11.Ingredients of marijuana? Tetrahedrocannabinol
12.Indirect retainers prevent? Portions were towards tissueward and other way.
13.Pupal and periapical differences( they use different words and ask many questions on it)
14.Mandi nerve enter cranium?
15.Mandi nerve exit cranium?
16.Apex locator what not do? Perforation?
17.2 Implant distance
18.Sterilization controls? FDA
19.Which does not Monitor sterilization unit?options are Chemical, electrical, biological, mechanical.
20.Bisphosphonates acts on which cell?options osteclast, osteoblasts.
21.Trisomy 21 infrequently seen? Options Rampant caries, others all symptoms of trisomy 21.
22.distal border extension of denture(didn’t mention which one upper or lower)? Options mylohyoid
line, Hamilcar botch, mental foramen, incisive foramen.
23.benzodiazapene reversal?
24.hydrocodone reversal?
25.pregnant pt have acute abscess event to treat? Options 1,2,3trimeter, immediately when she have.
26.cantilever bridge what not true.options difficult to clean and others I don’t remember.
27.recent study show relation of periodontitis with what? Options cardiovascular, hypothyroidism,
hepatitis c, cancer.
28.differential wbcs count diagnosis of? Eosinophilia, anemia, spherocytosis, thrombocytopenic
29.which two factor or variable helps to diagnosis?options clinical diagnosis and history, radiographs,
biopsy, lab results.
30.Lot of prostho questions related to occlusion. No questions on materials was asked in my exam.
That’s all I remember for day1. But Day 1 was little hard and had lot many tricky questions.
Day2 was simple and good. Cases were doable. Make sure to check time.
All the best to all and hope we all pass

16th questions
Ext and internal splinting- adv
Agonist antagonists for opioid
Split thickness graft
Root desensitizn
Handfoot mouth disease
Probabilty – fluoride calclns
Pregnancy comtraindications
Opioid contraindicatio lns
Furcation etiology
4 yr old primary imcisor avulsiom rx
Direct action of epi- potency or sys absbtn
Cycloxegenase inhibitor
Epinephrine- cardiac acceleration??
Rasiographs- retained root tip, dorsum of tongue opg
Ghost images of left or right structures
Success for implant- man ant post or max ant or post
Mand body lesion- fever – OML
Self limiting pin indications
Malignant lesion diag- brush biopsy, cyto smear or incisional
Radioopacity in centre and radilucecy peripher- oml ??
Lateral border of tong firm undurated lesion- leukoplakia, lichen planus or SCC

Red lesion on palate 6 weeks back, another lesion on mid of post tong picture— kaposis
sarcoma? Med rhomboid glossitis or syphilis
Wartons duct- occlusal or waters or PA view
Antibiotic therapy and surgical therapy- Necrotising ulc gngvitis
Small apical radiolucency on apex of vital tooth- compound odinto, fivrobossseous dysplasia??
6 mm pockets on recall with good oral hygiene? Furthur treatment— – scaling and root planing,
recall, do nothing,flap surgery
EBv — burkett? Kaposis?
Gorlin goltz – osteoma of jaws or osteoma of cysts
Hypodontia— ectodermal dysplasia
Cowden syndrome- pigmentation or no pigmntn
Amalgam after crown prep- leav and take imprsn or remove,put composite and take imprsn,
remove put canal medicament and takenimpression
Dentoalveolar surgery— incison— mucosa, submosa and periosteum or no peristeum
Alveoloplasty- same day appointment after multiple tooth extraction or any time frame
Small clinical crown— inlay or onlay or complete crown
Intrinsic only- potency or efficacy
Caries from base if cavity- large or small bur, periphery or centre
Flutes and smoothness
Chemitherapy reason for susceptibility— neutropenia,vascular fragility??
Cases with different wbc, neutrophil, lymphocytes count, hematocrit
Dilantin gingival hypertrophy

Collimation- reduces xray beam size and reduces low energy radiation we’re both in the options
Why do you Bead a max denture? Options were Support, strengthen base, retention, form a finish line,
improve tissue contact
What is in sealer that prevents resin polymerization? Eugenol
You have a Retruded tongue how does this affect dentures? Mastication, speaking, not being able to
stabilize mandibular as well
Root amputatation how to do it exactly
Root amputation – max 1 m, max 2 m, mand molars which ?
If the tooth has
Tongue blade – know anterior versus posterior and if it’s for one tooth versus bilateral ans: one tooth ant
cross bite
Emphysema: is it proximal or distal and is it constriction or dilation
Histamine – know it’s role bronchiole constriction, precursor is histidine, high amount in skin? It’s all
except question and they all seemed correct so just look into what histamine does
Intrapulpal injection for the pulp? Subperiosteal, Supraperiosteal, intraosseous
Tramadol was answer to opioid abuser question
What is unique about opioids? A Diarrhea B I put can inc CNS depression when mixed with other drugs

Trigeminal ? A Flushing, B certain trigger points
Pen and tetra?
High amount in GCF? Doxy or mino wasn’t in options, I put tetra
Most soluble anesthetic? A lido B articaine C prilocaine
Match the drug to what it does EXCEPT: zidovudine and varicella (Zido is for HIV)
Kaposi or syphillis associated w
What anesthetic for pregnant lady? I was between meperidine and lido
I think it’s lido
Hypercementosis? Pagets
Amellogensis imperfecta is in the histodifferntiation phase – but some sources say apposition so look it
Ectodermal dysplasia – oligodontia BUT options were tricky. They all sounded correct. I even think
congenitally absent teeth was an option.
Hypodontia affects what ? Maxilla, mandible, midfacial, alveolus
What affects hair thickness? Thyroid
What is not associated w cleft palate? All seemed correct: microdontia, ectopic erupted teeth,
congenitally missing teeth. Idk what right answer was look into it

Same thing that causes herpes causes? Measles, mumps, chicken pox, herpangina
If you have HIV you get ? Viral, bacterial, infection
Some weird about rubella (it had a second name like encephalo) and if it was chromosomal, genetic,
viral, congenital (? Idk if that was an option)
What’s an advantage of resin?
Humulin r question about how much meds and food to give
Why not put a child lock on old person medication? Physical barrier ?
Affected and infected which is true? Very confusing answers but I put that there is bacteria present in
infected. Another option was that infected has no remineralization potential
Most likely to cause ear pain?
Max 1 molar mand molar max pre molar
I also had the one where if IANB doesn’t work like the lip isn’t numb but everything else is ? I put mental
Scaling and root planing? To remove calculus and clean root or to remove cementum and expose
Lingual Groove that commonly has caries common in? Incisors, canine, PM, molar
Which of the following is not for shock? Hypertension?

IV Dextrose is patient is unconscious
You gave oxygen to patient having heart attack. They start to get better. What do you do? Add more,
continue treatment, send them to the doc
3rd molar disappears ? Caldwell or take a radiograph to visualize
Endo bacteria? Strict anaerobes
Arrested caries? Brown and soft or brown and shiny ?
PSA is branch of maxillary from Infratemporal
You have a first max molar coming Down (extruded) and a missing opposing molar you’re going to do a
bridge on. Why would you first fix the max molar before bridge? Level occlusal plane or properly
distribute occlusal forces
Why do you do a suture? I put to reduce granulation tissue
3 qs on hemisection and root amputation very specific

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