Remembered/ Repeated 100 Questions-5

400. Methotrexate- anti cancer drug folic acid inhibitor – T

401. What is battery? Treatment without informed consent

402. Autonomy – Let the patient decide.

403. Ectodermal dysplasia oligodontia, sparse hair – anodontia or oligodontia, depressed bridge of nose, lack of sweat glands, and the child appears much older than he or she is. (DD)

404. Diabetes commonly found in which ethnicity? Black male

405. Periodontis most Common? Black male

406. What causes cervical discoloration of PFM copper, ag. Plaque

407. Flame shaped radiolucency above an unerupted third molar – pericoronaritis

408. Safe drug in pregnancy acetaminophen

409. Safe drug in breastfeeding promethazine

410. Prolonged use of Aspirin can cause metabolic acidosis

411. Fusion, Gemination – Fusion less number and gemination extra number or one big crown, Fusion 2 buds fuse together and form one tooth.. from total no of teeth, there is decrease in number.

412. Failure of which stage of tooth development affect Number of teeth – initiation

413. Size – morphodifferentiation (bell stage)

414. Which disease lead to MI – thrombosis(I pick atherosclerosis,but I think it is thrombosis, other two wasn’t relate – (MI usually caused by thrombus formation)

415. Acute adrenal insufficiency : a. gingival hyperplasia b. cardiovascular collapse c. hypotension d. ketoacidosis – ASDA

416. Low contrast- kvp (Long scale, low contrast, hight kvp)

417. Which doesn’t recur- AOT

418. Antibiotic treatment- LAP -> Tetra

419. Seizures grand mal phenytoin (and Carbamazepine – Tegretol)-

420. Petit mal – ethosuximide – Ethosuximide in the treatment of absence (petit mal) seizures.

421. Overdose cocaine mydriasis

422. Overdose opioids miosis

423. Short clinical crown- what to do- read from prostho decks, proxy grooves if lack F-L resistance (buccal – retention / proximal – resistance)

424. Pedunculated leision – papilloma

425. Dry socket sedative = dressing

426. Benzoyl peroxide decomposition by tertiary amine in chemically activated resin self cured – a chemical activator like dimethyl-p-toluidine (a tertiary amine) is added to the monomer (MMA) to decompose the benzoyl peroxide initiator into free radicals.

427. Excess bilirubin in blood? kernicterus

428. Epi reversal? Phentolamine – Phentolamine (OraVerse) is used in dentistry to reverse soft tissue anesthesia more quickly after procedures involving a local anesthetic with a vasoconstrictor. Alpha adrenoceptor blockers, such as phentolamine, inhibit the vasoconstrictor effect of epinephrine but not the vasodilator effect of epinephrine. The administration of alpha blockers results in epinephrine reversal. (Mosby)

429. Pt shows reaction to the LA vasoconstrictor so to recover the reactions u will administer: Alpha 1 antagonist – the ZOSINSSSS

430. Which of the following drugs is most effective as an antidepressant? a. Diazepam b. Reserpine c. Amitriptyline

431. Tricyclic antidepressants have a prominent side effect that most nearly resembles the usual pharmacological action of a. Codeine b. Atropine ans c. Ephedrine

432. If you have two distribution that are asymmetrical that’s means a) normal B) skewed is the ans c) bimodal

433. Meds not given to a pt who has epinephrine – MOA and Tricyclic antidepressant (Also Levodopa)

434. Complication of temporal arteritis – blindness

435. Gtr best for – 3 narrow wall defect

436. If the patient has maxillary protrusion and we need to pull the maxillary backward which we will use  a) straight pull gear b) cervical pull gear c) face bow d) reverse bull gear

Cervical-pull headgear à consists of a cervical neck strap (as anchorage) and a standard facebow inserting into the headgear tube of the maxillary first molar attachments. The objectives of treatment with these types of headgear are to restrict anterior growth of the maxilla and to distalize and erupt maxillary molars. A MAJOR DISADVANTAGE OF TREATMENT USING CERVICAL HEADGEAR IS POSSIBLE EXTRUSION OF

437. What make the reaction on the one that has monomer and activator that was using it for prepaing the secondary impression on the study cast on the lap . its activated by A) exothermic reaction b) MMA with the monomer

438. Gtr– involves coronal movement of pdl

439. Antidepressants serotonin / SSRI-fluoxitene zoloft,both- SNRI TCA–>Amitryptilline

440. Pain medication for alchoholic – OXYCODONE

441. Fetal alcohol syndrome – Mid face deficiencies, cleft lip (Individuals with fetal alcohol syndrome may have cleft lip with or without cleft palate)

442. Antibioticis of maythenia gravis – penicillin safe (erythro increases weakness)

443. If no enough space what tooth pop out of arch maxi and mand. – First premolars

444. B blockers – Glucagon

445. Acetamenophen – N Acetyl

446. Xylitol is best used anticariogenic when it’s a: mouthwash, tablet, chewing gum, varnish

447. Xylitol gum used for :- – DECREDSED SALIVATION (xerostomy) – PREVENT CARIES

448. FDA. determines which drugs are to be sold by prescription only: Schedulle 2 and 3 must have a written prescription. (The only difference is that class 2 cannot be refilled whereas class 3 can be refilled even over the phone.)

