▪️Property of MTA

Idk what else some other minerals

▪️Most retentive post-
parallel smooth
Parallel serated
Tapered smooth
Tapered serated

▪️Mandibular denture should be
Below the tongue
Above the tongue
Not assoc with the tongue

▪️Compound odontoma pic


▪️ Pic internal resorption


▪️ AOT exact pic in El Maestro

▪️Pic that looked like this but with a few teeth left, it was mentioned that pt wore dentures. Cause: i chose candidiasis


▪️Case: Rpd and fulcrum line. They will give missing teeth. They provided a pic but its not the same teeth missing lol.

▪️Implant placement question

Previous medications

▪️Patient has flat ulcers and crusty lips

Erythema multiforme
Apthous ulcer

▪️Patient has large white lesion , cytology showed hyperchromatic cells and abnormal hyperplasia

What to do next?

Incisional biopsy
Repeat brush biopsy

▪️Patient has moderate gagging, needs complete denture, what to do?

Let patient talk to a relative who is using cd
Let pt place spoon to the back of the palate
I forgot other choices

▪️Question says pt has skull with beaten metal appearance -crouzon

▪️Mentions bifid ribs- gorlin goltz

▪️When curing composite, top layer is sticky. Why?

Oxygen inhibit polymerization
Not enough curing light

▪️Anes with high chance of hematoma


▪️Pt needs serum calcium checked, what dse?


▪️Amalgam fracture at isthmus, why?

Not enough depth

▪️Signs of abuse in patient

▪️Patient taking non selective beta blocker, what should u be cautious of?

Injection of vasoconstrictor
Injection of anesthetic
Short appointments

▪️Blanching lesion-Hemangioma

▪️Major side effect taking antibiotics

Steven Johnson Syndrome
I forgot other choices but i think it was just nausea or something like that

▪️Pt has small pa lesion on a tooth that had rct 8 months ago, tx?

Non surgical retreatment
Observe and recall in 6 months

▪️Pt had pfm fracture on lower molar, opposing molar has zirconia crown, what could not have caused fracture.

Over reduced occlusal
Under reduced occlusal

▪️Removes smear layer except

Calcium hydroxide
Phosphoric acid
4th option

▪️Picture of impression that had fucked up margins. Looked like this but worse

Ans: cant use this

▪️Omeprazole moa?

Inhibits h2
Proton pump inhibitor

▪️Most popular anti depressant moa?

Inhibits serotonin reuptake
Inhibits uptake of norepinephrine
Inhibits mao

▪️Pt’s chief complaint is “ i think i have cavities” havent been to the dentist in a long time, what open ended question to ask?

▪️Case: Pic of small ulcerations on palate, hx says patient had this two years ago. Chose recurrent herpes

Choices: candidiasis, apthous stomatitis, primary herpes

▪️Case: molar rct 1 week ago, dentist said he needed a crown. Pic given, whats the radiolucency under the filling. Pic similar to this.


▪️Case: Ellis fracture on enamel, forgot choices. Pic was given

▪️ Supragingival margin

Kinder on gingiva during impression
Other choices were esthetics

▪️Why bevel composite

▪️Patient has maxillary sinusitis after exo of max molar, what’ the initial tx?

Abx and decongestants
Caudel luc procedure
Buccal tissue something
Other invasive procedure

▪️Mandibular molar pa has radiolucency, i think it was rct’d, what to do after?

Root amputation

▪️ Internal bleaching, all are reasons that tooth changed color except

Wetting of surface

▪️Cause of discolouration of a necrotic tooth

Obstructed pulp
Blood something into dentin tubules

▪️Best describes subgingival calculus

Yellow and white colored
Grey and black color
Minerals from saliva
4th option

▪️Pt has slight sensitivity to cervical area of mandi pm and there is a non cavitated lesion in the area, what to do

Apply desensitizer

▪️Pt has a 1.5 mm diastema on centrals, treatment except

Composite veneers
Indirect Veneers
Composite resto in interproximal
Full ceramic crowns

▪️Demographic with autoimmune dse

Middle age men
Middle age women
Adolescent men
Adolescent women

▪️Gorlin glotz is

Autosomal dominant
Autosomal recessive
X linked recessive
Y linked recessive

▪️Which is not hereditary

Fibrous dysplasia
Cleidocranial dysplasia
Amelogenesis imperfecta

▪️What would cause a sickle crisis


▪️Morphine acts on


▪️Which causes cross sensitivity?

Morphine- codeine
Options were bzn + antipsychotic

▪️What makes benzodiazepines good as anxiolytic?

Rebound sedative effect

▪️Old people are more prone to

Abuse drugs than misuse drugs
Abuse alcohol

▪️fibroma is


▪️Patient wearing mandibular denture, had lesion between molar and pm. Dx?

Traumatic neuroma

▪️All are important in evaluation of implant supported prosthesis except

Labial and buccal undercut
Crown height

▪️Frankl behavior in children

▪️Best tx to examine uncooperative 2 y/o child

Let parent hold child
Let assistant hold child

▪️Most that cause oral cancer (no smoking or viruses )

Artificial sweetener

▪️fluoride in 4 y/o child with less than .3ppm

▪️A teenager comes to your office with lesion on molars, found out that it was empty. Dx?

Traumatic bone cyst

▪️pt with rheumatic fever what not to do

Abx prophylaxis

▪️ Pt comes in the office bp is high. He is having slurred speech


▪️Pt has ulcers, all are differential diagnosis except

Verrucous carcinoma

▪️Pt has neck injury how to establish airway

▪️ Adolescent patient with difficulty speaking and involuntary movements

Cerebral palsy













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