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1.Dorsum of the tongue.
This one was.

2.Salivary gland inclusion defect asked. ( Stafne)
3. LPC. ( lateral periodontal cyst)
4. Picture with the lateral side of the tongue asking what you see?
Was similar to this:
I marked SCC.1. Patient With an animal to the dental office was named by the Assistance of the
Americas with disabilities Act as:
2.People aging well percent increased in years is due to all of the following except:
A.Adding minerals or Fluor to the water
B.Something decreased the disorders
C.Discovered new antibiotics.
3.Patient did a buildup and prep the teeth for the crown. Changed separately. Insurance
paid for one.
4.In light sedation we see:
A.Patient deep sleep
B.No responsive
C.Cardiovascular function maintained.
5.In mild to moderate sedation patient:A.Maintains the airways by himself
6. Mild to severe patient ASA class:
A.Class III
B.Class II
7.Most common tumor of salivary gland:
A.Pleomorphic adenoma
B.Mucoepidermoid carcinoma C.ACC
8.Most common region for a salivary tumor?
A.Parotid gland
B.Minor salivary gland hard palate
9.Retention Class V prep for amalgam:
A.Parallel mesial and distal walls
B Parallel occlusal and gingival walls
C Occlusal and gingival grooves
10.Unsupported enamel can be left in:
A.Facial Class 3 restoration of composite.
B.Class 5 oclusal wall for amalgam.
11.Bone of extraction socket and interdental crest.
12. When a dentist refers the patient to a specialist what ethics?
13.A child cognitive coping the stress:
B.Deep breathing
14. Papoose board when not applied?
A.Cooperative child
16.Leading questions ( 2 times)
17. Dog given food through a tube:
A.Stop caries
B.Decrease caries18.Who regulates the use of MSDS?
19.Questions on hue, chroma, value ( easy)
20. Patient with class III, what will happen with ANB in time?
21. When we see skeletal open bite?
22. Metformin Moa
23. Benzodiazepines antagonist:
24.Opioids antagonist:
25. Agonist/Antagonist together:
25. What medicine for treating xerostomia?
26. Antihistamine H2 antagonist?
27. In anaphylactic shock we give?
28.Patient with sparse-thin hair, weight loss?
28. What combination of drugs and effect is correct?
Furosemide- thiazide
Propranolol-alpha blocker
Verapamil- CCB
29.What antibiotic preferred in children?Penicillin
30. Host modulating antibiotic:
31. Not the correct combination?
Metronidazole- disulfiram
Clindamycin- nausea
Cephalosporins- hepatotoxicity
32. Patient with severe asthma. What to give?
33.Opioids contraindicated in:
Severe head injury
Pregnant in the 3rd semester
34.Salicylate that acts on cyclooxygenase?
A. Aspirin
B. Ibuprofen
35.Antipsychotic act on?
Dopamine receptors
36.Ilegal for dentist:
Prescribing schedule II drugs for back pain.
37.The hypothesis on there is no difference between mouthwash A and mouthwash B.
Mouthwash A is being compared to mouthwash B for their effectiveness in eliminating halitosis.
So null hypothesis will be:
-There is no difference between mouthwash A and B in reducing halitosis.
38.Patients with severe thyrotoxicosis hyperpyrexia tachycardia, flushing and sweating
(Diaphoresis), nausea, vomiting, are very nervous?
Thyroid Storm
39.Antibiotic prophylaxis?
Cardiac transplant.
40. After giving nitroglycerin how to differentiate if it is MI or Angina?
Duration of pain.41.Amantadine:
Parkinson and antiviral influenza A.
42.Prazosin MOA:
a. Selective alpha-1 blocker
b. Beta 1 blocker
c. Alpha agois
43.After administration of nitroglycerin patient doesn’t respond diagnosis:
Myocardial infarction
44.Epi Contraindication in?
Myocardial Infarction
45. Potency/ Efficacy 2 questions.
46.Allergic cross reaction with penicillin.
47.Epi contraindicated in?
48.Patient has allergy and rash after using aspirin what drugs should be avoided
49. Moa of antiarrhythmic drugs.
Positive inotropic effect
Increase refractory period
50.Why penicillin cannot work well in case of abscess
Something about hyaluronidase in options
51.Iron in the saliva related to?
52.How to maintain the dentures free of candida or something like that..
Put is a warm water with saline
53.Spore test is doneDaily
54. What causes anaphylaxis of LA?
Too much of the lido in the plasma.
Too much of the vasodilator in the plasma.
55. Lido toxicity reversal:
( no diazepam in options)
56.What happens when you give loop
diuretics + CCB:
ortho hypotension
57. Beta 1 blockers blocks which action of epi
effects on heart?
reduces CO
58.INR 2 what you can do?
