RQ Jun. 5.2020
Type of radiation on mri (gamma, xray, radiofrequency)
Lefort fracture
Abfraction, abrasion
Cleidocranial dysplasia
Specificity and sensitivity (which one says patients are healthy and which one says they’re sick)
Hairy leukoplakia EBV causes it
What medication leaves a bad taste
F sounds denture( 3 qs on this)
Vertical dimention how should teeth contact when making sounds
Pseudoclass III (no idea what this was)
Stressed patient that says he will control stress: more stressed for thinking about being stressed/ less
stressed for controlling the stress (the options were like that)
Bisulfide on lidocaine
Panoramic if patient moves for 1 second what happens on the panoramic image
Overdenture with 2 implants type of support (tissue, implant)
Wartin tumor is bilateral, pleomorphic is a mass on parotid
Caries cervical on chemo patients
Patients with osteoradionecrosis: mandible and 65gy
Tuberculosis intraoral signs ulcers how (all answers had ulcers on them you have to know how ulcers
present on tb patients )
Epulis and fibroma
Most difficult to get rid of sterilizing TB
Many qs on flaps and when are they used
Gingivectomy indications
Amantadine: antiviral or antitb
Glass ionomer property
Difference between perio and endo lesion
Type of impression to take on a pt with a movable epulis
Bacteria on red complex
Absolute contraindication implant placement
A general dentist is considered a specialist if: he refers cases to specialists, he works together with the
specialist or he does specialists work
Given the age of a girl how many teeth should she have
Maximum quantity of carpules on kid
Bad taste medication
How should pulpoaxial walls be on an amalgam prep
How should you prepare a tooth for a crown (same anatomy, rounded form, sharp)
Localized vertical bone loss on molars seen on which periodontitis
Liquen planus picture
A patient has lesion on tongue for more than 15 days now, what should you do? brush citology or biopsy
Wavelength: hue
Learn hue, chroma and value well
Extraction of premolars which forcep number
Fluoride mode of action on enamel
Axillary freckles pathology
Aversive conditioning
Best prognosis wall defect
Hospital soap wont kill which bacteria
Why extract a third molar? bony defect or to prevent 2nd molar distal caries
Lots of “all these are true except _” questions
Lots of pharm, prostho, perio flaps.
Day 2 had side effects of medications, interactions, treatment planning (trust your gut answering these),
and patient managemen

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