Day 1
these are my day 1 Qs I got yesterday
I will complete it after day 2
pray for me🙋🏻‍♂️


1-what makes composite radiopaque in x-rays
2-an old amalgam resto with pulpcap has careis along the margine of resto and enamel: x ray shows tertiary dentin has been depositet under pulp cap more that 2 mm. now after removing amalgam and caries do we still have to pulp cap the pulp or just do restoration?
3-value ca not be increased
4- which composite shade number cures slower
5- a case with dark resto distal of maxilary second premolar while laughing why?
the answer is the dentist should have made a conventional preparation with minimum bucal extention to reduce this phenomenon
6- which one is wrong? how floride affects on tooth to prevent caries? by raising PH
7- which one is the worst for a patient’s teeth-Low PH or high and low viscosity or high of saliva?
8-a man pain on biting and cold? fracture
9- transillumination on a tooth with pain, half of it is dark? fracture
10-least chance for caries on surfaces? mesial- distal- occlusal- lingual- buccal
11-bevel on enamel which one is wrong? esthetic- better adhering- less microleakage( these are true ones forgot the wrong one)
12-after etching what phenomenon irritates pulp? over-drying dentin
13- metamerism
14- which one cant cause error in shade selecting? metamerism- difference between shade color and porcelain color at same codes- eye fatigue- selecting color before prep
15- a 14 year old girl all teeth are virgin and in good shape- she has startet modeling and her parents insist you to make veneers for her. what do you recommend? bleaching and do not accept veneer treatment

Patient managment:

1- about 10 Qs on priciple of ethicts so learn them throughly
2- 21 year old boy his mother is paying for his treatment. she can ask about treatment options-she can ask about fees-she can only ask about his son’s treatment fee
3- 15 year old girl with pain and bruise on her face comes with her boyfriend. the boyfriend insist to come in room during evaluation. she doesnt say anything about reason of the bruise. what to do?
4-an adopter child with numerous caries. his guardian says she think the child has tooth ache. what is this phenomenon? the child is neglected
5- an elderly has bruise on her wrist. what to do first? call HSH- first ask her about the reason of bruise in a place who her children are not present- dont do anything
6- a kid has an appointment to go under Nirous oxide.Her parents believe their kid has not eaten anything from the night before. the kid says I eat a bowl of cereal with milk. what to do? cancel the apointment and ask them to schedule another – wait 1 hour and proceed – …
7- a study was presented in the exam and they ask about confidence interval
8- meaning of false positive? not error type just the exact definition
9- study about different laser for desensitizing exposed root and their prices with outcomes. outcomes was like the same with different confidense interval rate and prices were different. dentist should do ?
buy the expensive one- buy the cheap one- buy the one with average price which has the lowest confidential interval- educate the patient and dont buy laser
10- a patient doesnt know his treatment would be cover by insurance. the dentist should explain it to him. what code of ethics?
11- HIPA definition
12- FDA role?
13- NIH is in charge of paying for underserved people’s treatment? Wrong
14- a chart that shows rich people who have smile design have higher chance to find a job compare to those who have not
15- which one has less potential in hep C transmission? blade- niddle- handpeace- face bow
16- hep b patient how to treat him? double gloves- seperate room- dont treat him- treat him normally
17- what is wrong about HPV? it is a gram neg bacteria
18- your patient has returned from a trip. he calls the office and it seems he has chicken pox. what to do? cancel appointment
19- about HPV? it causes cancer
20- during RCT file breaks in root.
what to do? dentist should take it out- dont tell anything and proceed- tell your patient and proceed- tell him and refer to specialist

1-why a semilucent area in PA around root of maxillary lateral apears? becuase bone thickness in maxilla around root of maxillary laterals is low a bit
2- which on doenst affect on contrast: tube size and shape- kvp- miliamper
3-which one is not a good feature of digital sensors? placing it in mouth is like normal films
4- a cheek piercing in a Pano view 😅
5- a CBCT- sections on a missing mandibular second premolar- what is the nerve appearing in that area : mental nerve
6- a young man coms with pain on lower mandibular incisors after a fight- what u see in CBCT? shows a vertical fracture at midline if mandible

