Remembered/ Repeated 100 Questions-2

101. Class v cavity punch the hole on rubber dam more bucally – True

102. Same for gold restoration use 212 ivory clamp – clamp #212 for CLASS V facial preparation

103. Same for teeth who bear clamps the hole should be bigger than the rest – hole punched larger than usual and slightly to the facial of the other holes in the arch. – BB

104. Intrusion of primary maxi central 5mm inside what to do splint it or leave and follow up and allow to re-erupt.

105. Most common cause of amalgam failure imp prep or moisture contamination

106. Bur to polish porcelain is diamond

107. Question on what type of dentin shouldn’t be removed during prep which is eburnated dentin – True – we don’t remove sclerotic = eburnated dentin

108. One question which i don’t remember very clearly but it was on the fact that never do pulpo on closed apex – True, pulpotomy is indicated on undeveloped primary roots.

109. One thing we cant see clearly on 2d image is missed canal or extra canal which requires CBCT – Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) … but the way this was put was confusing but once i read it carefully i could break it down .

110. Le forte 1 was with max sinus

111. Plz do all the elevators carefully, i got a question saying which of these can’t be used for mandi pm and the only sane option was 151 – False: #151 is for mandibular pm, we can’t use #23 because it is for mandibular molars.

112. You need to adjust the denture near bucca frenum as the denture keeps on falling when the patient smiles… this is due to which muscle – Because it’s maxillary it should be orbicularis. Buccal frenum -> triangularis (mandibular), Labial frenum -> orbicularis (mandibular and maxillary).

113. For implant the instrument specification is: low speed and high torque

114. One question on bundling with the same scenario as dentist charging a procedure as one whe and the insurance company charging it as two different procedures – I think it’s unbundling -> separating of a dental procedure into component parts.

115. Stippling is seen on: Attached gingiva

116. You did a prep with high speed and diamond bur, tooth is sensitive, what is it about bur and handpiece that it caused sensitivity? A) Desiccation b) traumatized dentin c) Heat

117. What is lithium used for? Psychotic stage of bipolar

118. 8yrs old girl with ant crossbite, max laterals have not erupted yet. When and how do you treat crossbite? I put immediate tx and some appliance with springs

119. Same girl, supposedly there’s a supernumerary not erupted next to 6, what can happen when u extract it? A-necrosis of 6 B- necrosis of 7 C-necrosis of 8 D-7 won’t erupt

120. Benzo overdose? Flumazanil

121. Flumazenil what for? Reverse benzodiazepines

122. Tooth most with dry socket. – mandibular 3rd molar

123. Pvs and latex interaction – sulfur in the latex retards the setting of addition silicone materials.

124. What does major connector does? Rigidity and Stability

125. Width of palatal strap – I put 8mm not sure, (single palatal strap its width is more than 8mm)

126. How do u compensate protrusion in articulator something like that. I put slide forward 5-8mm

127. Lesion hard and painful near lower pm. Options fibroma, neurofibroma, traumatic neuroma. They didn’t say that pt had denture. (Traumatic neuroma = painful / Neurofibroma = asymptomatic)

128. Lesion on tongue: Pyogenic granuloma, Ectopic thyroid gland, Giant ossifying fibroma (Pyogenic granuloma = 75% on gingiva / Giant ossifying fibroma = exclusive to gingiva / Ectopic thyroid gland = base of tongue) – it’s provably pyogenic granuloma because pyogenic granulomas are also found on the tongue, BUT! Keep in mind that neurilemoma (schwannoma) is an encapsulated mass that presents as an asymptomatic lump and the tongue is the most common location.

129. Hemangioma on tongue – hamartoma

130. Pt with aids what do u ask? Cd4 or viral count – T-cell counts are most important for staging the disease and guiding dental treatment. (Kaplan Cases)

131. New pt upset, crossing arms, looking at floor. What do u ask after introduction
-What brings u here today?

132. Pointer in facebow, what for – designed to mark anterior reference point (infraorbital notch) and can be locked in position with a clamp. It is present in the arbitrary facebow.

133. Saturation -Chroma –hue –value

134. What albuterol causes -risk of caries -dry mouth (chronic use of albuterol is known to cause xerostomia).

135. What not to give in asthmatic attack? We give: 1st oxygen w/ beta2-adrenergic agonist (albuterol, terbutaline). If resistant to beta agonists => Theophylline. We can also give corticosteroids. Epi is only for severe asthmatic attack.

136. Heart rate in child – 110

137. Max dose of Tylenol – 4g (4000 mg per 24 hours)

138. Tylenol kids: 10-15 mg/Kg dose every 4-6h

139. Kid is 65 pounds, how many carpules of lido? 1-3

140. ANB of 5.1 what skeletal class is – Class II (ANB >4 = Class II)

141. SNA of 87 and SNB of 81 what it means – Skeletal class II – prognathic maxilla

142. Pt wants dentures. For tx, pt had 2 and 3, 22, 24, 24, 25, 27, 32. 18 What is unnaceptable do for tx plan option. There were different types of options with implants, fpd, etc. I put extraction of all teeth

143. Tylenol which schedule – Sch 3 if with codeine (Tylenol 3)

144. Need of sinus lift for ext of ant upper teeth? False!

145. What pain med for patient with apnea – Nevertheless, patients with OSA who undergo surgical procedures should receive regional analgesia and non-opioid agents (e.g., NSAIDs) if there are no contraindications for their use.

146. Disadvantage of NO2 – It is not a complete pain reliever (a local anesthetic is still required), nausea is the most common patient complaint, and diffusion hypoxia can occur.

