neurofibromas with café-au-liet spots on skin = Vonrecklinghausen disease of skin
475- Chemical disintegration of enamel = Erosion
476- Mottled enamel is produced by = Fluorine
477- Structure of enamel more resistant to acids = enamel cuticle
478- Most common route through which infection reaches pulp is = Dental caries
479- Cells responsible for root resorption = osteoclasts
480- Patient had a root canal 2 years ago and now you see an apical radiolucency. What to do
pt asymptomatic = Retreatment if the tooth becomes symptomatic
481- Dry socket is a form of = periostitis
482- Pathophysiology of dry socket = Fibrinolysis
483- Which one is not for provider protection = Rubber dam28
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
484- Placement of rubber dam affects color selection by? Dehydration of tooth
485- Dentist is not behaving with staff. Which ethical is violated? = Beneficence
486- Intraoral dental sinus = parulis (made up of granulation tissue, also called “gum-boil”)
487- Inflammation of lips is called = Cheilitis
488- Delayed side effect of corticosteriod treatment of TMJ = Blurred vision
489- Most common oral cancer = SCC (mostly lower lip)
490- Which index is irreversible = DMFT
491- In cardiac pacemaker patient, what can be used safely = Radiographic equipment
492- Most common cause of mucocele = trauma
493- Best radiograph for mandibles symphysis fracture = Occlusal
494- Xylitol is best used as = chewing gum
495- Crystals are deposited in TMJ in gouty arthritis =Monosodium urate
496- Dens-in-Dente most commonly occurs in = Maxillary lateral incisors
497- Paralysis of tongue is called = Glossoplegia
498- What passes through foramen ovale = Trigeminal nerve
499- Pt had fracture and numbness on side on nose cheeks…fracture site? Floor of the orbit
500- Most common site of basal cell carcinoma = middle third of face
501- Cells of dental pulp most capable of transforming into other cells = undifferenced
mesenchymal cells
502- Patient had trauma 2 year back now u see radio in anteriomand. What to do = Check
vitality and start RCT for non-vital teeth
503- Most common site of osteofibrosis (cementoma) = Mandibular anteriors
504- Wharthin’s tumor (Cystadenomalymphomatosum) = only occurs in PAROTID
505- Cells found in chronic pulp inflammation = Lymphocytes, Macrophages and Plasma cells
506- Cells most often found in granuloma = Lymphocytes
507- Diagnosis of OKC = histology
508- Prominent forehead, dwarf, disproportionate arms and legs and retruded maxilla =
509- Blood of a patient with acute infection shows = leukocytosis
510- Herpes causes = Chicken pox
511- Third order bend = Torque29
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
512- You must give a long buccal injection to extract all molars and 2nd premolars.
513- which properties increase the tendency of a drug to cross membranes=nonionized and high lipid solubility
514- Pseudocyst = Traumatic bone cyst. Common in 20s yrs. Scallops around teeth
515- Pierre Robin Syndrome = an inherited disorder that presents as micrognathia and
retrognathia of the mandible, glossoptosis (posterior displacement of tongue),
and cleft palate. Often seen with respiratory problems.
516- Papillon Lefvre Syndrome = periodontitis, Hyperkeratosis hand/feet, premature tooth loss (4
years old)
517- Pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia seen on = Granular cell tumor. More common on
tongue and in females
518- Crouzon syndrome=beaten metal appearance of skull+Hypertelorism + midface deficiency.
