NBDE part 2 day 2- Practice questions

On day 2, I got all the cardiac patients and smokers
1- One case was about cardiac stent, patient wanted teeth cleaned.
There were 10-12 questions
2- One case was about a lady with bad periodontal condition, she wanted to get her teeth look good
3- One case was about BRONJ
4- Case was about diastema and patient had peptic ulcer, questions were about diastema and canine guidance
5- Medical emergency questions of MI and aspirin related questions
6- Questions about sedation
7- HbA1c was 9.2 of a patient, what type of uncontrolled diabetes? Mild, moderate, sever
8- Implant related questions
9- Two cases were without any pictures or radiographs
10- A case had three questions about a patient who eats lemons, her weight was too low, whats the problem with her teeth – erosion
How would we tell patient to stop eating lemons
11- For furcation 2, best treatment ? GTR
12- There were few questions regarding artifacts and asked what treatment do we need? Nothing
13- Question about why does radiograph look different than picture? Take radiograph earlier and picture later or something like that
14- Prophylaxis needed







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