1- Kv=onset
2- Supernumerary=initiation
3- Angina/MI how to differentiate =onset
4- Increase caries= root
5- Differentiate root caries= soft
6- Recent studies prove periodontal disease related with=oral cancer
7- Lingual inclination of lower buccal with buccal inclination of upper lingual when?=non-working
8- When we split procedures make it multiple is this unbundling?
9- when the insurance decide to pay for crown not for endo is this bundling
10- Positive Nikoliski sign but there was no pemphigus or pemphigoid…all weird options i picked hyper sensitivity reaction
11- Pt on anticoagulants with no more details…u want to do simple implant an ok INR would be 2.5…3.5
12- Pt is alcoholic and u want do surgery. What to check? Cbc..pt time. Something likes fat. Or glucose level
13- Diabetic in day of procedure. Liquids with half dose of insulin?
14- Best prognosis? 3 walls
15- Best furcation II? GTR
16- Healing after perio flap surgery? I picked long junctional epi..othe option was by formation of new bone, ligaments and ct
17- Root amputation best prognosis: coranally and the roots are diverge…coronally and the roots are converge…after my brain got freeze and start not differentiating between diverge and converge i ended up with converge
18- Pt came 3 days after ext with 6mm antrum communication….i chosed cose with gold foil stent …there was flaps
19- firs 24 hours free gingival graft get from host
20- attached gingiva thickest in lateral maxilla thins lower first premolar T
21- most congenital missing was 2premolar lower
22- Arterial lower most to have 2 canals? i choosed T
23- Study between two groups’ boys and girls? Chi square
24- Null hypothis question? Group A not equal to B
25- New invention drug experiments? Random clinical try
26- most associated with vital tooth i picked middle palatal cyst
27- Man molars get space by? i picked apposition of posterior ramous
28- Surgical guidance for implant for what? I picked to lead for location of implant. Others where to know the length of the implant
29- U put palatal splint why? I picked to avoid contamination with fluid…other was to protect bone and ct from trauma
30- Tooth gets its color from? Enamel, dentin, cementum? i picked dentin
31- u make bulk PFM why? bec the opaque dentin layer was thick so u fix the color? i picked this other was the dentin porcelain layer was thin
32- minimal accepted crown root ratio 1:1
33- best crown for posterior…zirconium
34- phenothiazine =extrapyramidal
35- Why u prefer zirconium in posterior? long longevity
36- Anterior cross-bite in child with central only what to do? Refer to ortho or fix it immediately? i picked immediately
37- pt with gold inlay come after 3 hours with shooting pain why? galvanic shock or hyperocclusion….i don’t remember which one i ended up with but i think galvanic
38- 45 yrs with bilateral post cross bite how to fix? i picked surgery
39- ortho tooth with vertical bone resorption what to expect…i chosed less force…less time
40- Collimation? i picked to restrict the x-ray beam
41- What is illegal for dentist? i picked to prescribe schedule 2 for back pain not wine, not sexual relation not advertise with price
42- not ADA code …i picked advertisement
43- what is not in concent…i picked price
44- distance when to discuss price with pat i pick 3-6 feets…there was 8-11 feets
45- pt have pain in one side of face this pain worse when moving his face what is most probably? i picked unilateral cavernous sinus thrombosis…other was sinus but the said when move the head not lay down or bent
46- Can mump be bilateral?
47- pt come with swelling upper lip happen bec yesterday had treatment why? i pick haemangioma
48- Tooth with lingual anatomy cause calculus to stick? i pick upper central
49- Why not to take color while put rubber dam? i pick rubber dam make tooth look lighter
50- How to diagnose vertical roots fracture? 1-ray 2- visual 3- use the probe and look for pocket…i pick this as we look for deep drop in the area of fracture
51- DMF…Filled tooth is with most? White
52- u broke the ridge what to do? i pick u put lingual bar and make sure its stable
53- What protection for root caries? Home stannous fluoride or home neutral sodium fluoride? I pot sodium
54- What fluoride does? I put decrease enamel solubility
55- How saliva help in reminerlization/demineralization? Options like saliva has calcium, other saliva has ions, I picked the option says saliva is there 24/7 and it help in demineralization/re-mineralization
56- What adhesive do? All options about removing smear layer i put it don’t remove
57- All improve crown retention except? I put decrease convergence of preparation. Other option was shoulder All around
58- Elastic for posterior molar? Put on lingual upper and buccal lower
59- Upper central intruded 6mm what to do? I put leave it
60- Sealant close fissures by? I put micromechanical
61- Sealant….stop caries if there is small in deep fissure or fossae i put true
62- If animal were feeding through stomach feed what happen? Caries reduce
63- Type to allergic II reaction? I closed RH blood transfer from mother to baby
64- In asthma attack? Put pt on upright position
65- What first thing to do after u gives shock to pt with cardiac arrest? I put check pulse
66- Pterygomandibular raphe…i pick junction of buccinators and superior constrictor
67- Ian block only tongue numb no lips? Re do the block
