• Aminocaproic acid – plasminogen inhibitor, inhibit fibrinolysis
• Multilocular appearance not in which of these – amelo, myxoma, aneurysmal , traumatic
• If you see a child with abuse , this child has cerebral palsy, he shows you his stomach with punch marks then his mom hits in front of you- do you ask your dental assistant to sneakily call protection service or do you call them once they leave
• Damage to lower teeth due to tongue piercing – gingival recession
• Cyst btw mx lateral incisor and central , tooth is vital what is it- options- periapical cyst, median palatal cyst, peripheral giant cell Tumor
• Eagle syndrome – stylohyoid calcification. Eagle syndrome is caused by either an unusually long styloid process or a calcified stylohyoid ligament. Doctors aren’t sure about what causes either one of these. While it can affect people of both genders and all ages, it’s more common in women between the ages of 40 and 60
• Neuropraxia – Neuropraxia is the mildest form of neural injury. Local axon demylineation occurs at the site of injury. However, the axon, the endoneurium, the perineurium, and the epineurium are INTACT.
• Leakage around the neck of teeth in rubber dam- why? Holes too close
• La in pregnant lady – mepivacaine . Local anesthetics with epinephrine (e.g., bupivacaine, lidocaine, mepivacaine) may be used during pregnancy
• Your hygienist harms pt, practice owned by 3 people in equal partnership ; legal responsibility? Hygienist and attending dentist
• Modulus of elasticity – stifness
• Potency and efficacy – dosage and effectiveness
• Bisphosphonate act on which cells of body? osteoclasts
• First indicator of kidney failure – creatinine increase
• Articaine – amide on liver and plasma both. It is an amide but it has an additional ester group that is metabolized by esterases in blood and tissues 90% plasma 10% liver
• Best osseointegration – posterior mandible D2
• Best success results of implant – anterior mandible D1
• Supply to tmj – MADS – maxillary , ascending pharyngeal, deep auricular and superficial temporal
• 10yr old kid- unilateral posterior crossbite- reason? Unilateral growth of mandible unilateral maxillary constriction
• Static cidal interaction – cancel the effect of each other; penicillin and tetracycline
• Codeine- what is unique? bind to kappa receptors, nausea, miosis
• Scarlett fever tongue – strawberry tongue, fungiform papillae
• You suspect a drug allergy of dental product problem- whom do you report to – fda osha epa
• Compare oral cancer in male and female; t test, chi square? Chi square
• Where do you see herpetic lesion in aids pt intra orally? Palate

• Class 3 pt; what decreases with age- and sna snb or y axis – anb
• Selective grinding questions- Lubl non working Bull working
• Pagets and hypercementosis – Paget disease of the maxilla and mandible is not rare. There appears to be a significant correlation between skull involvement in the form of osteoporosis circumscripta and maxillofacial changes. The maxillary component can be of the typical form of Paget disease or be in the form of hypercementosis.
• Multiple myeloma radiograph – punched out radiolucency
• Cherubism – bilateral jaw expansion, soap bubble appearance, no treatment needed, starts in children and stops at puberty
• Bilateral palpable lymph nodes free movable- sialedinitis, acute tonsillitis, scc
• Candidiasis – burning mouth, decrease vdo, wipeable, nystatin, cytologic smear for biopsy
• Hmo and capitation
• One question about research article
• Update what every year for employee – Tb or hep b
• Msds – manufacturer data sheet
• Pt gets mad at you, you get mad at DA- what is that? Displacement
• Moa of penicillin – bactericidal , cell wall synthesis inhibitor, beta lactamase synthesis inhibitor
• How much max NO can be given to kids – 50 50
• Erosion – gerd or acidity, reflux
• Combination syndrome and dental implants and its effect on IAN – lower anterior only and upper CD
• Lateral pedicle graft – good for single tooth root coverage
• Nicotine replacement therapy drugs – Chantix and buspirone
• Pt on humulin R- small oral surgery procedure to be done- what do you ask pt- liquid breakfast with full tablet or half tablet
• First thing you do when pt stops responding , pt is diabetic- palpate carotid pulse or give glucose
• What is not included in ethics ada – cost, credentials
• Diastema – reciprocal anchorage
• Order of treatment- eruption of canine, ortho, frenectomy – ortho, eruption of canine, frenectomy
• Most common missing permanent tooth – mand 3rd, max 3rd, mand 2nd pm, max lat, max 2nd pm
• Where do you end posterior palatal seal- junction of movable and immovable part , vibrating line
• Ranula treatment – surgical excision, marsupilization
• Okc- recurrent, nevoid basal cell ca, ant post mandible
• Best chances of survical- scc , adenocarcinoma of palate, melanoma – adenocarcinoma
• Verrucous leukopalkiav- hpv
• Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia
• Gorlin goltz syndrome – nevoid basal cell carcinoma Originates from epithelial cell rests (stratified squamous keratinizing epithelium). – basal cell nevus syndrome (a.k.a. Gorlin’s syndrome, multiple OKC’s seen
• Radiograph – AI – unilocular,
• Rct done- apically what do you least hope to see- CT, epithelium, bone, cementum – CT
• What is wrong- drinking two glass of wine during lunch, consensual sex with patient, 2 more weird options
• Major connector – stability and rigidity
• Why is metal thick at rest and connector interface
• Herpes labialis – HSV type 1, cold sores, fever
• Only muscle you should pierce while giving ian – buccinator
• Intravascular deposition of la – toxicity
• Glossoptosis , cleft palate in what- Edwards syndrome
• Folic acid analogue which anti cancer drug – methotrexate
• Shock manifestations
• Hypoglycemia- clinical features in the pt – mental confusion, cool clammy skin
• Gtr for which furcation 2
• Root amputation location most favourable in max molar
• Intentional replantation- what doesn’t effect it- ? healthy periodontium, surgeons skill, immobilization and splinting for long time

 Similar case pattern like in Kaplan
 Go through side effects of commonly prescribed drugs
 Make sure you see all the details regarding the case, they provide a lot of information with every case so its easier to miss out on patients allergy and past history
 I found day 2 unicorn and Kaplan cases more than enough for day 2.
 Anti depressants side effects-
 Ethical conceps regarding veracity beneficience asked atleast 5 times so go through that properly.



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