June 5-6’ 2020 RQS.

1. Major connector- support and rigidity
2. Associated with rheumatoid heart
• heart mumurs
• Joint effusion
3. Most important detail that would most affect the outcome of a fracture tooth
• 48 hr delay of txt
• Fracture being far away from apical
• Larger than normal pocket
• Infection
4. Non odontogenic max sinus what antibiotic?
• Amox with clavu
5. ingredient in maurijuna ending in cannibol.
6. anthistamine moa: blocks histamine at receptor
7. Epi+ propranolol= Inc BP and bradycardia
8. Sickle anemia mutation- something really diff in language not glut to valine ….. don’t know what..
9. Amalgam what do we not do- Put it in hazards
10. Othro tension side (entirely diff French language ☹ ) but ans OESTEOBLAST.
11. CPR I put lose airmask not sealed properly as when we doing CPR we have already clean the throat and then start CPR.. so CPR include chest compression and breathing. I marked this.. (pray)
12. There was a question on smoking who will leave and why?
13. Cause of furcation except – I put endo.. other options were pearls , grooves
14. Heamingioma pic
15. Fibrous dyaplsai pic
16. Angina pain which fibers
17. All of the following are considered for a demineralized lesion except:
• Texture
• color
• age
• location
18. MI treatment—diff language
19. Most common dperiotanl disease – chronic perio,, option were aggressive, marginal
20. Papillona and fibroma diff
21. Synchrondosis
22. There were many many questions on FLOURIDE.. put of the world ☹☹
23. LAP treatment
24. Endo bacteria – obligate anaerobes
25. Addiosns disease- hypotension
26. Veryyyy diff 3 questions on antogginist
27. Potencyyyyyyyy
28. Mand denture closure on molding
29. Radio patient cervical caries
30. Many questions on dry socket- what to do what not to do.. please read the question options carefully again and again.. I got excited whenever I read some topic of known question but when I read options that are entrilyyyyy different — hahahhahah.
31. What is not a true cyst
32. What is a true cyst
33. Nevoid basal cell carcinoma symptoms
34. BSSO nerve damage IAN..
35. Anterior cross bite treat immediately
36. Cross bite. manyyy diff questions on it.
37. Amalgam fracture why?
38. Amalgam low modulus of elasticity
39. Gingivectomy – supra bony
40. What not to do where there is less keratinized gingiva specifically on distal surface of last tooth.. option apical position flap, and distal wedge. I picked distal wedge as distal to last molar is distal wedge not apical reposition on distal.
41. No perio questions on flapsssssss
42. No opertiveeeeeee amalgam composite,
43. No classs cavity prep questions
44. Lots of patient management – trust me that’s ur gut feeling when u pick that
45. Whats the things you will do when a patient visited to u and worried about his/her condiotin.. show empathy and concern- It seems like you r worried about your condition, but we will look into it (something similar question in running in our old rqs)
46. Maleficence and non-male definitions with diff wordings. – understanding is important (no similar explains examples like we did)
47. There was a question on dopamine and Parkinson’s.
48. Biological width – JE + CT
49. Propranolol is the Prophylactic medication to angina not nitroglycerin.
50. C4 is the hypoid bone not C3 pleaseee keep this in mind (these 2 questions have confused options for us in our previous discussions.
51. Question of VRF SYMPOTOMS—SYMTPOM IS COLD SENSITIVITY , sSIGN is pain on biting .. I choice cold
52. QUESTION: What does percussion test?
a. Presence of inflammation in PDL or not
b. Spread of inflammation to periodontium from PDL or not
c. Responsiveness
d. Pulp vitality
53. avulsion and splint ? how many days
54. horizontal fracture and splint- just the duration of it, no type of forizaintal root fracture was mentioned
55. mastoid process red spot and periorbital echymosis, which typoe of fracture? Lefore 1 , 2 , base of skull fracture,( so its lefore 3 base of skull fracture and mastoid process red spot means bleeding there)
55. nutrient canals xray
56. worst solution for avulsed tooth to dip— water
57. QUESTION: Advantage of a direct composite vs. a veneer? Direct composite is only 1 appointment vs. veneer is at least 2
58. supra gingival antibitoics effecteive for removal of plaque? T/F
59. GRAcey currete shape and details . every option is mixing read it slowly please—-Semi circular, more then 45 and less than 90 degree angle.
60. extraction of deflected divergent roots of upp molar, how to extract? — section the tooth , others options were flaps and more aggressive ..
70- ortho treatment with some veener placement on anteriors EXCEPT
-move some teeth after the veneer
-move some teeth before veener ( I put this considering the EPOSOP as ortho before prostho)
-just veener
71- one question on pins EXCEPT , which I was discussing last days whats wrong in pin statement and ans was pins provide strength to amalgam as an EXCEPT question, it provides retention does not strengthen the amalgam)
72- leakage from rubber dam—holes too close.
73. some questions on radio therapy and its symptoms after that.. erthyema was not in option 😀 and I don’t remmeebt too please read this
74. QUESTION: Three factors that affect caries initiation: Substrate, bacteria, host susceptibity but oprions were not these .. im sorry I forget the options.
75. something about the PH of enamel which is not correct.. and some long statement was given was 6.5 and I chose that ..
76. non working side cusp was related to this and best I think was this– mand buccal cusp lingual inclines, max lingual cusp buccal inclines
77. what movement disocclused full posterior teeth on movements—- mutually protected (canine guiadcance)
78. QUESTION: Two things that account for a successful posterior composite restoration? The type of resin and the type of preparation
79. few questions on ENDO 2 I think.
80. I had many short cases on day 1 too and those are time consuming too. Please manage accordingly.
81. inflamtory resportion which condition it happens?
82. ankylosis replacement resportion

