Recent 10 Question- NBDE Part 2 extraction in a patient taking bisphosponate therapy???
surgical extraction, alveoloplasty & primary closure.

2.drug NOT used for nicotine de addiction:
buprione HCL.

3.most technique sensitive step in placing ceramic veneers:

4.if you plan ceramic venners of 6 anterior teeth, shade of which pair of teeth needs to be darker than the others???
canines are a shade darker than incisiors & premolars.

5.which drug will be used in a male patient with cirrhosis for IV sedation?

6.nickel allergy is more common in females.
nickel is the most allergic ingredient of base metal alloys.

7.which surgery is not used for pocket reduction?
osseous resective surgery.

8.definition of NON MALEFECIENCE in dental ethics
do no harm many days before dental surgery do u need to stop aspirin??
ans:7-10 days.

10.infection of which space causes severe trismus WITHOUT any obvious clinical swelling??

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