Cranial bones fuse too soon
519- Steven Johnson syndrome = Disease of skin and mucous membrane, begins like flu-like
symptoms, top skin layer dies and sheds off, burning eyes
520- ‘Coast of Maine’ like border is seen in pigmented lesions of: McCune Albright syndrome
521- Atrophy of gastric and pharyngeal mucosa, spoon nails (koilonycias) and predisposal to
oral carcinoma in postmenopausal females = Plummer Vinson syndrome
522- Papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum, which occurs exclusively in the parotid gland is
called = Wathin’s tumor
523- In Angina, DO NOT put patient in Trendelburg position
524- You raise a full mucoperiosteal flap to instrument in the pocket, after reposition of the flap
where resorption occurs more = interdental crest
525- In early caries, the first structure to show destruction is = interprismatic substance
526- Bence Jones proteins, punched out lesions, plasma cell infiltrate and skeletal
radiolucencies = multiple myeloma
527- Bisphosphonates are NOT used for = Osteomyelitis and multiple myeloma
528- First sign of multiple myeloma = bone pain
529- Hypercalcemia, hypophosphatemia and loss of lamina dura = Hyperparathyroidism
530- All developmental cysts are radiolucent except = Nasoalveolar
531- Koplik’s spots = Rubella30
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
532- Bullae or vesicles of mucous membrane and skin are seen in all except: Agranulocytosis
533- Peak incidence of gingivitis in children occurs at = 10-13 years
534- Irradiation to head region does not cause = Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
535- Ramsay Hunt syndrome= caused by Herpes zoster. Associated with shingles, facial nerve
damage and loss of hearing in affected side
536- Most common benign tumor of the oral cavity = Fibroma
537- Most common cyst of the oral cavity = Peri-apical (radicular) cyst
538- Which cyst has the highest rate of recurrence = OKC
539- Most common malignancy of the oral cavity = SCC
540- Excessive formation of scar tissue = Keloid
541- Abnormally large pulp chambers = Regional odontodysplasia
542- Thinning of hair = Hypothyroidism
543- Rubella encephalopathy = Acquired
544- Strawberry tongue = Scarlet fever and fungiform papillae involved
545- Most common tumor of minor salivary glands = Adenoid cyctic carcinoma
546- Not a differential diagnosis in dentinogenesis imperfecta = Enamel hypoplasia (seen in
Type 1 Amelogenesis imperfecta)
547- Ectopic eruption most common in = Max. 1st Molars
548- Triad of hand-schuler-christian disease includes lesions of bone, exophthalmos and =
diabetes insipidus
549- For balancing side = 3 cusps should touch but not canine
550- Protrusive record is made for = horizontal condylar guidance
551- Christensen phenomenon = Space that forms in the posterior teeth during anterior
movement of mandible
552- Oral cytology is not useful in the diagnosis of = Lipoma
553- Split papule on lower lip = mucous patch
554- Stigmata of congenital syphilis does NOT include = Cleft lip
555- What is disadvantage of autograft? Second surgery
556- For big osseous defects= autograft
557- Intra-oral carcinoma does not present as = Abscess31
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
558- Melkersson Rosenthal syndrome = facial paralysis, chelitis granulomatosa and SCROTAL
559- Ghon complex = Primary of childhood tuberculosis
560- Striae of Wickham = Lichen planus
561- Which fluoride for porcelain something = Neutral Sodium fluoride
562- Green and orange stains on teeth = Poor oral hygiene
563- Primary canines have a longer MESIAL cusp ridge compared with permanent canines in
which, DISTAL cusp ridge is longer.
564- Curve of Spee = Anterior-posterior curvature of the mandibular occlusal plane
565- Curve of Wilson = Medio-lateral U-shaped curve of upper and lower posterior teeth
566- Compensating curve = is under dentists’ control. Helps provide a balanced occlusion
567- In centric position = bilateral balanced occlusion. All cusps interdigitate.
Contacts in a Balanced Occlusion:
► Cusp-to-fossa contact in centric occlusion (MICP) in an ideal Class I occlusion.
► During lateral excursions, opposing cusps contact on the WORKING SIDE. BULL
► During lateral excursions, on the balancing side, maxillary lingual cusps (lingual inclines)
contact mandibular facial cusps (lingual inclines). LUBL
568- PID length changed from 8 inch to 16 inch, so the resultant beam is ¼ as intense.
569- PID length changed from 16 inch to 8 inch, so the resultant beam is 4 times intense
570- Base of incision in gingivectomy = coronal to mucogingival junction
571- Serial extraction is done when arch length discrepancy is over 10 mm
572- Normal maxilla and retruded mandible = SNA 82o and SNB <80o
573- 8 yr old, both second primary molar missing. How to maintain space? Lingual arch
574- 40 years old patient bilateral posterior crossbite , what would be the way to correct the
problem Quad Helix or surgery
575- In young patients (mixed dentition), what is used to correct cross-bite = Quadhelix (it
causes expansion of jaw)
576- Tongue blade appliance used in = anterior crossbite
577- Causes of anterior crossbite = Skeletal (mandibular hyperplasia and maxillary hypoplasia)
578- Hypercementosis = Most common in premolars and in Paget’s disease32
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
579- Ground glass appearance = Fibrous dysplasia
580- In molar area, the lingual flange of mandibular denture is determined by = Mylohyoid
581- The mandibular flange (lateral to retromolar area) is determined by = Masseter
582- Occlusal morphology determinants, what is correct: Increased overjet, flatter posterior
583- Pt had fracture and numbness on side on nose cheeks…fracture site? Floor of orbit
584- If kid complained and whined in the beginning but at the end were very good: you
585- Aversive conditioning= punishment to deter unwanted behavior ex. Hand over mouth
586- The free gingival graft receives its nutrients from the viable connective tissue bed.