No special measures. Do extraction with proper hemostasis.
59.Broad spectrum antibiotics + Warfarin effect ? Increases the effect of warfarin.
60.Longest acting?
63.Reason for N2O?
anxious child
child who is defiant would be calm during tx
64.A patient with facial lancerating pain. What nerve is affected:
a. Glossopharyngeal nerve
b. Hyoglossus nerve
c. Other
d. Third branch of the 5th cranial nerve
65.Which of the following is associated with EBVBurkitt Lymphoma
66.Which surfaces create interference in the non-working side?
LUBL ( inclines)
67.Penetration of power?
68. Similar picture asking what is this?
69.Through the bloodborne pathogen standard, the occupational safety and health
administration directs activity for each of the following except one. Which one is the exception?
Using barrier techniques
Using material safety data sheets
Obtaining hepatitis B vaccines
Communicating hazards to employees70.After applying local anesthesia, the patient became bluish with headache, dizziness,
shortness of breath, nausea, poor muscle coordination, and blue – colored skin?
71.Most common?
Cleft lip and palate.
72.Epithelium at the base of the gingival sulcus?
Junctional epithelium
73.Supernumerary teeth
74.Most cariogenic
75.What is the difference between a gingival margin trimmer and an Enamel hatchet?
Angle of the blade
76.Best x-ray to diagnose mandibular sialolith?
77.Patient with orthopnea, dyspnea, pitting
78.Most stable area for implants?
Anterior Mandible
79.Posterior palatal seal
To compensate for shrinkage
80.Desenzitizer for root
Potassium Nitrate
81.Culture for sensitivity:
Because the current antibiotic doesn’t show results
82.What incision – protect the outer gingiva , create thin margin of gingiva that adapts to bone to
tooth and remove pocket liningInternal bevel
83.Cracked tooth treatment no pulpal involvement:
Extracoronal restoration
84.22 years old woman with bleeding gums, feeling tired.
a. Leukemia
b. Myelopathy
85.Easiest cement to remove after cementing a crown:
Zinc phosphate
86. Highest coefficient for thermal expansion:
87.Distance from embrasure rest to opposing arch:
88. Behavior modification device thumb sucking
Aversive conditioning
positive punishment
89.50% ionized so, what is pka: or 50%
50% (pH = pka).
50% ionized so what is pka is 5 what ph?
90.Elderly cause:
Senile life is the answer
Less intelligent and more resistance to change
91.Strongest crown:
Type 3 gold alloy
Type 2 gold
92.Most difficult to cut?
Base metal crown
93.You are preparing a class II cavity but your gingival margin is 1 mm away from crest, what
should the dentist do next?Crown lengthening
94.Avulsion time
10-14 days
3 weeks
95.Makes a substance liquid over compression:
96.Polymer changing form when increasing temperature:
97.Acidulated Phosphate fluoride
98.Pregnant pt position to avoid due to what
Inferior Vena Cava.
99.USA, increase in what kind of caries
Radicular caries
100. A 4 year old kid has avulsion of a central incisor. What to do?
Leave it out
101.Class III pt what increases with age?
102.When to extract 3rd molar impaction on a 43 year old man?
Bony defect or pathological defect
103.Pterygomandibular raphe formed:
Superior pharyngeal constrictor and buccinator muscles.
104.NOT a property of sodium hypochlorite.
105. What can happen with permanent teeth if the inflammatory process in the furcation of
Enamel hypoplasia
106. Sturge-Weber syndrome: key point in portwine
Port- wine stain107.Age at which mineralization of crowns of permanent molars complete?
0-1 years
2-3 years
3-4 years
108.Leukemia in children?
109.IAN failure. Which accessory nerves?
110.Calculate mode: 111111 222233
1 the answer
111.Advantage of Indirect vs Direct composite:
polymerization shrinkage
112. Resorption of anterior maxilla occurs in which direction
Superior and anterior
Superior and posterior
Inferior and anterior
113.Tooth with post and core, comes 3 months later:
Vertical root fracture
Repetitive behavior
115.Periodontitis risk factors:
Cardiovascular disease
116.Least congenital missing:
117.Exposure after x-ray: long history of SCC and the patient is going for radiotherapy. What
could be the problem?
Increased bleeding
Less recurrenceChances of going to malignant
May be associated with Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma (Gorlin sx)
119.Clinical short crown:
Crown lengthening
Contraindicated in diabetes
121.Acute abscess:
Open the canal and debride
Give antibiotics
122.Anterior to mandibular fossa:
Articular eminence
Zygomatic arch
123.Amalgam becomes damage after time with 3 month occlusion:
124.Not odontogenic origin:
Incisive canal cyst
Radicular cyst
Dentigerous cyst
125.Optimal periodontal maintenance is
3 months
1-2 months
126.Interproximal Caries:
138.Most common to lose due to perio
Max molar
139.Wall most common to perforate during access opening in first premolar:
Mesial wall.
