1. Autonomy
2. Veracity
3. Nonmalefience
4. Lot of questions on translator
5. Clinical pic of scc in floor of mouth
6. Pyogenic granuloma
7. Acute pain in 3rd trimester..what u do
8. Child abuse
9. Elderly abuse
10. Dens in dente x ray
11. Taurodontism x ray
12. Dentinogenesis imperfecta
13. Pt asks for oxycodone n aceta combination..u refuse n he is belligerent..what u do
14. Cause of erysipelas
15. Indicator for water line..
16. Best way to prevent hg toxicity in clinic
17. Ranula
18. Gardner syndrome
19. Cleidocranial dysplasia
20. Downs syndrome…2 questions
21. Hypothyroidism
22. Osteolmalacia
23. Inr
24. Hba1c
25. Penicillin allergy
26. Why no more prophylaxis for joint replacement pts
27. Allergic to penicillin
28. X ray feature of sickle cell anemia
29. Few questions on bisphosphonates
30. Cells in root resorption
31. Symptomatic irreversible pulpitis
32. Symp. Apical perio
33. Cleft palate
34. Class 4 rpd
35. Class 1 rpd pic
36. Porcelain veneer incisal reduction
37. Best esthetic alternative for heavy amalgam 15
38. Questions on max 1 premolar
39. Apexogenesis
40. Physiologic pigmentation
41. Lot of ethics
42. Most common oral finding in hiv
43. Osha 3 -4 questions
44. Min amount of fluoride in h20
45. Epi in 2% la of 1:100000
46. Most common topical la
47. Antidote for benzodiapam
48. Ur male doc giving iv sedation for a female pt..wt u do
49. Erratic bp in a in sedated pt upon giving la…wt u do
50. Most common form of co2 in body
51. Hypoglycemia
52. Hba16 levels-2 questions
53. Amalgam tattoo- x ray
54. Bohns nodules..
55. First dental visit..
56. Denture candidiasis..wt u do
57. Ill fitting denture..pic..
58. Implant success..initially
59. Diastema closure..8&9—
60. All ceramic incisal reduction
61. Veneer finish line
62. Transposition clinical pic
63. When u give vaccine for hpv acc to cdc—
64. Decreased vdo
65. Distal step—what future occlusion
66. All bones endochondral ossification except
67. Lichen planus—all except
68. Pt on coumadin…what test
69. Neurofibromatsosis type 1
70. Trachear collin syndrome
71. Nerve supply of tmj
72. Lingual artery branch of—
73. Hyoid bone identification on pano n lat ceph
74. Function of genioglsssous
75. Which muscle lowered in vestibuloplasty
76. From anterior to posterior ifn, ifn art, lingual n
77. Lisinipril moa
78. Verapamil moa
79. Drugs causing GO
80. Amphetamine side effects
81. Sjogren’s syndrome
82. Stevens johnson syn
83. Erythema multiforme
84. Pemphigus what u do…biopsy
85. Mesiodens x ray
86. Hemangioma..bluish gray on palate n alveolar mucosa..h/o amphetamine incarceration
87. Irritation fibroma- clinical pic
88. Mumps
89. Causative MO for syphilis
90. Strep pharyngitis
91. Metamerism
92. Hue…colour family
93. Why u see more gingival opaque…in a crown
94. Lab sent rpd..how u can rectify in a lab order
95. Waste disposal
96. All require biohazard tag except
97. Percentage of buccal plate collapse after xn of CI
98. Most common 2 canals in anteriors
99. What % of 2 canals in lower premolars
100. Pt wants to quit smoking..
101. What is P in PICO
102. Intervention in what type of studies
103. Least valid study—case report
104. Sensitivity
105. Specificity
106. P>.05..what it indicates
107. Pt left earlier dentist due to fear..what u do
108. Ur on call as a sub for another dentist..wt u cannot do
109. Needle prick while giving 2nd inj..what u do
110. Disposal of needle
111. What is not needed for a assistant while assisting high speed handpiece…mask, eye wear, faceshield, fluid resistant gown
