January 30-31, 2020-NBDE 2 Rqs

Boards Part 2 Day 1 RQs January 30, 2020
1. What is mixed agonist and antagonist opioid? Nalbuphine
2. What is Vitallium mostly composed of? Chromium, cobalt (internet says this), titanium, molybdenum
3. What is the source of electrons? Moly cup, tungsten target, tungsten filament
4. What causes xray penetration? Kilovoltage
5. Case. What is occlusion on right side? Class III
6. Class III elastics do what? Upper incisors protrude, lower incisors retrude?
7. Supragingival plaque after 3 days? Gram (+) aerobes?
8. Candy. You did endo. What do you do for sinus tract? Nothing.
9. Trauma to tooth, what do you do? Wait to test vitality.
10. Candy. Mid-root fx tx? Splint and observe
11. Candy. What is true about acute apical abscess? May not be evident on xray
12. Candy. Clinical sign of chronic periradicular abscess? Sinus tract
13. Which is not developmental cyst? OKC, odontogenic something cyst, 2 other cysts
14. Furcal perforation on primary 2nd molar? Pulpectomy was not option. So, Ext
15. Definition of apexogenesis.
16. Definition of apexification.
17. What is best indicator for apexification? Immature root apex?
18. Indications for root amputation/resection?
19. You can’t get clean and shape one of the roots  root resection?
20. Something about endodontic success
21. Candy. Best endodontic px? Perforation of internal resorption65888555555555566666585
22. Candy. Know PPO – employer, person selects dentist
23. Candy. Know HMO – capitation
24. Candy. Fixed rate? HMO
25. Tooth avulsed on 4-year-old? Leave the tooth out?
26. How long do you splint? 10-14 days
27. Not Important for intentional re-plantation? Extraction technique?
28. Candy. What has increased in USA in last 15 years? Root caries
29. Pulp is necrotic. What do you use to irrigate? Sodium hypoclorite? EDTA?
30. Best to disinfect canals? Sodium Hypochlorite
31. Candy. What is not true of sodium hypochlorite? Chelating agent
32. What etch for restorative? Phosphoric
33. What etch to repair porcelain with composite? Polyacrylic?
34. Non-working interference? B inclines of max L cusps + L inclines of mand B cusps
35. Candy. Most common cause of TMJ ankylosis? Trauma
36. Candy. More flutes on bur? Less efficient, smoother surface
37. Candy. Most important for debridement of canal? Straight line access
38. Least likely of VRF? Seen on radiograph
39. Cast/post and core, likely dx? Root fx
40. Cracked tooth sx? Pain on releasing and biting
41. Red lesion on tongue and palate in healthy 36-year-old? Syphillis, Kaposi, Gonorrhea
42. No picture. Described lesion on tongue. Sounded like median rhomboid glossitis
43. Candy. Crack with no pulp involvement? Extra coronal restoration
44. 2% Lidocaine 1.8 mL? 36 mg
45. Candy. Pain after restoration? Hyperocclusion
46. Candy. Critical enamel pH? 5.5
47. Candy. Most cariogenic? Sucrose
48. Candy. What is not important in plaque formation? Host antigen