587- Free gingival graft is used for root coverage and increasing the zone of attached gingiva.
588- Main reason for failure of free gingival graft = failure of blood supply. The second reason is
589- Most common donor site for free gingival graft = Palate.
590- First Endo done and then Perio treatment
591- Porphyria (Diagnosis) = Child presents with red urine, purplish-brown teeth, sensitivity to
sunlight, blisters and swelling on face and hands when exposed to sunlight
592- Discolored teeth are seen in all these = Porphyria (purplish-brown), cystic fibrosis
(yellowish-brown) and erythroblastosis fetalis (blue-greenish)
593- RH hump = Green or blue hue seen in teeth of erythroblastosis fetalis
594- Emergency treat of a kid that has ingested large amount of fluoride: induce vomiting and
call 911, have him drunk lots of milk or Ca containing liquid. DO NOT give sodium
595- For adults, the average LETHAL dose of fluoride is = 4-5 grams
596- Incisal and coronal parts to be matched in porcelain metal crowns done by = Firing under
high temperature
597- Lethal dose of fluoride in infants is = 0.25 g (250 mg)
598- Most fluoride is absorbed from = Stomach
599- Fluoride is excreted via = Kidneys
600- Patient is very young and fearful first time you meet them – try to talk to them going
down at their height33
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
601- Pits and fissure sealants are best retained on = Maxillary and mandibular bicuspids
602- A patient says that, “Even if there is some pain, it will be brief. I have effective methods of
coping.” The patient reminds himself of this during dental procedures. This patient’s
statement exemplifies which strategy? Rational response
603- Band and loop is most often use when the primary 1M is lost and the distal shoe is for
unilateral primary 2M lost
604- Which of the following describes ciprofloxacin (Cipro®)? Effective against Pseudomonas
605- A patient has a smooth! red! protruding lesion at the tip of the tongue. Microscopic
examination reveals a stratified squamous epithelium covering loose! fibrous connective
tissue with many thin-walled vascular spaces. What is it? Hemangioma
606- A 77 years old female 110 lbs. weight requires removal of mandibular teeth under local
anesthesia. She is apprehensive. The appropriate dose of IV diazepam to sedate her? 5
607- Most common tooth to get plaque: Mandibular incisors
608- Stippling of gingiva indicates = degree of keratinization
609- Stratification specific keratins present in gingival epithelium are: K5 and K14
610- The gingival fiber group which inserts in two adjacent teeth is the: Trans-septal
611- An isolated area in which root is denuded of bone is intact and covered only by periosteum
and overlying gingiva is called: Fenestration
612- The type of bone present in the inter radicular area is: Cancellous
613- fibers in the lamina propria of the gingiva, help to bind the free gingiva to the tooth: Circular
614- Periodontium does NOT include = Dentin (DUHHH ! ! ! ! )
615- Bioactive glass (Perio glass) bone graft material is a type of: It is an alloplast I think
(silicate-based material)
616- Gingiva is attached to enamel by: hemidesmosomes (they connect JE to tooth)
617- Stippling occurs only on = attached gingiva34
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
618- The sulcular epithelium acts as a semi permeable membrane through which: Fluids from
the gingiva seeps in to the sulcus
619- In gingival hyperplasia, you do = gingivectomy
620- Least likely to need a bone graft = 3-walled narrow
621- Which is prevalent = 2 wall defect
622- Least useful retention/resistance form in crown? Total area of 2 axial walls
623- Where does the epithelium for a graft come from? Recipient epithelium
624- Most common cause of tooth mobility = advanced periodontal disease
625- Histoplasmosis resembles = SCC
626- Collagen is a protein that has = a high fluid turnover rate
627- Osteoblast covering the periodontal surface of the alveolar bone constitute a: modified
628- If the drug’s liver metabolism is very efficient how it will influence to it potency? Decrease
potency Potency how much drug to produce effect while efficacy the effective of drug
629- Recently introduced LA claimed to be as potent as Procaine 0.05%, 30 mg 4 hour period =
33 cartridges (I will just memorize 33 for this shitty question)
630- A patient with non-healing lesion on the side of the nose. it has a rolled border and has
been increasing in size. the most likely diagnosis is = basal cell carcinoma
631- Keratin specific to epidermal type differentiation are: 1 2 10 12
632- Patient has sleep apnea which pain medication we can give = Ibuprofen
633- Which of the following fiber groups are not attached to alveolar bone? Transseptal
634- Color of normal gingiva is = Coral pink
635- Which orthodontic movement doesn’t commonly relapse = Extrusion
636- Clindamycin is bacteriostatic 50S ribosome unit, is effective against most anaerobes
637- Clindamycin is associated with = pseudomembranous colitis due to overgrowth of
Clostridium difficile
638- What to check in perio maintenance = Root caries
639- There are 3 categories of epidemiological studies .
