Remembered/ Repeated 100 Questions-6

501. Pseudomembranous colitis (clindamycin)

502. Therapeutic effect (safety)

503. No to do w asthm – Give Oxygen?? – We can give oxygen in asthma (acute attack – give oxygen and albuterol / severe asthma ONLY – epinephrine) 0.3mg OF 1:1000 EPINEPHRINE SHOULD BE ADMINISTERED SUBCUTANEOUSLY

504. No contraindication w asthma – Nitrious oxide

505. Gingival graft contraindications (pocket below alveolar crest) – A FGG is used to increase the zone of attached gingiva and possibility of gaining root coverage. NOT used with DEEP WIDE RECESSIONS.

506. Gingival graft contraindicated when: a) pocket is below the alveolar crest b) pocket is below free gingival groove c) excessive keratinized tissue

507. Which LA is good without vasoconstrictor? Mepi

508. Bipolar disorder lithium (LITHIUM – current drug of choice to treat the MANIC PHASE of bipolar disorder)

509. On which receptors Epi works a1 a2 b1 b2. I choose a1 but not sure – We know it is all but it affects beta receptors predominantly.

510. Morphine overdose = naloxone

511. Porcelain porosity = Inadequate condensation

512. Unbundling – when doctor describes the whole treatment in different parts, separate charge code instead combine.

513. Most commonly used TCA Amitryptyline – AMITRIPTYLINE (ELAVlL) – the most widely used TRICYCLIC ANTI-DEPRESSANT to treat unipolar disorder (depression).

514. Cocaine produces vomiting by = activating CTZ in brain

515. Ques about H1 and H2 receptor –> H1 smooth muscle, H2 gastrointestinal

516. Down Syndrome – macroglossia

517. Ectodermal dysplasia= scarce hair

518. Patient smokes pipe and has red bumps on palate= Nicotine stomatitis (hard palate)

519. Arch discrepancy after loss of which tooth = Mand 2 nd molar – The premature loss of the mandibular primary canine reflects insufficient arch size in the anterior region.

520. Which is NOT used to inhibit salivary secretion = Pilocarpine

521. Osteogenesis imperfecta with = DI

522. Rapport active listening

523. Caries not depend on quantity of carbs

524. Radiograph id tip of the nose, external auditory meatus

525. Cavernous thrombosis infection via anterior triangle

526. Tooth mostly involved in perio relapse Max 2nd molar – Furcation involvement of maxillary 2nd molar has the poorest prognosis following therapy / Trifurcation on maxillary 1st molar are the most difficult of all to root plane (DD)

527. Warfarin test – INR/PT

528. Why you do not use fovea as indicator – it blocks minor salivary glands

529. Sausage like appearance on radiograph sialolithiasis or sialodenitis (I pick the first one, not sure) – SIALODOCHITIS: within the gland sausage-link appearance. Sialodochitis (also termed ductal sialadenitis), is inflammation of the duct system of a salivary gland.

530. Antiretraction valves prevent cross contamination (between patients)

531. Hepatitis A positive can checked by
a) HBcg b) HBSg group c) no treatment d) alkaline triphostate – (Hep A infection is identified by HAV-specific antibodies (IgM if acute, IgG if past disease)

532. Composite and bleaching wait 1 week before composite

533. Which is a characteristic of a gold inlay? A: Axial walls converge toward the pulpal floor

534. Ortho treatment before veneer placement

535. By having excess amount of monomer in acrylic can create excessive amounts of what: shrinkage

536. Dementia pt, which one the most challenging? 1-ext 2-denture is the ans 3-srp 4-amalgam

537. If you have 2 proximal cavities
a) you will fill smaller, prepare larger first ans
b) you will fill larger and prepare the smaller first
C) you will fill smaller and prepare the smaller first
d) you will fill the larger and prepare the larger first

538. Pin retained – Which statement is not correct? increasing in number of pin strengthen amalgam

539. Best biopsy for small bean sized white lesion? a) Incisional b) excisional is the ans c) brush

540. Steroid dose need medical consultant 20 mg for 2 weeks 2 year

541. Osteosarcoma = PDL widening

542. Patient presents with blow to face and horizontal fracture of a previously endodontically treated molar. The fracture is 2mm from the anatomical crown. What should the dentist do?
a. Treat root canal with Calcium Hydroxide
b. Place temporary crown and revisit in 3 months
c. Immobilize
d. Ext ans

543. Pt with MOD done 1 month ago, complained it hurt when he bits A) polymerization shrinkage B) leakage c ) cracked tooth is the ans

544. Most common Impacted tooth – Mandi 3m , maxi 3m, max canine

545. Ludwig angina spaces – Submand, Sublingual, Submental

546. Xerostomia due to medications


548. Warthin tumor which gland affects – parotid

549. Sulfur granules and lumpy jaw = actinomycosis

550. Most common infectious stage in syphilis – secondary

551. Hand and foot lesion which virus – coxsackievirus

552. REGIONAL ODONTODYSPLASIA: involves the hard tissues that are derived from both epithelia (enamel) and mesenchymal (dentin and cementum). The teeth in a region or quadrant of the maxilla or mandible are affected to the extent that they exhibit short roots, open apical foramina, and enlarged pulp chambers – ghost teeth. The cause is unknown and because of the poor quality of the affected teeth, their removal is usually indicated.