49. Candy. How does caries indicator work? Stains denatured collagen
50. Candy. Patient with all his teeth and no caries, just stains? Watch
51. Candy. Where do class II caries form? Apical/below to contact
52. Pit caries do what? Apex at surface, base at DEJ
53. Candy. Most difficult to maintain at home? Proximal smooth surface
54. Candy. Feeding a person through a tube? Decreases caries
55. Question about calculating probability of D and F in DMFT. Easy
56. Candy. Plaque index is best for? Patient motivation
57. Candy. Gingival margin trimmer vs hatchet? Angle of blade
58. Candy. Deep caries how to excavate? Large bur starting in periphery to center
59. Some weird thing about needed for a self-limiting pin?? I put flat surface?
60. Candy. Why bevel axiopulpal line angle in amalgam? Resistance form
61. Candy. Amalgam failure why? Inadequate prep
62. Marginal leakage due to which interface? Dentin-resin, enamel-resin, something else
63. Candy. Class V amalgam? Occlusal and gingival grooves?
64. Candy. Inlay is better than direct why? Better contacts/contours
65. Another question slightly worded different with the same answer ^
66. What is the hardest? Gold II, Gold III, Gold-Palladium-Platinum (I put that)
67. Which is a noble metal? Palladium
68. Candy. Most important about FPD connector? Occluo-gingival width
69. Liner under amalgam? One with low modulus of elasticity? ZOE?
70. Impression material doing something. I think it was Thixotropic
71. Best option for upper PM MOD and B and L cusps have little dentin support? Onlay
72. Best for intra-pulpal injection? Positive back pressure
73. Candy. Coefficient of thermal expansion is most for which material? Tooth <gold (most) < amalgam< filled resin < unfilled resin (8x. highest)
74. Highest coefficient of thermal expansion? Enamel
75. Candy. Easiest cement to remove? Zinc phosphate
76. Candy. Why doesn’t the crown fit? Proximal contacts
77. Veneer wasn’t reduced enough where? Incisal
78. Candy. Esthetic implant? 2-4 mm or 1 mm below CEJ of adjacent teeth?
79. Candy. Short crown, how to get more retention? Proximal grooves
80. Candy. What material is most dimensionally stable? PVS
81. Candy. Posterior palatal seal accounts for what? Polymerization shrinkage
82. Best tx option for short crown? ¾ reverse crown
83. Covering an implant in soft tissue means? 2-appointment implant
84. Candy. Cement for resin and composite veneers? Resin
85. What is the percent of acidulated fluoride? 1.23%
86. Age decreases…. Chroma?
87. Candy. What is most important? Value
88. Saturation? Chroma
89. Candy. Wavelength represented by? Hue
90. Pt has cusps contacting, before tx do what? Evaluate mounted casts or reduce palatal cusp tips?
91. Lancinating brief pain? Atypical trigeminal neuralgia
92. Most accurate about TMJ? Under 45 mm is considered restricted opening?
93. Doing graft in mandibular 2nd and 3rd molar careful of? Facial artery? Other choices mylohyoid ridge, external oblique ridge