DAY 2:
Case 1:
Tonsillitis case:
GIRL having halitosis and caries in mouth, hr class mate make fun of her due to bad breath..
Q1-common question what the cause of bad breath and I marked– chronic tonsillitis (there were not much caries like rampant caries in mouth of more than half of her teeth are involved as carious lessions- just 5 – 6 I think carious teeth.. so I don’t think this much caries can cause bad breath.. so I picked CHRONIC tonsillitis the case of bad breath
Q2- what is he best oral treatment u will advise – maintaining good oral hygiene.
CASE 2- asthma patient with inhaler presented in clinic
Q1- patient had diff in breathing in start as he enters the clinic, what will you do for treatment management, –
-STOP THE TREATMENT UNTILL HE IS RECOVERED with the asthma( I marked this, as he is asthmatic patient and attack might be due to anxiety and follow this SPORT)
– Continue treatment
– delay treatment
Q3- atenolol side effects- staining in teeth , xerostomia( THIS)
Case 3: male 45 yrs patient has lots of missing teeth and not happy with smile, and what to rpelqce all his teeth ( didn’t mention he want CD or fixed as implants after removal ) hes just not happy with his teeth, need removal of all and
Q 1- what would u advise him for treatment plan EXCEPTTTTTT..
– PD with fixed in posterios
– IMPLANT WITH PD in posteriors of lower
Q3- considering the patients demand (removal and replacement ) what is included in treatment option for upper arch EXCEPTTTT
– Removal of 2 , 5 (as these 2 teeth were only present in the upper arch)
– Sinus lift ———–sinus lifting will be recommended if patient wants fixed impants as the presented PAno had left sinus and bone level almost sinus was so deeeep tpwards bone)
– Alveola plasty (THIS I choice not sured)
– One more I forget
Case 4 , 5
Q-1WHATS not included in ortho treatment plans
Q2-If we do the treatment and doesn’t included patients view which principal u r breaking.
– Beneficence
– Non male
– Informed consent( I choice this as informed consent is in principal of autonomy and here we are breaking autonomy of patient if not taking informed consent)
– Paternalism

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