1.Descriptive epidemiology: prevalence &incidence.
2. Analytic epidemiology: cohort study, cross sectional & case control .
3.Experimental epidemiology: clinical trials & community trials .35
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
640- Absolute contra-indication for the use of Nitrous Oxide? Nasal congestion
641- Calcification of permanent mandibular 2nd molar starts at? Approx. 3 years
642- Calcification of permanent 1
st molar starts at? Birth
643- All are clinical features of sinusitis except = Swelling
644- Systemic effects of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) include all of the following
except = Aortic aneurysm
645- Pain med for patients with obstructive sleep apnea = Ibuprofen or acetaminophen (both can
be used)
646- While giving IAN block, if it caused paralysis of facial nerve, where did u inject = Too far
647- Most common = Health maintenance organization
648- Erythroblastosis fetalis = Ring like enamel hypoplasia
649- In implant preparation, which of the following can be used?
A) hydroxyapatite irrigation
b) High Speed Handpiece
c) Low torque
d) Air Coolant
650- Which kind of insulin is short acting = Insulin regular
651- Which gene is altered most in oral cancer ? p53
652- How carious detection dye acts? stains infected dentin
653- Eosinophilic granuloma seen in? Langerhan’s histiocytosis-X
654- Most commonly seen dental caries? Occlusal
655- Hypercalcification due to calcium intake
656- Hypomaturation
657- Trauma to tooth during development? Turner hypoplasia
658- Systemic Disease affected the primary tooth ? hypophosphatasia
659- Function of rest ? support
660- Indirect retainers most needed in ? Kennedy class 1,2
661- Which drugs cause gingival hyperplasia? phynetoin,nifipidine,cyclosporine
662- Partial agonist antagonists ? pentazocin
663- Opoids do not cause what ? solemence36
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
664- Side effect of chloramphenicol ? aplastic anemia
665- How to calculate incidence ? (new case \ all case ) * 100
666- Benzodiazepine antagonists? flumenizil
667- Opoid antagonists? naloxone
668- Atropine inc or dec saliva ? decrease saliva
669- You inject LA into parotid gland capsule. how long it take to recover from the parathesia =
24 hrs
670- How does the wheezing sound occur? During expiration
671- How are the bronchioles of an asthmatic pt be.. Congenitally narrowed Chronic
672- What is the function of tin and indium used in alloys for making pfm? Chemical bond to
673- Network model is used: IPA
674- What is the meaning of conscious sedation? Analgesia
675- Increase in interpupil distance is called? Hypertelorism (seen in Cruozon syndrome)
676- Lupus erythematosis affects which organd ? renal, heart
677- Betchets disease ulcers resemble? Apthous ulcer
678- Single white spot lesion on a permanent tooth due to Hypercalcification due to flouride
679- When u publish an article, which is the most important point that u consider ???