94. Something about ligating the maxillary artery? Transverse facial, facial?
95. Candy. Best image for TMJ? MRI
96. What muscles retrude mandible? Masseter and temporalis
97. Jaw fx. Can’t close on right? Left condylar fx
98. Something about cervical caries? Use glass ionomer
99. Rubber dam component you don’t sterilize? Lubricant (clearly you sterilize wings, forceps, and frame)
100. Agenesis least likely? Canine
101. Associated with hypodontia? Ectodermal dysplasia
102. Punched out lesions on skull and diabetes insipidus? Multiple Myeloma
103. Candy. Prilocaine causes? Methemoglobinemia
104. Symptoms of methemoglobinemia given, caused by? Prilocaine
105. Thrombolytic therapy? I put Thrombocytopenia purpura
106. Fluoride supplementation in 2.5 yr old getting .4 ppm? 0 mg?
107. Mineralization of permanent molar completes? 0 to 1?
108. The head grows most between ages? 0-5?
109. Candy. Fluoride accumulates in teeth, but where else? Skeletal tissues
110. Candy. Recommended fluoride? .7-1.2 ppm
111. Picture of white areas on enamel near lesions? Hypocalcification
112. Interference with apposition? Hypoplasia? Hypocalcification?
113. Patient had xerostomia. What is not part of OHI? Alcohol mouth wash?
114. Best tx for 7-10 years old? Sealants
115. Common between GAP and Chronic? Teeth involved? Response to local factors?
116. Class II furcation in mandible least likely from?
117. Collagen type in graft or barrier or something? Type II?
118. Picture of Stafne but they didn’t have that choice? Salivary Inclusion cyst
119. Fixed, soft-tissue mass? Benign, lesion of bone?
120. Candy. Xerostomia least likely from? Vitamin C
121. Large lesion on buccal mucosa? Something and inspirational biopsy
122. Candy. Best xray for sialolitlith warthin’s? occlusal
123. Damage to permanent from primary predecessor? Hypocalcifcation/plastic?
124. Candy. Why doesn’t penicillin work on abscess? Can’t penetrate cyst barrier
125. Picture of large blue lesion on lip? Mucocele?
126. Treats parkinsons and Influenza A? Rimantidine
127. Most likely to have desquamative gingivitis? Pemphigoid
128. Loss of saw tooth rete pegs? Lichen planus
129. Which is not from a virus? Aphthous ulcer
130. Another about aphthous. Know about them for sure.
131. Candy. H2? Cimentidine
132. Candy. Not true about cerebral palsy? Increase in perio
133. Candy. Severe dysplasia and carcinoma in situ? Erythroplakia
134. Candy. Best survival rate? Adenocarcinoma
135. Biggest risk factor for CAL? Smoking
136. Most common salivary tumor? Pleomorphic adenoma
137. Candy. Ulcer on palate in picture? Salivary gland tumor
138. Occurs on palate? Necrotizing sialometaplasia
139. Most common site for salivary gland tumors? Palate
140. Candy. Ameloblastoma came from? Dentigerous cyst
141. What is not associated with a tooth? Incisive duct cyst?
142. AOT occurs most in? Anterior maxilla
143. Candy. Best bone for implant? Anterior mandible
144. Children are more likely to have? Bleeding complication, dehydration?
145. Candy. Supernumerary occurs during? Initiation
146. Fine hair, skinny, tachycardia, irritated? Thyroid storm?
147. Another question. That I put hyperthyroidism for.
148. Macules not usually associated with systemic? Peutz-Jaghers, McCune, Neurofibromatiosis?
149. Least likely? Condensing osteitis
150. Which do you do simple enucleation? OKC?
151. OKCs, be concerned with Nevoid basal cell granuloma
152. Multiple osteomas? Gardner
153. Picture of a small radiolucency near lower canine/1st premolar? Normal anatomy (mental foramen?)
154. Cemento-osseous dysplasia all except? I don’t remember the answer, but it was no middle-age, anterior mandible, more frequent in women