68- U give 1 carpule of lido to kid and he start being super active and agitated why? I pick intravenous administration. Others were allergic to lido..allergic to epi
69- What to make sure to do in pedo anesthesia? I pick aspirate and administer slowly
70- What make intracranial anesthesia work? Pressure anesthesia
71- Dentist was nice and professional with pt then after appt he become mad on his assistant for dropping instruments? I pick dissociation
72- Dentist ddnt do treatment on pt..didn’t contact him…i put neglecting
73- Xerostomis dont do..i pick teeth attrition
74- Refuge pt don’t speak English has severe pain and she believes bad spirits behind this. What is the most concern of the dentist will be? Language? Consent form from her daughter? Her believe? Or removing the pain? I picked removing the pain
75- Refuge pt dont speak English but her daughter does. What best to do? Ask daughter to translate? Ask office manager to translate? Call healthcare interpreting phone service? I picked the phone service since they should be professional and know the terminology
76- What is not obligated by HIPPA? I pick dentist send bi-annual report to DHSS
77- What annual screening mandated for all healthcare workers? I pit TB test
78- What bacteria in pocket? I picked spirochetes
79- What primary disinfectant should do? I picked kill tb
80- X-ray of head when u see it its typical picture of moon surface with two or three empty circles. Border is fine? I picked osteoporosis
81- Osteoradio necrosis pt with pain what to do? Endo and crenectomy
82- Pt with red bleeding gingiva and with something in the extremities …no picture just description i picked acute leukemia. I don’t remember if the age was young but mostly it was young
83- Less hair? Hypothyroidism
84- They asked me about the eyes are not in the same direction what is this? No diplopia in options
85- How to see vertical resporption and diagnose heavy caries for endo ? Options where cbct, occlusal, pano and mesial shift x ray? I picked mesial shift
86- What used to diagnose perio bone level? I pick pano…options where bitewing, periodical’s, cbct
87- Eagle syndrome..pano with calcified stylo
88- Mixed dentition help dentist to? I pick know the dental age
89- One big central Mesiodistally with two pulp chambers is an example of? Fusion
90- Diastema closure is an example of? External something and i put intraoral something (the something is like splint. Or approached don’t remember the word)
91- Posterior landmark of upper denture landmark is? I put palatal vault
92- Most reason to replace anterior composite? I put color change
93- Major connector? Rigidity and stability
94- Premolar is moral and under it is a white radiopaque big circle? I pick idiopathic osteosclerosis
95- Cyst around canine? AOT
96- Implant platform is? 2-4 apical to adjacent gingival margin tooth …all other options where apical
97- Implant 3-4 from adjacent cej
98- Cavernous sinus thrombosis? Swelling in canine fossa region
99- 3rd molar disappeared? Take x ray to locate options where open from canine fossa and do the procedure
100- MTA stimulate? Calcium
101- Neuroparaxia…dint say temporary or motor. Just pick the option say cut in axon but not in neurostium
102- What big nerve effect on nerve order? I said no change other were increase, decrease inhibit
103- Drug A is more effective than B what means? I pick drug A can cause stronger effect
104- Diagram of three drugs asking which one is more effective I just pick the drug with the hire line in the diagram
105- Color stability=TEGDMA
106- Pt class three skeletal what decrease with age? ANB
107- Impression not for fixed prosthesis=irreversible hydrocolloid
108- Effect polymerization=eugenol
109- Cleft palate does not cause? Change in teeth shape
110- You saw a pt a year ago he was taking nitroglycerine for angina once per week when he do exercise. Today you saw him with a permanent patch of nitroglycerine that he take daily 3-4 times…what is his ASA I pick 4
111- Dry mouth=anticholinergic
112- Overhanged filling=wedge
113- 3 months baby=no Fluoride supplement
114- At birth teeth calcification= the only option with permanent first molar said: permanent first molar and all primary teeth
115- Ectodermal displace= oligodoncia
116- Agenesis= canine
117- Sialosis= sublingual it was wrong it should be submandibular
118- How to make tooth looks narrower? I pick to bring the lines together and the embrasure look shallower
119- Least one to get NO2 in the clinic? Patient
120- Effect of radiation on the body which molecule? H2O
121- Distal rest? To resist vertical force
122- Not present in class V=incisal wall
123- Tooth was discolored Q what to expect this tooth had before? Trauma
124- Serial extraction=CD5
125- Tooth painful on hot relieved by cold=irreversible pulpitis
126- Longer treatment plan less compliance of patient? Both true
127- Periodontal disease due to intrinsic causes. Intrinsic or systemic factors play role in progress of disease. First false second true
128- Picture of probe 7 mm pocket depth +2 recession total=9
129- Secondary occlusal trauma
130- Cherubsim
131- Chronic pericapical periodontics= sinus tract
132- Airspace in pano right side
133- Zygomatic bone in pano left side
134- One pano with crest in the middle of centrals I put nose curve
135- Two upper and lower no horizontal overlap / reduce buccal to avoid cheack bite
136- Increase VOD and decrease intercuspal = patient denture has no retention, chewing while talking