553. Which of these has pain same to tooth pain (hsv/VZV/max sinusitis) – Shingles (vzv) can mimic tooth ache.

554. How to differentiate ANUG from primary herpetic gingivostomatits – Intact interdental papillae in herpes

555. Question about lesion in eye has a name subnour something like this i picked phemphigus but it is mmp – The most common and feared diagnosis associated with symblepharon is Mucous Membrane Pemphigoid (MMP)

556. Cobblestone appearance – Papillary hyperplasia

557. Which taste bud affected in geographic tongue – Filliform

558. Multiple myeloma starts = bone pain

559. Not vasodilaltor = cocaine

560. Not a(alpha) blocker = metoprolol

561. No nitrious oxide = in 1 st trimester

562. Cooling while implant placement – The bone is prepared with special metallic burs driven at slow speeds with copious water- cooling

563. In implant preparation, which of the following can be used? A) hydroxyapatite irrigation b) High Speed Hand Piece c) Low torque d)Air Coolant

564. Crevicular fluid cells PMNs

565. Opioid= mu receptors

566. Full dentures clicking = increased VDO

567. Carcinoma vs carcinoma in situ = no invasion

568. Fungal infection = nystatin

569. Systemic fungal = fluconazole

570. Erythroplakia= carcinoma in situ – Like “leukoplakia”, ERYTHROPLAKIA has no histologic connotation, but most erythroplakias are histologically diagnosed as severe epithelial dysplasia, carcinoma in situ, or invasive squamous cell carcinoma. – DD

571. Open bite= LeFort 1

572. Most allergic metal = nickel

573. FRANKFORT-HORIZONTAL PLANE – constructed by drawing a line connecting PORION & ORBITALE.

574. Labiodental sounds and what do they determine? Labiodental sound (fricative)- f,v,ph, formed by maxillary incisor contacting the wet/dry line of mandibular lip. This sounds help determining the position of incisal edge of maxillary anterior teeth.

575. Open apex tx: Vital apexogenesis / Non vital apexification

576. Mouthguard= MPDS

577. Polyether= sticks to teeth

578. RPD connector fracture = do soldering

579. Traumatic neuroma= mental nerve region

580. Primary mand 2 nd resembles – permanent mandibular first molar

581. Access opening for mand molar – Trapezoid

582. MWF = reduce pocket LINING

583. No gingivoectomy = with thin gingiva (An adequate amount of attached gingiva must be present before a gingivectomy is done, otherwise the result will be an area with minimal or no attached gingiva.) – DD

584. Drug testing = clinical trials

585. Where you give GA? 2 year old kid needs lot of restoration

586. Fearful patient how you respond? intoduce tools or TSD

587. Introduce instruments and tools = Desensitization

588. Smokeless tobacco – verrucous carcinoma – verrucous carcinoma (Associated with smokeless tobacco habit).- DD

589. Fracture w paresthesia= angle of mandible

590. Minimum amount gutta percha left in canal after placement of post? 2 or 3 or 5 mm (IT’S 4mm).

591. Buccal-lingual bone width necessary for 4 mm implant. NO 6mm in options! I took 7mm.

592. Battery – Treatment without consent form

593. Pt with dialysis, when to do treatment? 1 day after dialysis

594. Harder area to floss – Mesial maxillary 1 pm

595. If open bite 8 mm, which kind of treatment do you do? Surgery, LeFort 1


597. Question about pigmentation in options was Neurofibromatosis and PreuzJeghers. Pay attention to cafe-au-late spots! Both have pigmentation, but only Neurof. has cafe-au late! – Café-au-lait found in VON RECKLINGHAUSEN’S DISEASE (NEUROFIBROMATOSIS) and Albright’s Syndrome (McCune-Albright Syndrome)

598. Osteoradionecrosis? More in mandible/ more in maxilla/ 42 gy? According to dd its more than 40 gry and more in mandible (controversial)

599. How treat root caries? Composite, amalgam, GIC

600. Best filling for class 5 – GIC

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