155. What is that radiopacity in the right maxillary sinus? Ghost image of left earring
156. Radiopaque lesion with radiolucency in the middle? Not sure
157. The answer was either osteosarcoma or osteomyelitis for something
158. Most potent antisialologue? Scopolamine, pilocarpine, physostigmine, ephedrine?
159. Candy. 2 muscles make up pterygomandibular raphe? Superior constrictor and buccinator
160. Candy. Latent period? Time between xray exposure and symptoms
161. Which is incorrectly paired? Fosamax-Diuretic (Fosamax is Bisphosphonate)
162. Which is correctly paired? Verapamil-CCB
163. Chemo with lab values, what should you be worried about post-op? infection?
164. Candy. INR 2? Proceed with extraction and sutures
165. Ketoconazole + Warfarin? Increase levels of warfarin
166. Candy. What does sulfa, methotrexate and trimethoprim have in common? Folic acid metabolism
167. Liver problems, what do you expect post-op? bleeding
168. Candy. Metronidazole does what? Interacts with alcohol
169. Cross-reactivity with penicillin? Cephalosporin (one of them was listed I forget which)
170. Most important thing to test warfarin? I put INR but I think it’s PT
171. Pt had a aspirin-bronchospasm in the past. What is contraindicated? Ibuprofen
172. Candy. Phenothiazine antipsychotic interacts with which? Dopamine
173. Best medication for there was something else but basically for mild pain? Ibuprofen
174. Only 1 mm between implant and sinus what to do? Graft sinus, graft nasal floor?
175. Labs given. High Neutros, but no eosinophils, low basophils…..
176. Candy. Neutropenia, you need what? Total neutrophil count
177. Picture of bleeding gums, spontaneous bleeding indicates? Leukemia?
178. Most common hypertension? Idiopathic
179. Candy. Don’t use opioids in what? Recent head injury
180. 3 words in answer started with idiopathic
181. Insulin does all except? Hyperglycemia?
182. Candy. Glucocorticoids are contraindicated in? diabetes
183. Candy. Orthopnea, dyspnea, pedal edema? CHF
184. Candy. Cardiac referred pain is not consistent with? Pain that goes away with LA
185. Pain does not go away after epinephrine suspect? Myocardial infarction
186. Antiarrhythmics work best by? Increasing refractory period?
187. Side effect of 2 things? Intracerebral event or orthostatic hypertension
188. Candy. Reverse of Benzos? Flumazenil
189. They aspirated something but no acute respiratory event? Refer for chest xray
190. Acute asthma attack? Epinephrine?
191. Anaphylaxis? Epinephrine?
192. Prazosin MOA? Alpha-1 blocker
193. Phentolamine reverses epinephrine.
194. Candy. Pregnant woman, lay on left why? Inferior vena cava
195. Women in 3rd trimester has to use restroom frequently? Fetus on bladder
196. Which drug is contraindicated in pregnancy? I don’t remember choices
197. Light sedation?
198. Moderate sedation? Maintains their own airway
199. Candy. Life-threatening reaction with MAOI? Meperidine
200. Candy. Antagnoists does what? No intrinsic activity, high affinity
201. COX Inhibitor? Aspirin
202. Suspect malignancy? Incisional
203. Candy. Minimum distance between 2 implants? 3 mm
204. Candy. External bevel GV heals by? Secondary intention
205. What is true about implant denture? Improves quality of life
206. What needs to be done with implant denture? Keep abutments and edentulous clean
207. Picture of cyst in a previously extracted site? Residual cyst?
208. When should you extract impacted molars? When 50% of root is formed?
209. Why extract molars? Prevent eruption pain or prevent chronic pericornitis?
210. Candy. You did Sc/Rp and still have 6 mm depths, what now? Perio surgery
211. Most likely to perforate where on maxillary mesial PMs? I put mesial
212. Most occlusal convergence on what primary molar? Mandibular 1st?
213. Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) anchored to what? Medullary, cortical?
214. Kf4d2rSign of TMJ? Can’t bite on one side
215. Patient has job at power plant. Him and dental assistants max dose varies? They are the same, patient is 10x more, assistant is 2x less (I put they’re the same but idk)
216. 8 year old in auto accident, fractured #8 but no pulp involvement. I can’t remember answers
217. How not to get rid of Class II mandibular furcation? Extract and implant (I put this the other options sounded more conservative like odontoplasty by turning Class II into Class I furca)
218. Candy. Distraction osteogenesis is for? More stability of larger movements
219. Furcation is least likely from? Occlusal trauma?
220. Biologic width is composed of? Junctional epithelium and CT
221. Width of bio width? 2 mm
222. Best for graft? 3-wall defect
223. Best px? Grade II furcation in mand molars (I put this), mesial furca in max, hemi-septal, 1-wall
224. Characteristic of LAP? Involve vertical defects on 1st molars
225. Best for interproximal after perio tx? Interproximal brushes
226. Best to clean interproximal contacts in health person? Floss
227. What to know for restorting primary dentition? Wide contacts
228. Candy. How to prevent post-op root sensitivity? Keep clean from plaque
229. What does the Gracey 13/14 do? Distal of posterior
230. Something about medication does host modulation? I put doxycycline (Periostat) idk
231. What do you not do at maintenance appt? update medical hx, reinforce OHI, and then the right answer which I don’t remember
232. Candy. How often are recalls? 3 months
233. Occlusal of crown prep should? Follow contour of tooth
234. Pre-op rinsing helps what? Create less microbes in dental aerosol
235. How to get a patient to floss? Have them write down on a card every time they floss, have them schedule a recall, have them write down every Saturday how many times they flossed that week, or write down when they fail to floss?
