1. Long term diabetic test
2. which space drain in to mediastinum
3. Child was 3 years crying, what should you do? Tour to clinic, let him watch other pt. treatment(modelling I think ) so, I choose this
4. Child was crying, what should the best approach for treatment? I chooses N20
5. Child was crying what was the reason? Dental instrument, Pain, Loud noise, bright light (I choose dental instrument, bcz fear of unknown)
6. Lots of composite questions, such as UDEMA and all.
7. Two questions on comparison GIC and Composite.
8. Distance between implant and natural teeth? 1.5 mm
9. Another question was same M-D distance between Implant and natural teeth? 1.5mm was not in option, I choose 2mm
10. Curzon Syndrome
11. Two questions was on Kennedy Classification. Was easy to identify on cast.
1. Kennedy class 2 modification 1
2. Kennedy class 3 modification 1
12. Ectodermal dysplasia : congenital missing teeth
13. Cleidocranial dysplasia : Supernumerary teeth
14. Tongue above occlusal plan
15. Cohort study: time consuming, long term observation
16. Apical third fracture: best prognosis
17. Modified Widman flap : when it is given?
18. Red complex: T. denticola, P. forsythesium, P. Gingivalis
19. LA effect: Pain, Temp, Touch, Proprioception( Pressure), Skeletal muscle
20. Incidence : last year 200 case and this year 300 case for 1000 population, rate of incidence: 10%
21. Rest: Support
22. Indirect retainers when given?
23. One or two question on occlusion, balanced occlusion
24. Ceph question. Make sure you know all the landmarks. Especially FH plan.
25. Sialolith: Warthin’s Duct
26. Fibroma: Hyperplasia
27. Right pair for MOA of Antibiotics: 30S and 50S
28. Abrasion
29. Safe drug : Acetaminophen
30. Levodopa: Replenish dopamine in Parkinson
31. X-ray: Y thing: Maxillary sinus and Nasal Floor
32. Pt is hypertensive, one carpule with epi is given, no effect: What LA you should give? I choose Mepivacaine, more vasodilator effect.
33. I got 5- 6 questions on emergency where answer were 100% oxygen. Make sure pt has no hyperventilation before choosing 100% oxygen
34. Inflammatory and replacement resorption
35. Easy 2 questions on Irreversible and reversible pulpitis
36. Lesion on Macule
37. Lesion on Nicotinic Stomatitis reason Smoking
38. Black Spot: Melanin
39. Lower Lip : SCC
40. Dentigerous Imperfecta: Odontogenic Imperfecta
41. One x-ray was confusing, Denes in dente and dilaceration. I choose dense in dente bcz I could not see proper angulated root
42. Alginate impression, Assistance forgot about it: Syneresis
43. Attrition
44. Pear shaped bur: 245 and 300 was not in option
45. Lab complain about : less reduction of tooth
46. DB flange of Max: Coronoid Notch
47. Reason of infection of face spread by : Upper lip ( Face vein no valve, infection can spread backward )
48. Initial periodontist: Neutrophil
49. Forceps 150
50. Rotation of upper central incisor : B-L
51. Tough space to clean with floss: Max 1 PM ( Mesial)
52. Dexterity related question: In what age child brush without observation: I choose 6 year
53. Muscle of mastication question : Lateral pterygoid was the answer. Question was long story and attached to neck of condyle can move in lateral direction.
54. One lower quadrant was anesthetize with INAB with long buccal nerve block.
55. Metamerism : Check under different light
56. Amalgam spread on the floor: Sulfur granule
57. OSHA stand for?
58. Closed Group practice
59. Gardner Syndrome
60. Best graft : Autogenous : Epithelium from receipt
61. Focal spot
62. Tube head : Square best why?
63. I had basic pharma principle 3-4 questions where they ask Drug A and Drug B comparison. Which one is agonist and antagonist bla bla
64. Cetirizine side effect
65. Saliva: Ig A

Day 2:

I would suggest study Oral Pathology TUFT , One small file for Pharma.
My day 2 was purely basic knowledge. Same was not easy nor hard.
I got 4-5 weird pharma questions.
I got 2-3 pedo- ortho case. Where you have to know which appliance we can give, what was the reason for caries, what material for restoration is best, when to extract tooth?
Plz, learn to read OPG, because in the Upper central region you cannot identify all the teeth. It was all mess. I had 1 OPG and had to find how many congenital missing teeth? I could find only one missing permanent teeth under all deciduous teeth there were permanent tooth bud.
They would stick to one thing and ask same question again and again. Lets say if it congenital missing teeth, then which teeth is missing in the X ray?
Which teeth is common in missing?
What diseases have missing teeth?
Should we extract the deciduous if permanent missing underneath? Like this.

Other cases had common medical history such as Hypertensive. What medicine we can give and what should we avoid?

Look at the finance also, we can avoid implant in those patients.

Lot of Pharma questions not hard not easy. Stick with TUFT. It would be easy to answer.
I had 40% of paper both days except questions, least or most. For, this kind of question you should be through with all the syndromes, diseases, sign and symptoms.

I had weird Patient management questions. Please, read Mosby properly.

Sorry guys could not remember all the questions, because it was bit tricky. But, if you know the basic and reason behind them you could choose right answer by eliminating process.

All the best guys. And keep me in your prayer.


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