140.Composite.what inhibits polymerization:
Eugenol.141.Red lesion on tongue (center) given with picture and he also present in hard palate.
142. pH enamel demineralization (critical pH):
143. After blood clot formation what happens with the healing bone?
Increase osteoblasts
144.Best site for implant and success:
Post mandible
Anterior mandible
145.Not in a successful RCT
Dentin formation
146.Best prognosis in endo:
Overfilled GP
Internal resorption perforation.
147.Metod needs higher temperature
Dry heat.
148.Patient becomes nausea under nitrous
100% O2
149.Healing after gingivectomy
Secondary intention
150.What chromosome affected the most?
151.Kelly (combination) syndrome NOT:
Increased vdo
152.How to motivate the children ( 7-10 years)to maintain oral health?
Maintain a next visit to the doctor.
Write every time he flosses in a note
153.Plaque index is used for:
Patient motivation154.Incisal edge opaque:
Inadequate incisal reduction.
155.Hard to maintain my home care?
Occlusal surfaces
Labial lingual surface
Smooth surfaces Interproximal
156.Systematic desensitization:
Gold standard for behavior modification
157.Intrapulpal anesthesia:
Apply pressure while delivering anesthesia
(2 times)
158.Intentional replantation is good in all except:
Immobilization and rigid splinting for a long time.
159.The attached gingiva of 2nd and 3rd molars are complicated by the presence of?
External oblique ridge.
160.Emergence profile ideal for a single central incisor implant.
2-3 mm apical to adjacent CEJ
161 Pit caries has reached to dej where is its apex?
At the enamel surface.
162.High risk caries patient:
Glass ionomer
163.Horizontal root fracture in apical 1/3, no symptoms, no pain or mobility. tx:
Follow up
164.Type of bacteria in plaque on 3 days:
Gram (+) cocci and rods
165.Increasing compensative curve question.
166.TMJ disc seen in:
167.Where would you place resistance grooves on a preparation:
Proximal168.Best to clean interproximal:
169.S sound check.
Teeth barely touch.
170. Associate malignancy?
171.Deep caries:
Large bur from periphery to center.
172.Most common in adults than children ( something like that)
Dehydration in children
173. Failure restoration amalgam pedo patient:
Contamination during condensation
Inadequate preparat
174.Vertical root fracture
Pain on biting
175.Failure of implant:
Surgical phase primary stability
176.Clicking denture:
Excessive VDO ( or decrease VOR )
177.Occlusal reduction for fixed crowns:
Follow occlusal morphology
178.More numbers of blades on carbide burs:
Smoother, decreased cutting efficiency.
179.Example of external locus.
My teeth will fall anyway whatever the doctor does
I don’t think i can maintain my oral health
180.Not a feature of tetracycline:
bactericidal ( its bacteriostatic)
181.Pregnant woman wants to pee all the time:
Bladder compressed by fetus182. A 5 year old girl has ALL, had radiolucency in the fraction of primary molar. What is the
183.Excessive depth of the posterior palatal seal usually results in:
Lack of retention of denture
184.Why we do clinical remounting at delivery of dentures. To correct errors in:
Centric relation
185.What is true about embrasure rest?
1.5 mm
186.Distance from embrasure rest to opposing arch.
187.Pt comes for new dentures and says he wants the whitest teeth.
Show the pt the white teeth.
Show the pt the teeth the dentist thinks will fit his complexion.
188. Pt is anxious. Tells you the last extraction didn’t go well or something like that. What should
be an appropriate response.
Ask pt what happened at that time.
189.Pedo pt feels symptoms after one carpule of lidocaine. What happened?
Intravenous injection
190. Physiologic antagonist question.
191. Antagonist definition.
An antagonist is a drug that blocks opioids by attaching to the opioid receptors without activating
This statement is true.
192.Endodontic infections are mostly predominated by:
Obligate anaerobes
193.What best describes biotransformation?
Less polar – more liposolubile
194. Patients with parkinson experience all except:
Intentional tremors195.Which one has more dimensional stability
196.50 teeth, 15 filled, 50 decay, 5 decayed and filled, probability of having decayed or filled:
197. What is not examined in the Cephalogram question.
198.Patient has hematocrit value 30%, neutrophil 500, platelets 70,000.. Patient prone to?
More infection.
Delay healing.