236. Candy. Which has the highest heat? Dry heat
237. Answer was oral hygiene instructions for something
238. Most school-aged kids have what? Localized gingivitis
239. What makes up base of pocket? Junctional epithelium?
240. Least amount of keratinized gingiva? Mandibular anteriors
241. Split thickness? Alveolar mucosa and submucosa without periosteum
242. Which is most osteogenic? Hameopatic bone marrow, freeze-dried bone?
243. Another about which graft makes bone the best?
244. Embrasure clasp, you must? Have 1 mm space for occlusion, break interproximal contact?
245. Best antibiotic for child? AZT, erythromycin, penicillin?
246. Had another similar question
247. Blood clot forms then what? Osteoblast activity?
248. Posterior open bite least likely? Short anterior face?
249. Candy. How is space for mand 2nd/3rd M made? Resorption of anterior border of ramus
250. Habit appliances do what? Aversive conditioning, negative reinforcement? Positive punishment was not a choice
251. The patient had plaques after using inhaler. What do you recommend? Rinsing after using
252. Patient is 12 and has class III. Which will decrease over time? ANB?
253. Not on the same receptor but different effects? Physiologic antagonism
254. Candy. Describe biotransformation. Increased lipid solubility, less ionoized
255. 50% ionized at pH of 5. What is the pKa? No idea
256. Candy. 2 drugs with same receptor have same what? Efficacy
257. Best antibiotic for oral infection? Pen VK 500 mg for 7 days. I put this because it said Amoxicillin 2 g once which is too much
258. Which needs prophylactic antibiotics? Cardiac transplant with valvopathy
259. What do vasoconstrictors do? Reduce systemic absorption
260. What is true about old people? Are senile, are mean, or in healthy ones saliva is unchanged (I put that, it was the only not weird answer)
261. Candy. What is contraindicated with corticosteroids? Aspirin
262. Nitrous is used for? Anxiety
263. Contraindication in nitrous? Psychotic disorder
264. Child feels nauseous on nitrous? I put stop nitrous, give 100% O2
265. Local anesthetics block? Sodium
266. I think I had another question about them blocking sodium
267. When you can’t numb the patient say: “My job is to make you the most comfortable and I have failed today, let’s reschedule.”
268. Candy. When do you know pain is not odontogenic? Doesn’t go away with LA
269. Epstein Barr? Burkitt’s Lympohma
270. CoxSackie? Hand-foot-and-mouth
271. Retentive arm when seated all the way should? Be passive
272. You’re missing #17 to #19 and #30 to #32. Where do you put the rests? I said Mesial of #20 and #29 but was thinking cingulum rests for 22-27 but that’s indirect retention
273. You do a clinical lab remount to? Preserve centric relation?
274. Without indirect retainers? Movement of denture away from tissue
275. Sore spots all over under denture after 15 years? Adjusting and observing were not answer choices like in previous candies
276. Candy. Clicking? Decreased VDO
277. Candy. Excessive posterior palatal seal? Decreases retention
278. Doing a clinical remount 1 mm apart. Why? Answers were about Thin/thick facebow record, no idea what that means
279. Candy. Sibilant sounds? Teeth almost touch.
280. You describe “pinch.” What is that called? Relabeling?
281. You have incisal overlap what can you do? Increase compensating curve?
282. Semi-adjustable can do lateral. Where is the greatest influence hitting the wax most in? protrusive, lateral, retrusive, opening/closing?
