Monday 8,2021
Day 1
1. Dyssthesia
2. Behavior shaping
3. Avulsed tooth, less than 24 hours what would you do?
⁃ Rimplant and rct after 2 weeks
⁃ rct immediately

4. Avulsed tooth less than 24 hours, all were true except one:
⁃ Hold in gauze that’s what I put
5. Physiological forces on abutment will do all except:
⁃ increase width of cementum
⁃ Increase with of pdl
⁃ Increase reparative dentin
6. Least to most accidents:
⁃ Hiv, hepc hepB
⁃ HepB hepc hiv
7. Know C factor very well
8. Ferrule effect
9. Paigets different forms
10. Oars
11. Beneficuence – helping the community something like this word to word definition from ADA website
12. Best position for patient during VDR
13. Sounds to check during VDO
14. Penumbra
15. Bdz moa
16. Myocardial infarction: know inside out
17. Cellulitis
18. What gets effected if buccal flange is overextended? Stability
19. Caries started from pit and extended which of the following is true?
⁃ Apex at dej
⁃ Apex at the surface
20. Which of the following has least chance of getting two canal?
⁃ mand Incisors
⁃ Mand 1st Pm
⁃ Mand 2nd pm

21. What is best and most accurate diagnostic to check palatal root of max molar! Something related to rct don’t rmr exactly
⁃ cbct
⁃ Pa
22. Long question regarding zygomaxillary fracture on the right side? Which of the following won’t let Mandible to close!
⁃ lateral Pterygoid
⁃ Left TMJ
23. Plaque index – patient motivation
24. Proximal grooves where you put them?
⁃ Axio gingival and axiopulpak
⁃ Parallel to axiofacial and axiolingual
25. Graceys currett where to put the terminal shank
⁃ parallel to tooth
⁃ Perpendicular to tooth
26. Attachment loss:
27. Kennedy class 2 mod 2
28. Lingual plate image
29. Stafne defect
30. Papilloma pic
31. How can start the conversation or prepare smoker to quit?
32. Ellis class 3 fracture? What are the treatment options
33. Where to give IAN TO A child?
⁃ above the occlusal plane
⁃ Below the occlusal plane
34. Which comes in place of tooth K?
35. Which of the following will result in hypertension when interact with lidocaine? Propanlol
36. Calculation of lido and epi? 5cc or 2% lido in 1:100,000?
I put 100 mg lido and .05 epi I think not sure
37. Picture with fulcrum? What does it indicate?
38. Patient is wearing a hard night guard at night? What will you see on his teeth?
⁃ white spots on the cusps
39. Know about enamel demineralization and remineralization very well!!!! How do they look, which one is softer! How does flouride acts on them!! Inside out! Got atleast 10 questions
40. Multiple myeloma – patient had pain
41. Brown tumoR
42. Etiology of Periodontitis – plaque
43. Red complex bacteria
44. Patient is not sensitive to cold or hot, no PARL AND not sensitive to percussion and palpation! Options were: apical periodontitis. Symptomatic apical perio and weird options!
45. Which nerve is damaged by genioplasty?
46. Distal wedge at retromolar pad! What are the limitations: narrow/less ascending ramus
47. Patient had symptoms of Bell’s palsy and as soon as dentist gave IAN and then went subsequently? What was the reason? – allergic reaction, answers didnt talk about CN VII AT ALL
48. Symptoms of pulpagia! CN V or CN VII
49. And all of these

📛 definition of confidence interval
📛 discrimination based on caste creed- no justice in d options
📛 managing emergencies- again no justice in the options
📛if replacing mercury with composite- veracity
📛 if u r asking a young patient whether he will need assistance with getting into a dental chair or he will do it by himself – contract ACT n different acts in d options
📛risk of infection from OPIM – least to most ( I chose HIV hepatitis C, hepatitis B ) different sequence
📛 gardner n peutz jegher common – GI polyp
📛 not given in MI- epinephrine
📛 objective of treatment of hyperventilation – increase pCO2 in d blood
📛 lip swelling after dental impression- angioedema
📛 anaphylactic tretment- epi
📛 sever asthmaa- epi
📛 complication of ludwigs- swelling of epiglottis
📛histamine n epinephrine- physiologic antagonist
📛 around dental implant- epithelium is attached by hemidesmossome
📛distal step – class 2
📛 retromolar surgery – mostly damaged is lingual nerve
📛 picture of complicated fracture of crown ( involving pulp)
📛 2 Kennedy classifications
📛 hyperparathyroidism- browns tumor
📛 xerostomai – cervical caries
📛 prophylaxis needed in septal defect
📛 palmer plantar keratosis description
📛 width of attached gingiva
📛 width of kerarinised gingiva
📛 bleeding points in gingivectomy- to guide placement of incision
📛gingivitis is defined by >10% BOP positive
📛 active infection – BOP positive
📛 2 LA calculations questions from Tuft pharmac
📛 one half life calculation question from Tuft pharmac 2 g drug every 4 hr half life, how much after 3rd dose- answer is 3.5
📛 in already exposed roots what not to do – crown leghthning
📛 weird question asking for Nikolskys positive n No pemphigus n erythema multiforme in d options
📛 over d counter desensitizer – potassium nitrate
📛 alcohol syndrome feature
📛 dangerous infection from face – cavernous asked twice
📛 reason for fracture of porcelain n metal
📛 difference between cast n noble metal
📛 damage it FGG donor site- greater Palatine vessel
📛 most commonly seen in acute abscess – swelling
📛 Apex locator what it detects n what it does not detect 2 Qs
📛 actinomycosis – filamentous bacteria
📛 root caries – GIC
📛 erythema – first degree burn
📛 HPV vaccination most effective – when given before being sexually active
📛 kissing lesion – candidiasis
📛 antianginal – propranolol
📛 antiarrythmic – quinidine
📛 LDD – minocycline in d options
📛 APF conc- 1.23%
📛neurological problem causing paralysis- cerebral palsy
📛 if nausea after NO2 – 100 % oxygen
📛cancellous bone graft – no structural integrity
📛 multiple skin nodule + pigmentation – neurofibromatosis
📛 fibrous tiberosity removal- v shaped incisions undermining d flaps
📛 systemic antifungal- ketoconazole
📛2 class cavities – prepare larger n restore smaller

My rqs. Day 2

X-rays on AOT and
Air space
-case of lady with taking antidepressants, and beta blockers.
Know the interaction with La.
– La injected in the blood , result is increase in heart , was in the option
– case on TC ischaemi, question asked was about can we give nitroglycerine
– cases involving ethics, veracity and autonomy.
– another case on randomized clinical trial,just had to identify the study.
-treatment for a tooth which is sensitive to cold and spontaneous pain.
-case of selection of rpd for a distal extension
– side effect of lisinopril
– drug interaction between
Epi and tca drugs.
– drugs which cause xerostomia
– tooth with grade2 furcation , supraerrupted , regarding treatment
-case where on questions asked about the indirect retainer, simple
– function of a fertile
– pic of an anterior tooth
To identify whether the tooth was prepared for a crown or veneer, by looking at the prep.
– pedo case question of a 11 year old, treatment of choice, a symptomatic
– composite
– observe

-case of lady who cannot afford an implant.
Treatment of choice would be a complete denture
– in her case the most important to consider is her financial status

– plenty of drug interactions……..antidepressants, antipsychotics and
Cardiovascular drugs.
– identify the hypertensive stage
– one question on biopsy

– case where a patient had pigmentation in buccal vestibule, amalgam ratio
– one case showing a pic of melanoma, which biopsy to be used?

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