1- a bridge based on implants is mobile in lingual and buccal- ( xray shows bone resorption around one of the implants) first step to do? taking out the bridge and check each seperately
2- at the maxillary molars usually we consern about proximity to an specific anatomical area. what is that? maxillary sinus
3- what compromises implants? tobacco use

1- in a decayed mandibular molar with a failed amalgum biuld up and a good rct whats yout plan? post- core- crown
2- maximum intercuspation in two type of articulator( forgot the name)? both are same
3-while protruding mandible – forward and downward movements
4- 3 questions on kennedy classification( pic)
5- a case with sourness on mandibular ridge which one couldn’t be the reason? excessive buccal flangs
6- why we do bordermolding? to record muscular functions at the vestibules
7-what to do for unfit CD at first step for a 80 years old woman? reline it
8- how to arrange teeth in making upper CD and lower RPD for combination syndrome?
9- reasons for a crown to not sit at delivery appointment? proximal tight proximal contacts- nodule inside of frame- and…
10- night guard distribute forces to all teeth
11- an old RPG starts to irritate soft tissue around the frame? needs reline
12- after patient closes mouth his jaw moves to left why? immature contact in buccal incline of lingual cusp in maxilla with lingual incline of buccal cusp
13- a pic of maxilary first central with preparation. what was on tooth before? porcelain venner
14- what is the most important in CD ? patients expectations

1- a pic of missing canine
2- a pic mesiodense in a child
3- a pic of supernumerary maxilla in a child
4- a 9 year old girl with one mising maxillary central. how many permanent and primary teeth does she have ?( the maxillary incisor has 1 primary and its not exfoliated)
5- two more Qs on tooth eruption one primary eruption sequences and one permanet eruption sequences
6- diagnosing ectodermal displasia in Pano view for a child with mix dentition
7- pic of peg lateral in a child
8- most common reason for remaining primary second molars? ankylose
9- what to do for a autism child? modeling- voice control- tel show do- Nitros oxide
10-first dental visit? after first tooth erupts in first year
11 – swollen geographic tongue of 4 year old boy. what to do? change his food

1-hawley retainer doesn’t compromise the oral hygiene

1- Flap for impacted wisdom tooth is full thickness
2- mandibular remained root how to remove it? by cryer
3- dry socket treatment? rinse and use socket paste
4- broken condyle- while not moving mandible it locates? lateral- medial- posterior- anterior
5- left side deviation why? broken left condyle- broken right condyle- right TMJ disc sth- left TMJ disc sth
6-not to do during wisdom tooth surgery? extending flap on oblique ridge and lingual
7- SCC on left side of tongue. need to biopsy . what nerve should we block?
8- ANS blocks tooth number?

1- OD on benzodiazepin? give fluzanemide
2- opoid antagonist: naloxone
3- all metabolsm of actions( 4 or 5 Qs asked indirectly in cases)
4- 2 LA with different potency but both numbs lip. what is true? the only one which fits better was same efficacy
5-Liver cancer not to give? tylenol
6-LA MOA? sodium channel blocker

1-crouzon syndrom ? know characteristics
2- which trisomy is common? 21

Oral medicine:
1- young girl after injection drowsiness and bp low? syncope
2 – pregnat woman low HR and low BP on chair why? in appropriate chair position
3- old man with chest pain in your office. you gave him Notroglycrine tablet what is next step? discharge him- call 911- aspirin
4-INR 3-4 Q just know the safe zone and drugs which require INR tests
5- type 2 diabetes physiopathology ?
6- hba1c best test for diabetes
7- case with diabetes what not to prescribe? decamethazone
8- a man has fainted in your office what to do? trendelenburg
9- why HR rises after LA block inject? effect of EPI injected in vein
10- a conscious diabetes patient is hypoglycemic ? Orange juice
11- prosthetic knee joint antiobiotic prophylaxy?
12- testis cancer with metastasis all over the body what is safe to prescribe? oral peniciline- ampiciline- clynda- metronidazole( 🤯)
13-child 20kg PCN allergy what is safe for antibiotic prophylaxy
14- a man PCN allergy what is safe for antibiotic prophylaxy
15-BP 180/12 what to do? 911
16-what does not responsible in increasing caries after chemotherapy? chemo drugs- recently moved to a town where water of there is not riched with floride- poor oral hygine due to depression
17-addison syndrome which is not related? moon face- low level of adrenalin- dark macules on lips- brown skin
18-COPD why? cigarette
19- patient on bisphosphonate ? implant surgery contra
20- 2 more question on bisphosphonates about contraandications that I dont remember
21- an old patient who has knee implant what is the reason of his joint damage? I picked inflamation factors like IL-1