283. Something about increased VDO, decreased interocclusal space, increased interocclusal space and I put the 2nd one.
284. When should you do alveolplasty? During the appointment (I put that), 1, 4, week later
285. Harmatoma
286. Candy. What is most common? Cleft lip/palate
287. Parkinson’s is all except? Voluntary tremors?
288. Sturge-Weber? Port wine stain
289. Question about amalgam? Creep
290. Most important thing before procedure? Informed consent
291. Most important thing to est. rapport? Eye contact
292. Most important thing hygienist can do to enhance comfort? Eye contact or inform them of what to expect in the appt? I was not sure which one
293. A question that asked to classify a question. Leading question
294. Another leading question question (aren’t I lucky? lol)
295. What shows a patient has an external locus of control?
296. Why do show-tell-do? To buy time in between patients, to show parent/kid how smart you are, set expectations (this one)
297. When not to use the papoose? Sedation
298. Modeling, 2 important factors? Peer model and vicarious (+) reinforcement? Or peer model and show procedure?
299. Purpose of tell-show-do? Systematic desensitization
300. The reward? Must be picked out by dentist, must be worth more than the (-) behavior (I put that)
301. Candy. Autistic kids have what characteristic? Repetitive behavior
302. Most important in child’s fear? Address the problem (this one), something about parents fear
303. You wish to stop seeing a patient. To avoid abandonment charges? Give patient the records for free (I put this), perform the rest of their treatment plan, actively help them find a new dentist
304. Candy. Core build-up and crown and insurance puts it all as crown? Bundling
305. Disinfect impressions in disinfectant that? Kills mycobacterium
306. OSHA includes all except: barrier technique (this one), MSDS, Hep B
307. Candy. Hazard communication standards? Every chemical must be evaluated and reported to employees
308. Statistics question about .05 varaince. I put type 1 error and rejecting the null when it is true. But I think it is no error if it did say exactly .05 (not less or greater)
309. What is the null hypothesis in this case? Group A and B mouthwash are the same effectiveness.
310. Best thing with 3 examiners? Blind assessment
311. Highest evidence? Randomized controlled trials
312. Anxiety decreases, pain threshold decreases?
313. Which is NOT in scientific article? Interpretation (this), methods, materials, intro
314. What is the mode in this data set 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 7? 1
315. White spots near gingiva after ortho, what to do? OHI
316. Lisinopril MOA? Not straight forward answers
317. Candy. Main reason external splint is better than internal? Conserve tooth structure
318. A patient management one about how to respond to someone. It was a very obvious one.
319. I think I had a Q to ID something on a radiograph?
320. Main difference between primary and secondary occlusal trauma? Force, amount of perio involved?
321. Patient had an abscess, what do you do? Open, I&D, antibiotics?
322. Child became hyperactive after LA. What caused it? Allergy to LA, allergy to epi, injecting in the artery?
323. Another question similar to that one
324. Best tx of gingivitis? OHI
325. Older patient’s tx decision depends on? Perception
326. Cognitive behavior therapy? Self-distraction?
327. Weird question about advisory opinion. Doing something below the standard of care because that’s all they can afford, because of patient’s autonomy, refusing to treat because their “directive” is below the standard of care
328. Something is not working? Deliver intramuscularly
329. Best to use in dental office for patients with anxiety? Benzodiazepines
330. How to respond to patient that says they can’t do something? “What is standing in your way?”
331. In most patients with “normal” occlusion CR? Coincides or does not coincide with maximum intercusptation?
332. Maximum intercuspation is independent of? Condyles
333. Case with patient has pain in neck and hurts to turn head after recent tonsillectomy, what is the next step? Take a pan, refer to orofacial pain specialist
334. What age does first tooth appear? 3 or 6 months?
335. Best time for treatment? The day after dialysis
336. What is the bridging organism between early and late colonizers? Fusobacterium nucleatum

Boards Part 2 Day 2 RQs January 31, 2020
I had 14 total patient cases and 2 did not have any pictures/charting/anything.
