1-composite monomer-options were TEGDMA , UDMA and Bis gma (di methacrylate)
2-common duct for sialolithiasis-stenson, bartholin, wharton, minor salivary duct
3-Radiograph showing large radioopacity in maxi anterior tooth region-options-AOT,Fibrous dysplasia,Ameloblastoma,condensing ostitis
4-pregnant patient in left to prevent pressure on-IVC
5-Case question in which pt has habit of smoking 30 pack cigrates per year.Options were- precontemplatory, contemplatory, denial, action, Maintenance
6-cryer forcep used for-extraction of mandi molar root piece.
7-what doesnt get killed in steam sterilization-options were all virus and one bacillus st.
8-minimum buccolingual width needed for 4 mm implant- 6mm
9-occlusal plane of denture is limited by-fox plane registration,1/2 or 2/3 of retromolar pad,something about tuberosity.,and other option was distal flange something like that not sure
10-best graft for osseous defect- Autograft,allograft,alloplast,dried frozen
11-premedication for endocarditis patient.- yes
12-what is not recommended to place the instruments in steam sterilization-paper packets,paper plastic packets,cloth pouches,solid metal containers,plastic bags.
13- broken file in one of the canal of molar what to do – obturate and follow up.
14-infection from which of the following space goes to mediastinum-pharyngeal pouches,submandibular,Infratemporal,Retropharngeal.
15-Angular chelitis caused by all expect- decreased VDO,lingual inclination of mandi Anteriors,vitamin deficiency,smoking habit
16-cells present in initial stage of periodontitis- PMS’s
17-question on combination syndrome but it was not straight forward to understand.
18-case and radiolucent lesion in periapical region of mandi anterior with no pain on percussion and normal response to thermal stimulus-Periapical cemnto dysplasia.
19-muscle that is in contact with disto buccal flange of mandi denture-lateral pterygoid,medial pterygoid,masseter,temporalis
20-radio opaque structure seen in front of C3/C4 in cephal
21-how to reduce value-add blue cyan,complementory color,adjacent color,redo
22-mean question-
23-property of GIC over composite- the key benefit of GICs is their chemical bonding to dentin and enamel, which enhances the strength of the restoration and eliminates the need for a bonding agent during placement
24-warfarin -Vit K
25-identify kennedy classification picture
26-radiograph-dentigerous cyst
27-radiograph -odontoma
28-differential diagnosis of crusted ulcer on lip-phemphigus,phemphigoid,verucous vulgaris,HSV
29-xray projected @ 20 angularion from distal where is distal /mesial root located-something like that -SLOB rule questions I got 2 but they were NOT easy to answer.
30-inverted Y line radiograph and how it is formed – max sinus and floor of the nose
31-identify occlusion-
32-most commonly seen occlusion in paediatric patient- edge to egde
33-position to treat 2year old clild – knee to knee
34- 2 year old child has fear from -light,sound,instrument or eugenol smell.
35-case question slurred speech cause -ischemic attack
36-bells palsy- facial nerve
37-fibroma -hyperplasia
38-what to avoid in minimum keratinised tissue- apical graft
39-least important during closure of mandible-relaxation of lateral pterygoid
40-numbness in lower lip without any anesthesia- Malignancy
41-avulsed primary tooth- do not reimplant
42-all of the following factor contributes to reduce sensitivity of root after perio treatment except-options were 6 months maintence visit to dentist,desensitizing toothpaste, plaque control, and use of fluoride varnish
43-appilance use for orthodontic correction of 4 maxi anteriors-hawley retainer,nance button,lingual arch
And something else
44-for maxi anterior tooth-which block should be given along with nasopalatine block.
45-identify radiograph showing linear radiolucency above the root of 1st maxi molar.-I choose PSA canal.
46-initial step in biofilm formation.
47-Y we avoid xray for a routine follow up appointments within 6 months
48-better prognosis-1 wall defect,2 wall defect,3 wall defect,4 wall defect
49-emergency treatment for endo infection. – RCT, incision and drainage
50-indirect pulp capping when? – when the lesion is close enough to the the pulp which needs to removal of carious dentin without penetrating the pulp cavity
51-reasons for fracture of amalgam restoration except-
52-MO amalgam restoration Y did it fracture- narrow dovetail, rounded axiopulpal floor,wide intercuspal distance,etc
53-feature if gracey’s scaler.