449. Contraindication of RCT – vertical root fracture (also Uncontrolled DM, Recent MI, Leukemia)

450. Resistance for short crown proximal grooves

451. Laser in periodontal diseases use for sulcular debridment

452. Meperidine? sintetic opioid, narcotic, less potent than morphine, more than codiene, shorter duration of action, interaction with MOA can cause convulsions.

453. Which study can show incidence – descriptive (cross sectional shows prevalence Cohort is for incidence)

454. Theory of stress and how affect immunity – Stress induce cortisol and reduce immunity

455. Objective fear after previous painful stimulus (own experience) Objective fear is one that you experience directly. If, for example, you had a painful dental visit while having a tooth extracted; the next time you needed a tooth extracted you would be fearful because of this prior experience. If you told your friend about the bad experience and he needed a tooth extracted, and he had fear, this would be subjective fear.

456. Thyroid crisis symptoms hyperT HR increased (High Bp, high body temperature, persistant sweating tachycardia, high fever)

457. Hypoxia sign – cyanosis (Cyanosis and increase in pulse rate too – DD)

458. Signs of oxygen want 1. Cyanosis 2. Pulse rate decrease 3. Tachycardia

459. Antibiotic in gingiva tetracyclines

460. Wheelchair Q – sliding

461. How base metal prevent corrosion – chromium

462. What is the most common psych disorder? Depression

463. Leakage in amalgam decrease with age

464. Systemic desensitization – hierarchy of slowly increasing anxiety stimulus

465. 16 kg anasthesia calculation 70,4 mg

466. Most common emergency in dental clinic – asthma or syncope

467. Most common respiratory emergency it is hyperventilation (no asthma in options)

468. Most common respiratory emergency it is Asthma…I was so happy no hyperventilation in the options

469. Primary stress bearing areas in dentures – max – primary ridge …secondary rugae mand – primary buccal shelf – and also primary if good ridge

470. Primary areas of support in max and mandibular. Thought we’re maxillary ridge and buccal shelf for mand but options were not together: For mandibular complete denture, the residual ridges if large and broad, are also considered primary support areas.

471. In USA most dental pay is – out of pocket self pay

472. Which is more important? Chroma, value (value is VIP and choosing process is HUE first then VALUE then CHROMA)

473. Which show saturation of color? – chroma

474. Radiation water lysis – Hydrolysis of water

475. Facebow transfer – hinge axis

476. Arcon vs non-acron – Arcon resembles tmj

477. Dental lamina appears at which week 6 th week

478. Distolingual extension of mand, denture which muscle sup constrictor

479. Incisal edge of anterior teeth touch where? vermilion border

480. Bur for burnishing porcelain = diamond

481. Sodium hypochloride does all except (Chelation)

482. Impresion material moisture tolerant – Polysulfides (because they are hydrophobic).

483. Polyvinyl siloxanes – excellent DIMENSIONAL STABILITY and very low permanent deformation.

484. Behcet’s syndrome associated with aphthous ulcers

485. High school children have marginal gingivitis

486. Ginseng contraindicated with salicyclic acid

487. Erosion – GERD

488. Initiation: supernumerary/missing teeth

489. Bell – 2 types : morphodifferentiation: shape!!! histodifferetioation: d.imperfecta a.imperfecta

490. Apposition: enamel hypoPLASIASSS

491. Moisture contamination in amalgam
a) Increases delayed expansion
b) Something related to amalgam strength
DELAYED EXPANSION of amalgam restorations is associated with insufficient trituration &condensation, and amalgam contamination by moisture during trituration and condensation (MAIN cause of failures). – BB

492. Central giant cell granuloma is seen with pts with condition of /? Hyperparathyroidism – Brown tumor of hyperparathyroidism masquerading as central giant cell granuloma in a renal transplant recipient.

493. Which cement causes irritation to pulp – zinc phosphate

494. Sialilitithiasis is found whew = warton duct (submandibular duct was as an oprtion) – calcified mass or sialolith forms within a salivary gland, usually in the duct of the submandibular gland (also termed “Wharton’s duct”).

495. Kid came to clinic touched everything and last he came to dentist and allowed to keep probe in the mouth what the behavior? – Desensitization

496. Digoxin – it is used for congestive heart disease, atrial fibrillation and when you drink in conjunction with diurectic can increase the toxicity of digoxin

497. Contraindication for nitrous oxide (nasal congestion)

498. Best place for implant ant mand

499. Solution to keep an avulsed tooth hanks worst -> water

500. Aplastic anemia -> chloramphenicol

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