1-Fragile x syndrome
– rigid joints
-something about intellectual ability

2- meckels cartilage forms where- lateral

3-a central neural tumor has what features
Root resorption
Root displacament
Answer was widening of canals

4- theurapatic effect of atropine except
Pupil dilation

5- which chromosome is the most common to have abnormalities

6-which nerve is most damaged in retromolar flap
-long buccal
Inferior alveolar

7-all are used for root sensitivity except
Sodium lauryl sulfate
Pottasium nitrate

8- you think your dental assistant is using drugs when you them they say no what is the best next step to do
Ask employees to watch the dental assitant
Do a urine drug test for dental assistant
Do random drug test for all employees

9-why do we do aspiration for lesions?
To rule out vascular lesions

10-osteomas, skin nodules and multiple unerupted supernumerary teeth associated with what?
I put intestinal polyps

11-to report neglect and abuse is what ethical rule

12-you have separate mesial and distal cavities what do you do
Full occlusal MOD
Separate MO and separate DO

13-what causes dentin sensitivity
Presence of mechanoreceptors
Stimulation of mechanoreceptors


15-questions from caterpillar maybe 5q

16-perineural invasion in what tumor

17-most common cause of rest breaking

18- most important , value hue chroma

19-deflection of pontic related to
Cubic of pontic length span

20-shunt for spina bifida? Reduce intracranial pressure

21- lots of endo q

22-What is the purpose of dietary analysis

23-child has asthma what q is not important
– does family have history of asthma
– when was your last asthma attack
– what medications do you take
– what are asthma triggers

24-how much time needed before you perform anything for patients that had CVA
6 months 6 weeks 12 months or 12 weeks

25-which of the following is contraindicated for surgica endodontics
Uncontrolled htn, diabetes anemia

26-which of the following is not caused by irritation
Lichen planus
Frictional keratosis
Morsiacto buccuram

27-picture of a wisdom causing resoption to the second molar what to do
I said extract both

28- picture of erthema migrans

29- easiest movement to relapse

30-two questions about implant analogue

31-You do not want to treat an HIV patient you violate all ethics except

32-In class two what happens to ANB

33-Which movement causes the root only to move and the incisal edge to stay stable

34-In ankylosis what happens
External replacement
Internal replacement

35-What happens to the epithelium in grafts
Degeneration of epithelium

36- what causes reduction of pockets after scaling and root planing
Choices were weird, had three words in each options
I chose gingival shrinkage and something else

37-a child had central tooth avulsion, what antibiotic to give the patient

38- case on day 2, patient has neutropenia why do you give patient antibiotics when you extract ( he did not have heart problems)
To prevent infective endo carditis
To prevent local infection

39- all of the following are true of transient ischemic attack except
Symptoms will last 24 hours
It is relieved by nitroglycerin
Can be affected by hypertension

40- child hit head what do you give except

41- all of the following happen in apexogensis wxcept
Root lengthening
Root thickening
Root closure

42- which is the strongest

43- which muscle retracts the tongue

44- all of the following protrude the mandible except
Lateral pterygoid

45- which test is not done for this patient
He was alcooholic he had liver problems
Options were inr, liver enzyme tests, and hba1c, he was not diabetic so i chose that HBA1c

46- after giving anesthetic , which drug causes transient hypertension
Sodium bilsulfite

47- there was a case of patient taking iv bisphosphonate they gave the name i forgot, and patient needed full mouth extraction
Change the dosage
Refer to physician i chose this

48- case of patient u prescribed him clinda mycin for ten days, he cane back on the 7th day and his chief complaint was that he has stomach ache and diarrhea what do you do?
Let him finish the rest of days and Give probiotics
Change the antibiotic and give him another for one three days

49- which one is affected by moisture
Addition silicon
Condensation silicone

50- whats important in fluoride supplements
Age and amount of fluoride in water
Weight age and amount

51-best test to use

52-why is better to do clinical occlusion correction than in mouth correction
No need for lab remount
To prevent movement on soft tissue

53- which of the following cause post extraction bleeding
Ace inhibitor forgot name
Another option

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