112. 2 questions on myxedema
113. Intermediate level disinfection
114. Wt u do immediately after taking alginate impression
115. Lingual border of denture
116. Which part of upper denture affected by mand movement
117. Gtr used..
118. Allergy to component in rpd
119. Why particle size reduced in composites
120. Altered cast technique
121. Which is not MOM
122. Growth of max n mand
123. Which shade takes max curing time
124. Tuberosity touching rmp..wt u do
125. Location n function of pps
126. Denture discomfort due to—epulis fissuratum
127. Wt u do in angina, MI—
128. Wt u do in angioedema
129. Which drug cause MRONJ—antiangiogenics
130. Therapeutic range of INR
131. Which conditions need SABE prophylaxis
132. What u assess for pre prosthetic surgery
133. All are lucent except— PA, scar, incisive foramen
134. Hpv associated with—scc
135. Class 2 div 1 pic
136. Bruxism causes hypertrophy of all muscles except—
137. Trigeminal neuralgia
138. Sensitivity after 2 days after restoration
139. Post does all except
140. Ghost image of ear rings
141. Hyoid bone on opg
142. Which pontic not easily cleaseable—saddle
143. Insulin shock
144. What does drug metabolism do
145. LA act by blocking which ion—sodium
146. Allodynia
147. What u do in a unconscious pt—chk for verbal n ems
148. Ectodermal dysplasia
149. Depth of chest compression in cpr
150. Best x ray for fractured mandible
151. Cbct for all except
152. Time for collagen wound healing
153. Upper denture flange limited by all except—infraorbital rim
154. Placement of xn forceps except
155. Percentage of 4 canals in lower 1 molar
156. Diagnosis for CPA—radiograph
157. Pulpotomy
158. Apexogenesis
159. What u do in a grade 2 mobile 8 due to trauma..9 avulsed..
160. Prognosis for root fracture
161. Function of post—only retain core
162. Success of post n core—depends on remaining coronal sound tooth
163. Factors governing crown lengthening except—bone density
164. Best media for avulsed tooth—HANKS
165. Cleft palate surgery except—done at birth
166. Micro organisms in endo infection—facultative anaerobes
167. Eruption sequence of primary teeth
168. Erution age of CI
169. Root formation complete by—for CI
170. All are sedatives except—nsaids
171. All are nsaids except—acetamiophen
172. Rampant caries first visit wt u do—silver diamine fluoride
173. Incipient caries wt u do—varnish
174. 2 questions on SSC in pedo
175. Dental chart showing lot of interproximal dc—problem—no flossing
176. Intruded E..wt u do—take xray to assess
177. What determines thickness of liner or base—remaining dentin thickness
178. Sensitivity after composite—too much dentin drying
179. Main use of rubber dam—pt protection
180. Best xray for bone loss in perio
181. Pt has come after 10 years—wt xrays u take
182. Length of the blade—instrument formula is given
183. Condition affecting implant—osteopenia
184. What is not seen downs syn—microglossia
185. Pt c/o of temporary loss of vision, etc—multiple sclerosis
186. Physiologic pigmentation pic
187. Painless indurated ulcer suggestive of—SCC
188. Linea alba
189. Wt u do platelet count <30,000—ref to physician
190. Pt referred before radiation therapy, 6-8 mm pockets in 2nd molars, no mobility, wt u do—pocket reduction surgery
191. ORN wt all u do except
192. All are modes of tissue mgmt. in croen n bridge work except—laser cautery cord n tofflemire…TOFFLEMIRE
193. Wt u do in radiation pt—rct n coronectomy
194. If hopeless teeth n radio not started—then xn
195. Die pic—wt u do..prep crown, prep crown after trimming margins, cannot make a crown
196. Impression pic what u do— I selected cant make a croen because light body couldn’t record complete finish lines
197. All used before bonding except—calcium hydroxide…other options were gic, compomer,RMGIC
198. Soft tissue implant interface except—fibres are imbedded in implant
199. Distance from implant to IAN
200. Deposits on lingual of lower incisors n buccal of upper molars wt u do—full mouth scaling..other options were srp, curettage,etc
201. Which is not recognized as speciality—dental implantology
202. Study at fixed time—cross sectional
203. Position of flap for 3rd molar surgery—should rest on bone n not in anatomical spaces
204. Anug—u do all except..SRP
205. Vascular n cellular phase of inflammation
206. Over extruded filling x ray
207. Skeletal cross bite in child
208. Factor influencing fetus from mother—cigarette smoking—other were alcohol. Folic deficiency, etx
209. Max 1 premolar replaces which deciduous tooth
210. Timeline for reviewing osha—annually
211. What osha recommends—employer offer HBV to appropriate employees
212. Water lines <500 CFU
213. Trauma..ho vomits, left pupils dilated,pt doesn’t remember…wt u do—refer to emergency care
214. Which gas in hyperventilation
215. Question on autism
216. Kvp
217. Artefact on periapical of lower premolars—cresent shaped radiolucency
218. Orn—most common—post mandible
219. Lichen planu all except—it is contagious
220. Preferred occlusion in dentate
221. Erosion clinical pic…GERD
222. Erosion seen in—bulimia nervosa pt
223. Clinical pic showing attrition n erosion..wt all u do except—composites on occlusal
224. Pt with bruxism..so many night guards..pt unhappy..wt u do..limited occlusal adjustment
225. Main use of rubber dam—pt protection
226. Which structure attains the similar size of adult at birth—I wrote auditory canal
227. What type of sensitivity is contact dermatitis
228. Best way to prevent hg toxicity- I wrote chairside traps
229. Ketone bodies found due to
230. Best initial drug in angina or MI—I wrote 02
231. Gowgates technique used for—IAN n lingual block
232. U give IAN n pt is not able to lcose his eyes, where did u inject—facial nerve
233. What test for pemphigus—blood count, cbp, exfoliative, biopsy..
234. What test for hiv except—cd4, wbc, hematocrit, hba1c
235. Young pt 8yrs came to clinic with his father…recent visit from overseas..rash, erythema..wt u do…report to health dept.
236. What can be result of LA inj except—echymosis, hematoma, trismus, infection..i wrote infection.
237. MOA of acyclovir
238. Drugs causing gingival enlargement
239. Which is not schedule drug
240. Wt u do in autism child
241. Max dose of acetaminophen per day
242. Which of the following is not nsaid—acetaminophen
243. U smell marijuana just before ur about to start sedation, wt u do—reschedule the procedure n ask pt not to take it
244. Which analgesic in pts with liver problems—motrin
245. Recommended water fluoride levels—0.7ppm
246. Best oral sedative—options were so many incl a diazepam..

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