Day 2

1-Kryer elivator…ext lower molars roots
2-Tooth#3 has filling it’s not big normal one, tooth is asymptomatic, pt dont complain, u checked and its non-vital what to do? No treatment
3-Pt live in Fluoridated area. His teeth are all clean like manikin teeth. The question what preventive treatment on his lower molar? Options sealant, varnish, composite, no treatment…i pick no tx
4-Pt has 9 teeth upper arch all of them are good. Pt ask to extract them all…what is the least u should do? Complete denture? I choose this
5-If u did what he asked for what code of ethics u break? Veracity and autonomy
6-The patient asking for full extraction is related (don’t remember the exact word but means is under which right as the pt think) to which code of ethics? Autonomy and beneficence
7-Pt with poor oral hygiene 100% plaque…has diabetes controlled…asked me what the contraindication for putting implants is? I picked plaque
8-Pt with missing 14-15…there is opposing…and missing 30 and there is opposing…the question which improve the occlusion? One option is to put partial 2 units 14-15 and implant 30
9-ADHD pt
Q he start becoming overacting and aggressive during the procedure…talk to his parents privately about what is wrong…talk to the assistant about this issue…cancel appt..talk to the child directly to know what bothers him? I picked D
10-What make his gum looks like this? What i saw was red, dry, little bit like hyperplasia…I picked his medication
11-Does his medication do? Xerostomia
12-Class II Kennedy
13-Fulcrum class II
Pt 16 years with pano he has retained uper right 1st primary molar and 1st-2nd left molars …no permanent premolars clinically or in xray..his upper teeth from canine to canine are all scattered in distal directions and spacing ..diastema…his teeth, gum are healthy
14-when to do frenectomy? I pick before closing the diastema
15-what to ask the pt? Caries history, systemic conditions, family missing teeth history…C
16-what angles classification? The picture shows the canines both sides and both were class III
17- What is the pt profile! I pick strait because. The centrals where in class one relationship with lowers normal over jet -over bite in cephalometric x ray
It was the upper canines inclined and spaced distally due to missing teeth
18- Why the primary teeth still there? I put ankylosed

19-Don’t remember the question but they want to pick which medication is not good for the pt
Tynolol 3
Acetaminophen +hydrocodone
I picked ibuprofen since i believe all other 3 are related
20-Asthmatic pt become anxious what to do? I put nitros oxide
22-Pt become getting stress and anxiety what preoperative med? 2 gm valium
Other was Prozac (we are not physicians)
23-Pt with 9-8 want the incisal edge to be esthetics… the #9 is perfect the #8 has a very small chip in the incisal edge like the size of the probe tip..all options where over treatment and include #9 i pick correct #8 with a bur
24- Is lingual artery entering the mandibular canal? Yes
25-Class II furcation? GTR
26-Tooth 2 no opposing tooth was in x ray looks super erupted..q. Does it need re arrangements for occlusion if we put lower implant? I pick yes
27-Pt need upper denture there is a big elevation not painful pt even didn’t know it’s there what is this? I pick exostosis
28-What best to diagnose? I pick incisional biopsy
29-U extracts a tooth and under u hyperplastic vascularized ct what is this? Granulated tissue
30-U extract tissue found radicular lesion encircled by epithelial tissue? Cyst
31-Small pink spot under the lower incisor? Parylis, fistula, Fordyce granule fibroma? I pick fibroma
Pt with #8 very slightly prepped facially and no cover. It’s the only tooth has edge to edge with lower central…2 questions
32-what was the restoration? Veneer
33-why it fails? Occlusion
34- pt move to sit upright and he became dizzy what to do? Give oxygen, give glucose, take vital, sit in semi-supine position? D
35-why the pt had these symptoms? Prosthetic hypotension
36- Diabetic pt unconscious? Administer glucose
37-line within cervical area of molar? External oblique ridge
38- Treatment sequence for bad perio pt with problems perio – ortho – prostho
39- Treatment sequence for pt with primary retained teeth with spacing and need…Extraction-ortho-prostho
40- Deep caries? Remove infected, leave affected if two close
41-Class 5 lower premolar what filling?
42-What is the difficulty? Isolation
43-Pt drink energy drinks 3-5 times a day. While he was walking to clinic he was drinking also? What is his mouth PH once he sits on your chair? 5.6 – 6.5 – 7.5 – 8? I pick 5.6
44-Who build Dentin Bridge? Calcium hydroxide
45- Ferule effect? Prevent root fracture
46-Tooth 7 with big post
47-Tooth 8 with short post
48-Tooth 8 with surgical retreatment
49-What surgical guide don’t decide?
Number of implants
Location of implants

50-Bridge bulbous
51-Extraction done before the picture show irregular tissue and l…i pick loss of buccal cortical bone during the previous extract
52-Which tooth need endo retreat? #7
53-Which bridge to cover? All options were for missing teeth except 1
54-Pt on smoke session what not to give? Smokeless tobacco
55-Internal resorption primary
56-What is not count if u decide to extract this primary? Furcation involvement (because tooth has disto caries)
56- Anxiety pt preoperative med? 2 gm valium
57-lithium…For bipolar
58- Lateral tooth picture with mamelons..Question what are these? Normal development


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