Day1-2 Rqs -NBDE part 2

1. Y do v use green cloth during sterilisation
2. Sleep apnea managing device n how it works
3. Person sold his practice to some dental organisations n started working as an employee y? take care of his family b.stratagic planning c. Some staff option. knw abt practice and treatment plan ( options are not much clear and I DONNO THE ANSWER )
4. Antibiotics in children
5. v do behaviour management in child to reduce the anxiety and A. To help child in managing his behaviour . B to finish the treatment ASAP make sure the reaches to a standard level of behaviour
6. 9 years old chil asks ‘ is it ok to stay alone at home ‘Wat is the dentist respond A. Call child protection service B.ask ‘y do u want to knw that’ c. Do as ur mom says D.” That’s a tough question! Wat do u think?
7. A Pt of records contacts u and ask for diazepam as u used to give him to reduce his dental anxiety . Now he is going for a holiday n wants more diazepam.Wat willu do A. Give him n make a note of it B. U will not give him untill he comes n picks it upC. Refuse to give and make a note
8. Rigidity-gold 3 , gild 4 ‘ silver palladium,gold platinum palladium
9. Major connector -rigidity
10. Whr do u get support from in class Kennedy class 3
11. Combination clasp material
12. Whr do u give u director retainer
13. Less overload on implant is seen in A.cantilever B.flat surfaces C.occlusal interference D. Grp function something
14. The prognosis of a long span FPD depend on
15. In which scenario u give stress breaker or flexible connector A.long span B non parallel path is insertion
16. Pt is treated for periodontitis n now he has FPD the prognosis is this FPd is high wen A wen u use more abutment tooth B.maintenance and recall C splinting the tooth D.increasing the crown root ration
17. Wat is not important in crown lengthening A.bone density B.tooth proximity C.root length D.the tooth can b restored or not
18. Apexogeneais which will not happen A.root elongation B.tooth root thickening c. Revascularisation
19. Sterilisation is checked every A.yearly B.weekly C.monthly
20. What do u do to increase the thickness of the GIC cement A.increase Liquid B. Increase the number of powder increments C.increase the glass slab temperature
21. Wen is Porcelain is strong A.air frying B.under compression C.after firing
22. Vertical compaction of GP has following disadvantages except shrinkage b.voids c.overfilling D sealant something
23. Optimum Fluoride content in water
24. 1liter -Wat is the content of fluoride
25. Sequenece or something with Pierre robin syndrome A.downs B gardners C.ehlers danlos D.some klinters syndrome ( not sure if he ment klinefelter )
26. Y benzodiazepines are used instead of barbiturates ( no high therapeutic index and less respiratory things in the options )
27. INR 1.7 Wat do u do
28. Y do v Narrow spectrum antibiotic A.effective is only against few bacteria B.less chance of superinfections
29. Discription abt PCOD
30. Y does uprighting of molars take a long tym in 30 years old Pt ( options were very stupid )
31. Few endo questions (easy to do )
32. Dentigerous and AOT (difference)
33. Internal resorption causes
34. Avulsion of permanent tooth with open apex
35. Tetralogy of fallot (3 different question😐)
36. Face bow transfer
37. Drugs causing xerostomia
38. Sleep apnea classification 😐
39. Fibrous dysplasia
40. Atlanto axail problems seen in which syndrome
41. Not a cause of bone loss in primary tooth
42. Granular cell myoblastoma
43. Leukoedema
44. Positive nikolsky sign
45. Auer rods
46. OKC( twice)
47. Common site of salivary gland tumours
48. Actinomycosis(with very weird options)
49. Filtration
50. How do u measure prevalence and incidence A.ratio B.rates C percentage
51. Where is the rarefaction seen in vertical fracture
52. Isolated deep pocket is not seen in A.periapical pathology B.vertical bone cyst C.lateral periodontal cyst D.periodontitis
53. Which muscle the mandibular denture sits on A.buccinator B.masseter C superior pharyngeal constrictor D.medial pterygoid
54. Most useful in periapical pathology A.conventional periapical radiograph B.CBCT C digital periapical X-ray
55. Which antibody on anaphylactic reaction
56. Angina during rest A.normal B.severe C HEAVY HEART
57. best way to treat a TB Pt A.N95 mask B high speed suction C.face shield
58. Nasal decongestant
59. Indirect retainer most commonly given in which Kennedy classification
60. Which has better tactile sense A.modified pen grasp B palm and thumb grasp C.pen grasp
61. Should not b used on implants – stainless steel instruments
62. Given a picture of a quadrant n Pt needs rpd whr is the undercut and which typ of clasp u give
63. Removal of mandibular Tori in edentulous Pt -semilunar incision
64. Wen the complete denture Pt protrudes there is gap on the posterior tooth Wat U should do A.increase the condylar inclination B.increase the cusp height. C.increase Bennett’s angle D.adjust the compensating curve
65. Contact of modified ridge lap Pontic to the ridge
66. Alginate impression u derbies shrinkage even in presence of 100% humidity y ? A.imbition B.synerisis C.hysterisis D .alginate is unstable
67. Difference between ZOE and improved ZOE material
68. Least fractured tooth
69. How do u place Ca( oh)2 wen it is close to pulp (liner base varnish) ?
70. Micro organisms in caries
71. Most common caries ( smooth surface or pit and fissure )
72. School children with caries Wat do u advice
73. Sclerotic dentin
74. Function of primer ( dentin bonding system )
75. Composition of composite
76. Difference between hatchet and GMT
77. nerve endings in PDL
79. where is the vertical Invision placed
80. First step in clotting after extraction
81. Clotting -2 more different question
82. Fibrous gingival enlargement is seen is. A leukemia B drugs mediated gingival hyperplasia C
83. Aggressive periodontitis
84. Gingival curettes -identify them with the description
85. Chondroitin sulphate is produced by which microragamism
86. Battle sign
87. Pt’s health status is given u need to identify which ASA CLASS he belongs to
88. a Pt with a fluctuant swelling Wat is first thing u do. A.premedication. the canal place the medicaments and I cuss the soft tissue. C open the canal debride and incision of the soft tissue
89. Disadvantage of using cancellous bone for the graft. A.too much of BMP. B less strength. C time taking D no osteioconducyive and inductive properties
90. Diphtheria
91. Maturation stage -ankylosis or inter globular dentin or microdontia or missing tooth
92. Picture of ameloblastoma
93. Anb angle in class 3
94. Where is basion
95. Permanent first molar extracted Wat u do
96. Y is mandible retruded in relation to maxilla at birth
97. Pregnancy class c drugs
98. Mitral valve prolapse is seen in which syndrome ?
99. Not a reason for cancer alcohol HSV HPV SMOKING
100. sleep apne is related to -age weight sex others
101. Bundling
102. Down and upcoding
103. Predetermination
104. Govt organisations ( u hav to identify like Medicare medicaid)
105. OARS
106. STUDY DESIGN (4 questions) l
107. Cognitive appraisal of threat ( controllably familiarity predictability imminence )


I had lot of question on pt management and Prostho rpd and sleep apnea n the devise used for it n the classification

Day 2
Lot of Prostho questions and heart disease
Knw abt atrial fibrillation and Prostho RPD designing like whr will u place the rest in the given case
Don’t expect the radiograph to b clear
He asked mostly abt hypertension
N heart disease and ortho diabetes
He will ask treatment plan

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