1. Metformen mechanism of action
A.Increases the insulin production
B. Increase sensitivity of organs to insulin-I chose this
C. Increase the excretion of sugar
D. Also something related insulin.

2. PICO- what does ‘I’ stand for
A. Intervention(I chose this)
B. Incidence
C. Independent
D. Intelligence

3. What is piers r value(I dont even remember what I chose)
A. Accurate
B. Mean value
C. Dependance
D. Relation

4. Diazepam antidote*2 times-flumazenil
5. A patient came in with a nodular lesion,2mm in size next to the parotid gland. What maybe the diagnosis
A. Pleomorphic adenoma
B.canalicular adenoma
C.adenoid cystic carcinoma
D. Some other option which didn’t make sense

6. Patient is taking aspirin and alprazolam. All of the below drugs are contraindicated except one. Which one?
A. Clarithromycin
B. Ibuprofen
D. Metronidazole

7. Which of the below is an example for cognitive stress coping?
A. Deep breathing
B.muscle relaxation
C. Tell show do technique

8. For a patient with MILD anxiety,what will you do?
A. Nitrous oxide
B. Benzodiazepines
C. Explain the procedure
D. Avoid treatment

9. Lots and lots of questions(around 10-20 qns) on indirect and direct restoration advantage and disadvantage
10. Contraindications of nitrous oxide
A. Extremely fearful child
B. Extreme anxiety
C. Some other options which were indications

11. Papoose board contraindication
A. During GA administration
B. For a cooperative child
C. For a kid throwing tantrum

12. Picture of bleeding gums and extremely swollen. Description says that the patient also has skin red macules. Diagnose the case
C.becets syndrome

13. Which of the following doesn’t have oral manifestations
A. Becets syndrome
B. Herpes

14. Which disease ONLY has oral pigmentation as a symptom
A. peutz jegher
B. Addisons disease
C. Some other disease which I don’t remember and Didnt even make sense!!!🙄

15. They asked me to identify the structure which had an arrowhead. They said it was a radio opaque lesion but it was was radiolucent!!!!!!!!!!!!🙄
16. Show me a picture of a white lesion and asked me what it was – it looked verrucous-
17. Porte wine stain in which disease can you see it- sturge weber
18. You feed a dog through a tube,what will happen to caries rate?
A. Decrease
D.no change
19. Anaphylaxis which antibody causes it?
A. IgE
20. Alott of prostho questions..hard and easy ones. Hards ones i didnt even understand!!!
21. Role of coronoid process in dentures
22. Function of clasps
23. Why doesnt a prosthesis seat properly in the mouth? -shrinkage?
24. Crown doesnt seat in mouth. What do you check first-?
B internal nodules
25. Restoration on a pedo teeth,what makes it special?
A. Divergent root
B.broad contact
C. Shallow fissures

26. A dude comes in and wants his denture teeth as white as possible. But white is just isn’t his color. Doesn’t suit him at all. And you even told him that but he isnt listening. Ethically what are you supposed to do?
A.show him another shade that suits him
B. Show him the white ones he like
C.tell him again and agaim that its ugly on him
D. Dont treat him

27. A patient comes in for a second opinion on re -endo on several teeth. On examination you see alot of radiolucencies and dome bad rct. What will you do?
A. Sue the endodontist who treated him
B. Tell the patient you will help him in going to court
C. Tell that there is a crappy treatment done on him
D. Tell him that he needs re treatment.
E. Tell that the other dentist just wants the money

38.an easy ethics question on non maleficence

39. Who makes msds?-manufacturer
40. Who regulates the use of msds?
41. perforation seen in which tooth mostly?
A.mesial of PM
B.facial of max anteriors

42. Which tooth has a mesial depression on the root?
A. Max 1 molar
B.max 1pm
C.man 1molar
D.man 1pm

43. Most stable dental impression?

44. You have a small caries on mesial and distal sides but doesnt have much dentinal support. Which material will you use to restore ?

45. Rationale for osseous resection ?
46.nevoid basal cell carcinoma?
47.which cyst can turn into ameloblastoma?
A. Dentigerous
C. Radicular

48. Which cyst isnt a developmental cyst- i chose radicular
49. Class 3 12 year old boy-what decreases with age?

50. Which of the following will you not see on a lateral ceph of a person with skelatal open bite?
A. Reduced height of ramus
B. Reduced anterior height length
C.downward tilt of the palatal plane

51.supernumerary tooth which stage of tooth devpt?
52. Which fluoride you dont use on your own at home-1.23APF
53. Granuloma radiographic appearance
54. Alottt of questions on root fracture and treatment(5-10 questions)
55. Avulsion how long should you splint?
56. Antidote for morphine?
57. Mixed agonist antagonist -buprenorphine
58. Why do you do TSD technique on children?- All were confusing options. I chose to get familiarized with the office or something like that.
59. In modeling what do you do? I don’t remember the question exactly but it was weird. Just check if you are supposed to give a reward/positive reinforcement along with modeling.
60. TAD which bone?-cortical
61. A person has 50 filled,5missing , 5 decayed teeth. What is the probability of him getting more decay? (This was exactly how the question was given)
A. 50%
62. You have a horizontally impacted #31. What is the treatment plan?
A. Coronectomy
B. Normal surgical removal of #32(they tried to confuse me by changing the tooth number🙈)
C. Remove both #31 and #32

63. 2 questions on intrapulpal anesthesia- back pressure
64. Penetrating power in radio- kvp
65. Most common cause of tmj pain?
A.disc displacement
B.myofascial pain

66. Boy got in a fight. Cannot occlude his right side. Which side is damaged?
A.left condyle
B. Right condyle
C.left neck of condyle
D.right neck of confyle

67. An easy mode question
68. Stafne cyst xray (the diagram was clear)
69. Easy and direct eruption date . Example they asked the eruption date for the first primary tooth- 6month(mand CI)
70. Definition of lamina dura
71. How much saliva flow should u have to prevent caries ?
B. 1ml

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