(These are in no specific order and not separated by case)
1. Why is the MMR discolored? Proximal caries
2. What is the radiolucency on #12? Smooth caries?
3. HbA1c of 9.2 means what? Poorly, moderately, well controlled or diabetic coma
4. What is most likely event to occur in dental chair with this patient? Hypertensive crisis (since he had high BP)
5. Pt taking Fosamax, what would happen with ortho? Slower movement?
6. The same question again
7. Patient taking Fosamax what is least likely? Fosamax caused excess calcium which increases movement
8. Lamina dura still present after a year of extraction, why? Foxamax?
9. What caused their bad breath? Lunesta, Fosamax, Xanax?
10. What is the least likely symptom from patient? “I have bad breath.” I think this one. Other answers were “my bridge moves when I eat a sandwich”, “food gets under the bridge.”
11. Best test to test pulp vitality? Cold
12. What is the least likely cause for food impaction? Mesial inclination (this one), open contact, bad restorative contour
13. What most likely causes the gingival erythema? Medications, reduced saliva?
14. What is most important for Prostho for this patient? #3 (it was super-erupted)
15. Another question about that super erupted #3 and it affecting prosthodontics
16. Best way to treat Prostho? Replace posterior teeth to increase VDO
17. What is their canine occlusion? Class I on both sides?
18. What lab value do you need? CBC, creatinine levels?
19. What is causing the crown discoloration? Value, Hue?
20. What is that? Hyoid bone
21. What is that again? Hyoid bone again
22. What is NOT recommended for this patient? Adult prophy, SCRP in all 4 quads? He had 4 mm depths in all 4 and 5 mm in 2 of them.
23. Discoloration on gingiva, what is it? Melanotic macule (I think this one), amalgam tattoo, other answers
24. What do they take for after impacted 3rd molar extraction? Ibuprofen + hydrocodone (I put this because that’s what they gave me when I had mine out last November lol), Tylenol + codeine, ibuprofen + Tylenol, or naproxen + Tylenol?
25. What is the treatment for #2? Extraction (it was like barely any roots in the bone. Like a 5:1 crown root ratio lol)
26. What is least indicated for that ext? Sinus lift (it was barely touching it, not worth it to do all that for an extraction just treat the communication if needed)
27. What is the radiolucent area on the ramus? The airspace
28. First treatment for the white patch under/on side of tongue? Exfoliative cytology, incisional bx, nystatin, chlorhexidine rinse?
29. Which one is for high blood pressure? Lisinopril
30. What is that radiopaque lesion? External oblique ridge
31. Treatment for radiopacities next to #20 and #29? (they looked like trabeculations or little white specks, nothing crazy, barely saw them honestly) No treatment
32. What does the lesion on palate match up with? Nicotinic stomatitis (he was a smoker and had little dots on palate)
33. How to access the lesion on #14 (DO)? Occlusal
34. DL cusp fracture what is NOT indicated? Glass Ionomer
35. What is the lesion on the buccal mucosa? Lichen planus
36. What major connector is indicated to use (they had a palatal torus)? A-P
37. Why can’t you do a crown on #12 (crown was broken down to gum)? Ferrule is impossible
38. I put Occlusal trauma for something
39. Patient had symptoms describing a dry socket, what to do? Curettage and induce bleeding, place a dressing
40. Candy. For denture what is least preferred? Extract all remaining teeth (I put this, seemed pretty extra since he had a couple decent teeth left), extract all teeth except this that and the third and replace with bridges/implants were the rest of the options
41. Candy. Risks of extraction all except? Damage to adjacent tooth (this one because there was no teeth near it), tuberosity fracture
42. Candy. All are possible reasons for early tooth loss except: poor oral care as child, lack of fluoride, untreated perio, incomplete tooth development (I put this)