147. What could cause unilateral class II molar? Early extraction of A (max 2nd molar) Early unilateral loss of a deciduous second molar is likely to cause the developing dentition to be crowded as the first permanent molar will drift or tip mesially.

148. 0.1% chlorhexidine gel. Where do u use it? Interproximal caries Root Erosion Occlusal amalgam with minor open margin

149. Goal of GTR? – Coronal movement of PDL – regenerate the periodontum, promoting growth of endothelial cells, osteblasts and cementoblasts (NOT EPITHELIAL CELLS)

150. What no to do on D of 3rd molar is there’s not enough keratinized tissue? I put Distal wedge

151. What anxiolytic for pregnant and breastfeeding – Promethazine

152. DMFT for what study? Community trials (epidemiological)

153. Who has more diabetes? Black males

154. Perio doesn’t depend on nutritional – T

155. In class III kennedy where do u get support and retention from? Entirely tooth supported (abutments) – Rests and bases for support

156. Pt with porcelain and amalgams, what fluoride to give? Neutral NaF

157. Most common anomaly? DI (after cleft palate)

158. First pass metabolism – Liver (enteral – oral)

159. Teeth joined by dentin and cementum? Fusion

160. What pain med for liver toxicity? Oxycodone

161. What pain for pt with bleeding problems? Acetaminophen

162. Ginseng not with? Aspirin

163. Advantage of IV – Titration

164. Reverse epinephrine by – Phentolamine (selective alpha blocker phentalomine, phenoxybenzamine, prazosin)

165. Epi works on which receptor: all alpha and beta

166. First side effect of beta blocker – weakness or drowsiness (The most common adverse side effects of beta blockers are WEAKNESS & DROWSINESS) – BB

167. Which Anesthesia without epi – Mepivacaine

168. Allergic to both ester and amide what to give – Diphenhydramine (Benadril)

169. EMLA composed of which two type of anesthesia – Lido 2.5 % and 2.5% prilocaine

170. Which Anesthesia not with anemia – prilocaine

171. Anesthesia not vasodilator – Cocaine

172. Why anesthesia not work in inflammation – Less free base

173. First nerve affect by LA – Small unmyelinated (pain and temperature)

174. Which trimester contraindicate the No2 -1st

175. Most Caries where? Max 1st molar (according to Kaplan)

176. Overdose of LA what to give – diazepam (for toxicity)

177. Antagonist of diazepam – flumazenil

178. Problem in liver which benzo to give – LOT- lorazepam, oxazepam n temazepam

179. Buspirone which receptor works in – Serotonin – BUSPIRONE (BUSPAR) – a minor tranquilizer orally administered anxiolytic (anti-anxiety agent) whose mechanism works by DIMINISHING SEROTONERGIC ACTIVITY. – BB

180. Best anti epileptic for absence seizure – Ethosuxemide

181. LA contra with which drug: MOA – LA with epi contra with MAO inhibitors, also with TCA – Epi contraindicated w/ Levodopa.

182. Omeprazol used for (GERD or zollinger)? – GERD

183. Remember all the antibiotics effect on protein synthesis – Clinda, macrolides, tetracyclines, aminoglycosides, chloramphenicol

184. Most common side effect of clindamycine is – Psudomembranous colitis

185. Mech of action of nystatin – inhibit ergosterol

186. Which drug increase the effect of amoxicillin – Probenecid

187. Drug not with milk – Tetracycline

188. All of these are antipsychotic exept (lorazepam) – T

189. Drug not with cimetidine – Terfenadine (Seldane) (dangerous drug interaction) – Cimetidine: a potent inhibitor of hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes.

190. Drugs known to interact with SELDANE are ketoconazole (NIZORAL), erythromycin (E-MYCIN), nefazodone (SERZONE), itraconazole (SPORANOX), clarithromycin (BIAXIN), mibefradil (POSICOR) as well as grapefruit juice.

191. Eps (Extrapyramidal syndrome) with which drug except: clozapine – Effectively treats Schizophrenia and more effective & less toxic than the older drugs. – BB

192. Aspirin cuz all except (hyperpnea / tacypenia / hyperkalemia / hyperthermia) – It causes hypokalemia, not hyperkalemia.

193. Tx of motion sickness – scopolamine

194. Tx of myasthenia gravis – pyridostigmine (edrophonium just for diagnosis) – Neostigmine or Pyridostigmine – are cholinesterase inhibitors used to reverse the NMJ blockade (paralysis) caused by NMJ blockers. – BB

195. Edrophonuim all true except (cause dry mouth) – Edrophonium is an indirectacting cholinergic agonist (cholinomimetic). Drug of choice to “diagnose” myasthenia gravis because of its rapid onset of action and reversibility.

196. Which drug is safe in Myesthenia Gravis (a) Penicillin (b) Erythromycin (c) Clarithromycin (d) IIDR

197. Tx of xerostomia due to radiation – Pilocarpine

198. Overdose of organophosphate cholinesterase inhibitor – Pralidoxime

199. Dont use cortisone in (all the answer were contraindicate so I picked all)

200. Mech of action of diltiazem – Calcium channel blockers useful as anti-anginal agents to treat chronic stable angina pectoris by blocking calcium entry through the membranous calcium ion channels of cardiac and vascular smooth muscle. – Calcium channel blockers that prevent angina attacks by dilating coronary blood vessels to improve blood flow to the heart muscle. – Calcium channel blockers decrease oxygen demand by reducing afterload by reducing peripheral resistance via vasodilation.

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