54-bells palsy cAused due to needle placed too backward,forward,superior,inferior
55-Procedure for apical closure in permanent immature non vital tooth-Apexification.
56-one more question for apexifixation but asked in different way.
57-alginante impression material placed in water -Imbition
58-Y acrylic denture is cured after 24 hours
59-if you want to work on infectious site.how do you numb? Block or infiltration
60-pt needs to take break in between procedure- what medicine-Laxis
61-fluoride in community water-75%
62-medication of status epilepticus- diazepam.
63-quetion on drug,potency,efficency ,
64-cafe e lu spots-Neurofibromatosis
65-all are feature of dementia expect-
Preservation of short term memory,lose of function,reduce intelligency,and one more.
66-evaluation of 2 groups A and B with 2 drugs for same period what type of study.
67-fetal alcohol syndrome
68-percussion test is used to check- periodontal condition
69-polycrystalline ceramic- Zirconia(not sure exactly what question was)
70-gun shot wound is similar to which type of fracture-simple,cominutted,complex and one more option
71-high strength /low strength ceramic
72-HPV which is more specific in oral lesions.-6,11,18,20
73-mandible follows under which tissue growth.? Somatic,neural,lymphoid etc
74-treatment for cervical caries no GIC in option
75- flowable composite- A1,A3,B2,C

What % of acidulated phosphate fluoride : 1.23%
2) Temporary anchorage device;
3) Sturge- Weber syndrome- port wine stain;
4) EBV virus- Burkitts lymphoma;
5) Wartin duct stone- what X-ray? – CT scan
6) A lot of questions on Null hypothesis;
7) Tagamed – composite monomer
8) Vitallium – Co + Cr
9) Does old age cause – reduced salivary flow? – senility or …something else?
10) Illegal for dentist: -2 glasses of wine for lunch,- consensual sex with a patient,- prescribing schedule II drugs for back pain or something else?
11) Sibilant sounds – s,z , sh ,zh
12) Easiest cement to clean? –GI –ZOE …
13) Most common salivary tumor (Btw I got tons of questions on salivary gland, So go over them!)- mucoepidermoid carcinoma
14) Emrasure rest
15) KCOT
16) Most common? –amelogenesis imperfect – dentinogenesis imperfect
17) N20- contraindicated in people suffering from COPD
18) Translation movement – lower compartment
19) How to treat patient with PTSD? –midazolam every time,- explain to him/her everything (sort of tell-show-do);
20) Example of primary prevention –
21) Longitudinal studies, incidence study
22) Mode – arrange in a order and find the midpoint
23) Bundling- 2 treatments together
24) Affinity (I fot a lot of calculations in pharmacology which I was not quite familiar with)
25) HMO- capitation;
26) First order kinetics calculations;
27) Flumazenil- reversal of benzodiazepines
28) Neostigmin – reversible anticholinesterases
29) Prazosin- alpha blockers
30) CCB – verapamil etc
31) What cases methemoglobinemia ? – prilocaine
32) Example of Narcotics with agonist and antagonist effects at the same time;
33) Ph enamel – 5.5
34) Worst detection of caries? –Xray,-color;-caries detector, -probe
35) Lactofferin;
36) Carbide Burs – not used on porcelain ‘diamond is used’
37) Distance between implants and nasal cavity, adjacent teeth; implants and implants – 3mm ; implants and teeth 1.5mm
38) Questions on biopsy;
39) Glickman classification;
40) Reevaluation after periodontal treatment;
41) Examples of Risk factors;
42) Gracey curette classification;
43) Doxycycline (SDD); – periodontal treatment
44) Splinting;- distribution of forces
45) Impression materials;
46) How deep should vibration line be?
47) Straw like fluid in the mandible? What to do? –Antibiotics ,- enucliation,-resection and something else.

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