190.Cerebral Palsy all true except
95 % cognitive impairment b. Numbness
191.Not a sign of very high insulin a. Weakness
192.Opposing occlusal forces in amalgam is
193.Role of ligament in tmj
Limiting of movement
194.Frey’s Syndrome
Gustatory sweating
195. Cone cut question.
196.Why LA doesn’t work in inflammation or something like thatLow PH
197.Most important properties of vasoconstrictor in LA
198.Heal without scar
Minor aphthous ulcer
199.Less than 4mm space between sinus and ridge where will you put the graft
Toward the sinus
Toward the ridge200.Very big mesial and distal cavities in mn pm facial and lingual wall is thin what the best
Ceramic inlay
Ceramic onlay
201. How do we know deciduous teeth are ankylosed?
Different sounds on percussion ( something like that.)
202.Patient has fever since 3 days and had infection in molars
203.Picture of SSC on the lateral border of the tongue but very small
204.Protection of the dentist against possible needlesticks includes all of the following EXCEPT
one. Which one is this EXCEPTION?
Use of single-dose disposable syringes
Careful two-handed recapping
205.WHO PROTECTS THE safety of health care professionals?
207.Signs of interproximal decay can be seen on?
below the contact point
above the contact point
208.Plasminogen activation function and in which disease?
Any thrombotic conditions like stroke, MI
209.Anatomy of primary 1M
210.. All are true regarding the cardiac referred pain in orofacial region except:
Pain relieved by LA.
211.What is not the part of research?
212.Semiajustable articulator used for lateral movement what is the pressure or force would
apply on the wax during which movement?
213.Fetal alcohol syndrome.
214.Contraindications of implant?
215.Class II furcation, what you wouldn’t put in a treatment plan?
Extraction with implant placement
216.There is perforation in the mouth floor with an elevator , the healing is by?
Primary intention
secondary intention
217.Not a developmental cyst?
Dentigerous cyst
Radicular cyst
218.Aspiration in the anterior region to?
Rule out vascular
219. Why are we doing diagnostic in endo?
To provoke the symptoms.
220.The reason why we don’t proceed to EPT after trauma?
Neural interruption.
223. Vertical root fracture.
224.Preferred luting/binding agent for all ceramics.
Resin composite.
225.Necrotizing Sialometaplasia question.
226. Picture of bleeding gums.
Leukemia227. Ulcerative finding with red border on the mucolabial fold near canine.
Aphthous ulcer.
228. Mount on semi adjustable articulation question.
229.Indirect retainer.
Prevents rotation.
230. If an indirect retainer is displaced, what will happen?
The distal extensions away from the tissues.
231. During protrusive movement posterior doesn’t touch.
Increase the compensating curve.
231. Most people in normal occlusion:
CR coincide with MI ( maximum intercuspidacion)
CR doesn’t coincide with MI
232.Someon from workers didn’t wash their hands before gloves. What do you do?
Report to ADA
Let them know to follow the protocol
233. Something appeared on the palate 3 days after dental treatment. Patient is 23 years old.
Primary herpes
Recurrent herpes
Traumatic something
234.What is basic in clinical traits studies or something like that.
Placebo something
Single blinded
235.. Crown not sitting.What check?
Proximal contact
236.. When you deliver RPD , retentive clasps should be ?
Passive not tied when encircling the lower portion of height of contour.
237. How reciprocal clasp arms have to be?
Lose passive
Rigid to support the retentive clasp.
238. Water line, minimum CFU :<500 cfu/ml
239.No LA calculations. 🙂
240. The distance between implants:
241. A question about TMD aparat that didn’t work anymore. What should a dentist do?
Adjust occlusion
Make a new one.
( sorry this is all I remember.. it was a long case)
242. Trauma from occlusion.
243.Tell show do. Effectiveness.
244.All of the medications will cause xerostomia except.
245.Trismus. Which muscle?
Medial pterygoid.
246.The best place for pins.
Smooth surfaces
In thin dentin.
247.What cyst can become ameloblastoma
Dentigerous cyst.
248. What increases with age?
249.What’s most important in shade selection?
250.What determines the color of the tooth?
251.All are viral related except?
Minor aphthous
Shingles252.Gracy 13 & 14.
Distal of posterior
253.What not related with the splinting multiple mobile teeth?
To comfort pt & facilitating chewing
Prevent more bone loss (correct)
To keep the graft in the place.
254.The best approach to remodel a child fear 7 years old?
Know the reasons of his fear
Patient coping of dental anxiety
Tell do show
255.A 6 year old child fell down and couldn’t put his posterior right teeth together, xray shows
not good finding?
Fracture of right condyle
Fracture of left condyle
Right hemarthrosis
Left hemarthrosis
256.Hospital nursed pt which infection they got from dental ?
Sore throat
257.2 drugs with the exact same dose work on the same receptors not competing have the
same intrinsic effect But different affinity to the receptors they have in the same?
259. Canal seen and suddenly disappeared.

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