680- Meaning of Lethal dose of a drug? LD 50 .. the dose is lethal to 50% of patient
681- To increase density in xray what has to be done ? increase kvp,Ma,time
682- Dosage of acetaminophen in kids = 15 mg/kg
683- Drug for trigeminal neuralgia ? carbazmpine
684- Which test to be used in full crown ? thermal test
685- Crown has less buccolingual resistance. how to increase resistance = Give proximal
686- All post teeth disocclude while eccentric movement. Which cusp u wont grind Max lingual
687- Max molars have how many canals usually = 4
688- Domestic abuse is an act of = Power of control
689- Which teeth have less than of having 2 canals Max ant37
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
690- 23 yr old adult male..want to get wisdom teeth removed which are fully erupted..Heroin
addiction withdrawal ..(some drug name starting with m..I forgot) also.history of smoking 20
pack in a year..which can affect healing Smoking
691- One pt having inr of 1.75. what u will do control bleeding after extraction Use gauze
692- If after scaling and root planing it reduced inflammation, did u remove Bacteria and
bacterial byproducts
693- The apical base of sulcus is by which tissue Junctional epithelium
694- Most strong porcelain by = Firing under compression
695- When is it false positive? Root canal filled with pus
696- In a clinic, the dentist and colleague are talking ..u think they are talking about u,but
actually they are not…Paranoid or is it Illusions = I will go with Paranoid
697- To prevent fovea fatigue,during color selection, what should u do. Select under natural light
or is it Glance for only 15sec at a time
698- Who gets max eye damage in a setting = Dentist
699- C factor highest in = Occlusal cavity
700- Pt telling I won’t quit smoking? precontemplation
701- 60. Oral cancer in u.s mostly in Lip
702- Pic of parulis? fistula
703- Immediately after flap surgery what happens = Clot formation
704- What is allograft ? from another human
705- Y perio maintenance is done every 3 to 4 months: It’s the time taken for alveolar bone to
706- The labial bow part of the removable prosthesis = It can be used for minor tipping
707- Which movement CANNOT relapse most Extrusion
708- Pt taking an anticoagulant. u want to extract 2 teeth. Ask his general doctor to give
709- Primary role of epinephrine in LA is = To decrease systemic reabsorption
710- Which is most rigid = Type 4 gold
711- Along with mwf what can be done = Scaling and root planning
712- If 7th nerve affected, will taste sensation change ? yes38
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
713- 75. You do cpr,not the no.of times,they asked minimum depth to which u have to compress
1.5 inches
714- Sign of malignancy in radiographs Cortical bone rupture
715- Parathesia of lip sign of? Malignancy , angle fracture , nerve injury
716- Leukoedema-best described as = Normal finding
717- If the whole maxilla comes out detached from other bones, what kind of fracture..lefort 1
718- Incison for removal of lingual tori = Crevicular incision only
719- In normal dentrifice what kind of Floride is present ? NaF
720- The most effective topical anti microbial action by which commercial available mouthwash =
721- 5.What is the name of the anti plaque agent available in the current antitartar dentrifices ?
722- One was about how to avoid legal complications ..all opiods had 3 combinatikns… like
autonomy +(2nother names which I have never heard) or informed consent+2other
723- 10.You want impacted 3rd molar to be extracted because Cause distal caries to 2nd m
724- If u compare the radiation dose of person working in nuclear power plant and that of a
dental assistant (or whoever takes xray in a dental setting),how much will the dosage of
that person be = 1/5 times of the nuclear worker
725- Max permissible dose of radiation in a year ? occupational 0.05 sv
726- Non occupational and pregnant assistant 0.001 sv
727- What to do decrease value: Add a complementary color from the color wheel
728- Type 1 bone seen in which location ? anterior mandible
729- Neonatal teeth seen in which location ? anterior mandible
730- Blue sclera seen in : osteogenesis imperfecta & hypophostaphsia
731- Candida in cancer pt due to : Chemotherapy
732- This particular muscle because of the direction of its fibers can get covered by the denture
base? buccinator
733- 24.During extraction of MAX 3rd molar, root can go into which space? Infratemporal
734- 25.Actinomyces oral manifestations..know how it is ? lumpy jaw , sulfur granule
735- 26.After giving l.a,which sensation is lost last..motor not in option..? proprioception39
May GOD make it easy for you (Amen)
736- What doesn’t show that there is bad conflict happening within ur dental setting: Increased
production bcos of competition
737- In ur dental practice, want to keep good harmony and relationship with all your staff,what is
that u follow: Justice
738- Dentist had to remove the PERMANENT max 1st molar of a 9yr old kid due to caries.what
to do: Allow max second molar to erupt

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