101.patient presents for an Endo treatment that later requires post and core, and crown lengthening what is the main thing we get?
ANS -Ferrule effect that prevent tooth fracture

102. the average daily growth of epithelium?
ANS 0.5-1mm

103. disadvantage of Free gingival graft ?
ANS -injury to the greater palatine nerve

104. Which X-ray technique shows the floor of the maxillary sinus imposing on the roots of maxillary?
-bisected angle technique periapical

105.Best prognosis for bone graft ?
-3 wall defect

106. The purpose of a barrier when doing guided tissue regeneration?
-coronal movement of epithelium
-apical movement of epithelium
-Apical movement of PDL cells
– coronal movement of PDL cells?

107. Patient presents for teeth try in what is not an option you do on that day?
-checking esthetics
-confirming VDO
-Checking phonetics
-facebow transfer

108. Facbow transfer is used to? Options contains all types of different planes
-Translate maxilla to Frankfort horizontal plane?

109.condyle inclination is used for?
Protrusive record

110.anotehr question related to the ANB value of 5.6, which facial profile ?

111.distal step molar relation lead to?
Class II

112. picture of kid’s teeth flushed and asked what type of occlusion? No class one in the options
-class II
-class III
-end-in -class II
-end- in – class III

113.The space difference between primary canine, first & second molar and the succedaneous teeth ?
freeway space
primate spacing
leeway space

114. early loos of primary 2ndmolar how to preserve the space?
Distal shoes?
115.patient present with radiolucency around an endo treated molar has no pain or symptoms, what would you do?
-Observe and wait until it becomes symptomatic.

116. kid patient presents with MOD caries on mandibular primary first molar, best treatment?
-polypetomy, and stainless steel crown.

117. same patient has another caries DO on the contralateral primary molar best tx?
-DO composite
-DO amalgam?
-Pulpetomy and stainless steel crown

118.studies have shown periodontal disease is increased among?
Black American

119. looking at a pano which of these would not happen when you extract a supranmerary tooth on the right side of pano? (note Tooth #7 is not erupted)
-pulp necrosis of 8
-pulp necrosis of 9
-pulp necrosis of 7
-non eruption of 7?

120.which of these should not be in your ortho consent?
-Ortho wires bend the root of molars

121. You have a deaf person sitting in the chair what is the best communication way?
-look at the patient when you talk, then wait for the translator to explain.

122. Best way to build a rapport with your patient?
-Maintain an eye contact?
-Engage in active listening

123.kid patient go around and touches instrument and then let you work on him?

124. The main disadvantage of Desensitization in dental field?
-requires so much time

125. how to deal with manipulating patient ?(did not mention adult or kid)
-setting boundaries or limits

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