Remembered/ Repeated 100 Questions-4

301. The function of Langerhan’s cells is: Antigen presentation to lymphocytes

302. Langerhan’s cells are absent in: Junctional epithelium

303. Which periodontal fibers are consistent and are reconstructed even after the destruction of the alveolar bone? Transeptal

304. In periodontal ligament, there is: type I collagen

305. Periodontal ligament is: narrower on mesial surface

306. The periodontal ligament: contains epithelial cells of Malassez

307. PDL is thinnest at: Middle

308. What type of fibers are principal fibers of PDL? Collagenous

309. Periodontal fibers which are most resistant to forces along the long axis are: Oblique

310. The thixotropic theory claims that: The periodontal ligament has the rheologic behavior of a thixotropic gel

311. Alveolar bone is: Compact bone

312. Anatomic form of roots of teeth is determined by: Hertwig’s root sheath

313. “Indifferent fibers” are: Collagen fibers

314. With aging, changes in periodontal ligament are:
A. Decrease in number of cells and increase in collagen fibers
B. Increase in number of cells and decrease in collagen fibers
C. Increase in number of elastic fibers
D. Hyalinization changes

315. Feature of aging periodontium is: Scalloping of cementum and alveolar bone surface

316. Unattached gingiva: A. is interdental gingiva B. is below mucogingival fold C. cannot be separated by probe D. is marginal gingiva

317. A black line on the gingiva which follows the contour of the margin is due to: A. lead B. Argyria C. Iron D. Mercury

318. Basal lamina consists of: Type IV collagen fibers

319. Cementum found on the cervical third of the root is: Acellular extrinsic fiber cementum

320. The cell that is present in stratum spinosum and stratum basale is: Melanocytes

321. What make penicillin allergic – Beta lactame ring

322. Space loss after loss of which primary tooth – Mand 2nd molar

323. Composite discolored but intact what to do – Redo or polish (go w/ Tint if in options)

324. What happen if temp of developing solution is too high – Dark

325. When you put occlusal rest set of direct reatiner mesial or distal to edentulous area? mesial

326. Inc water powder ratio in gypsum does what: Decreased setting expansion, Decreased strength, increase working/setting time (retards the time)

327. Which bur is not good for porcelain – Carbide

328. Advantage of implant over fix partial denture

329. Best way to dec fear of child – TSD

330. Best way to dec fear of child ..I said sit down to child’s level

331. Dentist ask a child u want me to help you to sit on the chair …how to define this situation: one option was perceived helplessness

332. Tooth most involved in VRF – Mand 1st molar

333. Advantage of stainless steel over ni titanium – strength

334. Ledge what to do – bypass it and continue

335. Collagenase and elastase by which bacteria – Porphyromonas gingivalis

336. LOW WEAR RESISTANCE is the property of filled resins that is primarily to blame for the failure of Class II composite restorations – T

337. Common reason for failure of composite in posterior – Saliva contamination or occlussal wear (recurrent caries according to other books)

338. Anterior teeth heavily damaged what do you do – PFM or all ceramic crown

339. What can’t be used as retainers in FPD: inlay

340. Primary tooth with shortest occlusal table – Upper primary first molar

341. Pt came back after a month with discolored margins what could be the reason – microleakage

342. Pt came back after 3 day with discolored margins on veneer what could be the reason – Amine or micro-leakage or bacteria

343. Function of post – Retain core

344. Why you record protusive relationship – to adjust condylar guidance A protrusive record registers the anterior-inferior condyle path at one particular point in the translatory movement of the condyles. – Mosby

345. A dentist is preparing all maxillary anterior teeth for metal-ceramic crowns. Which of the following procedures is necessary to preserve and restore anterior guidance?
A. Protrusive record B. Template for provisional restorations C. Custom incisal guide table D. Interocclusal record in centric relation – Anterior guidance must be preserved by means of construction of a custom incisal guide table, especially when restorative procedures change the surfaces of anterior teeth that guide the mandible in excursive (lateral, protrusive) movements. – Mosby

346. Where to place retentive arm – Retentive terminal alone below ht of contour at junction of middle and gingival third (FB group discussion) / Gingival one third of crown in measured undercut (Mosby) – The reciprocal clasp should contact the tooth on or above the height of contour of the tooth (Middle one third of crown).

347. Reciprocal arm what for – Stabilization (resistance of horizontal forces), reciprocation, and auxiliary indirect retention (bracing). Placed on Suprabulge area.

348. Reciprocal anchorage? – Elastics to close diastema? No – Reciprocal tooth movement—two equal anchorage value teeth or groups of teeth
(units) are moved against each other and move the same amount toward or away from each other.
– Reinforced anchorage—adding additional teeth to a unit to distribute the force over a greater area and slowing the movement of the anchor unit. Another method for reinforcing anchorage would be extraoral force, such as with headgear, with interarch elastics, or by using an implant.

349. Behaviour modifiaction definition? Behavior modification is a treatment approach, based on the principles of operant conditioning, that replaces undesirable behaviors with more desirable ones through positive or negative reinforcement.

350. Child lives in fluoridated area he had a lot of plaque what do you suggest – More systemic fluoride or topical fluoride or fissure sealants.

351. Topical antifungal options fluconazole clotrimazole miconazole griseofulvin

352. Antifungal that can be topical and systemic. fluconazole clotrimazole miconazole, griseofulvin – Miconazole Therapeutic Uses: is an azole antifungal drug available for topical and systemic administration – BB

353. Does premedications required options were cardiac stent murmurs pt had knee replacement within 2years or congestive heart failure or recent MI

354. Bacteria present in gingiva in ANUG when tissue is not necrosis – Spirochete or P.interdemdia (P intermedia only, necrosis assoc with spirochete- DD).