1- a second premolar has an old silver point rct. apical radiolucency and pain by percussion. what to do? tooth with silver endo filling is not retreata le so the answe is epico surgery
2- why the silver rct filling is failed? it did not seal properly the canal( in xray it was obvious)
3- molar cusp fracture only dentine is exposed? class 2
4- severe pain at nigh ? necrosis pulp
5- 3 or 4 Q on diferent truma cases
6- traumatized tooth discoloration pic
7- dont need to splint concussion and subluxed tooth
8-what is not a good treatment plan for internal root resoption at the middle of root? extraction- pulpectomy- pulpotomy- RCT
9-non vital bleaching side effect? cervical root resorption
10- best treatment for external root resorption? RCT+ surgery to curretage the resorption area- extraction- RCT alone- surgery to curretage the resorption area alone
11- apexification for non vital
12- x ray of a tooth with perfect RCT and composite biuldup. between composite and orifice radiolucent area is obvious. why? GIC to seal orifices
13- same case radiopaque spread out from apex why? sealer puff

1- what happens after bone graft that makes it hard? some growth factors and different type of mechanisms ( dont remember)
2- after bone graft in anterior of maxilla as much as implant surgery is delayed the more resorption we have
3- we hav suppiration from sulcus. what kind of cell we have and what we dont have 2 different Qs
4-mandibular second premolar has deep pocket on buccal and lingual. tooth has pain by biting. what is the problem? vertical root fracture

Oral pathology:

1- A 14 year old boy with bilateral lucent lesions in mandible that deforms the jaw? cherabism
2- a boy with BCC. Lucent lesions in both ramuses. what are the lesions?( Gorlyn syndrom) OKC
3- leckoplaqua on tongue ( hairy) what is the reason? EBV was not in options so i picked candida and other were not relevant
4-white soft palate dentist can wipe it off. what to do? antifungal not in options
antibiotic- eating food before appointment
5- stafne x-ray asks the origin? ectopic salivary gland
6-your patient has toothache. you made a great RCT for his mandibular premolar. after three days a skin sores in area and sever pain around the tooth. tooth has no sign with percussion or any other tests.
what is the reason? recurrent herpess after stress
7- butterfly on face? SLE
8-a kid lip and tongue and buccal is engaged. it wipes off. what is it? erythme multiform
9- lichen plan characteristics
10-SCC pic
11- why mocucel has sometimes blueish color? i picked due to capillary dameges
12- melanoma could vary in dark to light brown in oral cavity
13-epulis fisshuratum in a patient with old denture
14- a piogenic granuloma pic
15- a gingival hyperplasia pic due to dilantin
16- a neuralgia case
17- pleomorphoc adenoma distal of a tongue? wrong
18-cemento blastoma x-ray
19- Gardner syndrome ?GI problem
20-punched out ? multiple myeloma
21- denture unfit? paget
22- condensing osteotitis xray. what is the reason? healed after infection sth like this
23-which one is X linked? ectodermal
24-a pic of amelogenesis imperfecta
25- a young boy who his teeth is getting mobile and obligated pulps why? dentin dysplasia type one
26- same case. what cells are engaged? i picked odontoblasts

1-vein to tongue come from?
2- sinus nerve?
3- all from same nerve except? hypoglus- genioglus- palatoglose- stiloglos
4- which are engaged with elevating tongue? palatoglose
5-which one has 4 canals usually? maxillary fist molar
6- which one has a root with 2 canals? maxillary first molar

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