43. What is the radiopacity in edentulous area of Fosamax patient? Idiopathic osteosclerosis
44. What is the radiopacity on the apex of tooth #20? Condensing osteitis
45. Most important factor for perio? Smoking, diabetes?
46. What is the reason for anterior spacing (they were missing lateral incisors)? Congenitally missing teeth
47. What is the black stuff on the cervical area of #25 confirmed by clinical and radiograph? Calculus, necrotic bone?
48. Patient is having some type of emergency. What not to do? Give oxygen was an answer but I did not put that. I can’t remember the others
49. Injected into artery what happens initially? Raise in heart rate
50. What do his medications NOT do? CNS sedation (I think this was it), increased bleeding time (he is taking aspirin), 2 other ones that were not it
51. Given the medical hx, cost efficiency, etc. which to extract? 4, 7, 8, 9, and 13
52. Best treatment option for missing #14? Single unit implant (patient had all teeth and was healthy)
53. What is that around #10 and 11 pushing the roots? Globulomaxillary cyst?
54. Easy patient management question about helping them quit smoking.
55. What is not a contraindication for bridge? Cost, patient’s desire, medical history
56. CC: “I am fed up with all my teeth I want them out.” What 2 principles conflict? Autonomy and beneficence
57. Contraindication during treatment due to her alcoholism? Sedation?
58. Radiograph to best see bone around #15? CBCT
59. Patient has pain on biting and releasing what is likely? Cracked tooth
60. What is likely dx for white under tongue? SCC, focal hyperkeratosis, leukoplakia, benign migratory glossitis
61. What is not the next step to do if bp reads really high? Take it again in 5 minutes, administer antihypertensive IM (this one because it seems too intense to do right away)
62. What is true about why they’re taking aspirin? Stop it 3 days before, they are taking it as a medical prevention, increase bleeding time
63. Must take patient off aspirin, they are taking it because of cardio problem. False, true?
64. What is NOT consideration for implant? Palatal mucosa?
65. Missing laterals, treatment? Ortho to open space and replace with prosthetic #7 and 10?
66. What is the condition on #5 and #6 from? (attrition but not answer) occlusal function?
67. Atenolol does not affect epinephrine like non-selective blockers, another statement about epinephrine. T/F?
68. Sharp molar what treatment should you NOT do? Smooth the area, composite, amalgam, crown (this)
69. What is the likely diagnosis? Bulimia (this one), GERD, other wrong answers
70. What is those defects likely due to? Erosion
71. Patient management question. Answer was inform her about her periodontal disease.
72. You excavate decay, pulp exposure what now? I put evaluate restorability, the other answers were actual treatments like endo + crown but idk they seem to like the most conservative answers
73. Xray with cracked #23. But patient photo with not cracked #23. Why? Picture was taken on earlier day than xray, vice versa, or some weird answer that made no sense
74. What caused did not cause the discoloration? Previous amalgam, tetracycline, recurrent caries?
75. What should you advise patient based on meds? They may feel dizzy upon sitting up? (I was thinking orthostatic hypotension from BP meds?), other answers didn’t make sense
76. What should you do for denture? Use PVS to get stronger support (I don’t think it was this but I can’t remember the other answers)
77. Resorbing ridge causes? Lack of support of denture, lack of stability, lack of retention, something else
78. What is the 1.5×1.5 mm asx white lesion on #23 buccal mucosa? I put salivary gland acini
79. Why section the mandibular impacted molar? Prevent jaw fracture, prevent damage to adjacent tooth, prevent damage to IAN (I put that since it was in the nerve)
80. How to NOT to prevent dry socket? Pre-op rinse, no smoking, 7 day antibiotics after (I put this)
81. Treatment for smoker with perio and needs a crown? Provisional crown until perio is controlled
82. Extract the tooth. And sent tissue for bx. Has many neutrophil sheets, what is the dx? Abscess (I put that), acute leukemia, chronic leukemia, and something that was obviously not the answer
83. I put “M” sound for something about getting the condyle relationship
84. Patient can’t open. What did you injure with needle? Medial Pterygoid?
85. I put anxiety for an answer to something
86. I had a weird question and one of the weird answers was Varix which I did not know what that was and it says it’s a vein but I don’t remember the question or other answers

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