355. Pt is having asymptomatic brown macules on buccal mucosa – Increase melanin or melanocyte proliferation. – “Melanotic macules: These lesions can also occur within the oral cavity, commonly gingiva, buccal mucosa or palate. The cause increased melanin production with NO increase in melanocyte number.”

356. Least resistant to fracture – Leiutic or feldspathic

357. How morphine cause nausea – Centrally acting right ? – True

358. Probing depth is 5 and prob pass 2 mm apical from CNJ how much is the attachment loss – 2 mm

359. Which structure is damaged during free gingival flap surgery taken from palate: Greater palatine artery or nerve

360. The reason of high pressure in pregnant women – Pre-eclampsia

361. After IAN block patient gets infection of which space – Ptergomandibular (masticatory) or messeter or lateral pharyngeal or medial ptergoid

362. A lot of translucency on pontics gingival 3rd what is the reason- wrong shade selection or wrong metal thickness or inadequate preparation

363. Excessive translucency of the gingival 1/3 of an anterior metal ceramic pontic is caused by: 1. Inadequate framework design 2. Error in shape selection 3. Poor ridge contour. 4. The palladium content in the gold alloy.

364. On x-ray of max tooth RL between the margin of a crown and tooth on distal proximal surface. The reason of RL can be all, except: resin, cervical burn, cervical caries. (Other options I do not remember).

365. Preloading of implant whats the major concern – Torque

366. Pt wit gag needs to take x ray? How to manage that – Systematic desensitization or graded exposure

367. Folic acid intake in pat for? – no answer options – Folic acid is commonly prescribed for patients with sickle cell anemia to prevent development of megaloblastic anemia – Folic acid to prevent neural tube defects.

368. Abscess can be released from perio pocket or not – YES

369. What do you say if patient ask about instrument sterilization – its according to universal precautions

370. Gtr best for – GTR best for 3 wall defect and also class 2 furcation

371. Does anyone know from Class 1 till 4 furcation the treatment plan?
Class 1 furcation – good prognosis
Class 2 furcation – GTR
Class 3 furcation
….in maxilla – Root amputation
….in mandible – Hemisection
Class 4 furcation – Extract

372. Pain medication for alchoholic – Nsaid or oxycodone

373. Most common emergency in dental clinic – syncope

374. Most common resp emergency in clinic – hyperventilation

375. Function of major connector: Stability or rigidity.

376. Can we give lorazepam in liver disase? – LOT – lorazepam, oxazepam, Temazepam – good when liver problems.

377. How to determine periodontal success – No bleeding on probing or establish clinical attachment? – The BEST CRITERION to evaluate the success of SRP is NO BLEEDING ON PROBING (since BOP indicates active inflammatory periodontal disease). Amount of attachment loss is the most important factor in the determination of a prognosis of a tooth with periodontal disease (more accurate than probing depth, tooth mobility, and presence of furcation involvement). à Long term prognosis
= plaque
– Attachment loss à Prognosis of tooth w/ periodontal disease
– Bleeding on probing à periodontal success
– Plaque à Long term prognosis

378. TWO MOST CRITICAL FACTORS to determine the prognosis of a periodontally involved tooth are MOBILITY & ATTACHMENT LOSS (the most critical).

379. Who review patient on maintenance after referral with periodontal treatment: Dentist or hygienist or dental assistance.

380. Drug for neuogenic and manic disoder.. Tegretol (carbamazepine) or lithium

381. Viral load of HIV 10000 do you treat the patient or referral to specialist – refer

382. Abscess can be relieved thru perio pocket.T/F

383. Feeling of been in the doom – Panic attack or anxiety or simple fear

384. Tongue blade appliance is used in? – anterior cross bite

385. Pt recive blow to eye orbital floor less common to fracture t/False

386. Pt who took treatment for hep A before 3 years so he still contagious or NO

387. What drug (pain) you give to pt with renal failure: Tylenol nsaid codien morphine

388. Teeth with necrotic pulp and perio damage. Only RCT or perio treatment too? Only RCT

389. At least 4mm of gutta-percha MUST remain to preserve the apical seal.

390. Face bow transfers relation of arches? In centric relation, In centric occlusion

391. Most common site(s) for contact stomatitis – Side of tongue, Hard palate, Gingiva, All

392. Best radiograph for implant? CT scan. PA. MRI

393. How to treat oropharyngeal candidiasis in HIV patient – Topical or systemic, (fluconazole). Esophageal and pharyngeal candidiasis is related with AIDS. Oral candidiasis à topical antifungal (clotrimazole or nystatin). – Kaplan Cases

394. You have HIV+ pt you can do all of the followin except
a) treath with metronidozole
b) free gingival graft
c)prophylaxix to treat candidiasis
“Data from prospective controlled trials indicate that fluconazole can reduce the risk of mucosal disease (i.e., oropharyngeal, esophageal, and vulvovaginal) in patients with advanced HIV. However, routine primary prophylaxis is not recommended because mucosal disease is associated with very low attributable morbidity and mortality and, moreover, acute therapy is highly effective. Primary antifungal prophylaxis can lead to infections caused by drug-resistant Candida species and introduce significant drug-drug interactions. In addition long-term oral prophylaxis is expensive. Therefore, routine primary prophylaxis is not recommended (AIII).” 395. Permanent tooth with largest occlusal table – maxillary first molar.

396. Epithelium comes from the donor site – T

397. Dexterity- Something to do with flossing -> 5 brush and 8 floss. If lack of dexterity can’t do interproximal floss – T

398. Perio v/s endo abscess- pulp testing, lat percussion

399. Opaque porcelain function mask dark oxidized color – T

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