Ta Test June 30 July1- Rqs

1- Enamel mineralization – 5.5
2- APF percentage – 1.23%
3- Coughing medications – lisinopril was the answer I picked (it was like a mini case)
4- OKC question where the option says recurrence is not common, I picked related to Nevoid Basal Cell Ca
5- Lidocaine toxicity, both allergy and toxicity – intraarterial and intravenous. Both the questions were written differently but similar ones are in ASDA and El Maestro
6- MI and Angina difference
7- Anaphylaxis medical emergency case, like in anaphylaxis we can do everything except. Lots of except and NOT questions
8- Whats not the differential diagnosis of lateral periodontal cyst
9- Combination syndrome, VDO related question
10- Class 3 elastics (same question in other RQ file) – extrusion and distalization of molars
11- Non-working interference
12- Centric relation
13- Ameloblastoma, dentigerous, radicular, lateral periodontal ( I don’t remember the exact question)
14- Which lesion turns into ameloblastoma? Dentigerous cyst
15- I got lots of VRF questions
16- Whats contraindicated for endo treatement
17- Xerostomia was caused by all except. There were 3-4 xerostomia causing meds, but there was option of atropine administered, because I think it decreases saliva but doesn’t cause xerostomia
18- Why doesn’t LA gets absorbed in abscess? Low pH, high polar, low lipid soluble
19- pH and PKa question. pH was 5, I didn’t understand how to solve
20- similarity between ch periodontitis and GAP, I wasn’t sure, I picked host response or something
21- how do we get color on tooth? Dentin
22- got pic of ortho case where kid has white marks on teeth after getting braces off, question swas whats next step
23- whats the composition of etchant? 37% phosphoric acid
24- whats the good prognosis after endo surgery or something, it was related to internal absorption, other options had external absorption
25- which one of those are macrolides? I don’t know if I got it correct or not, but I got confused
a- clindamycin
b- clarithromycin
c- vancomycin
d- lincomycin
26- another confusing question was about TMJ ankylosis reason? I marked articular disk misaligned, then I thought rheumatoid arthritis, then I picked articular disk again. There was no trauma in the option.
27- I don’t know this one, but dyspnea, orthopnea, and pedal spasm, whats the disease? Don’t remember options
28- Sinus tract drainage where the reason is chronic periradicular
29- Gracey curette 13,14 – posterior distal
30- Hand, foot and mouth disease. Coxsackie
31- All are viral diseases except
Other 2 options
32- Red lesion on tongue, I thought erythematous candidiasis, but maybe something else
33- Squamous cell carcinoma pic
34- Antiviral med for Parkinson and flu – Amanatadine
35- 3 walled defect
36- Penetration of xrays – KVP
37- Prazosin
38- Nicotinic stomatitis picture
39- Whats the most prevalent careis
40- Whats the best way for kids to have less caries – options were quite confusing
41- Kid falls from cycle, cant close right side, whats the reason
42- Alveoloplasty
43- Most dimensionally stable material
44- H2 histamine – cimetidine
45- MAA – bupernophrine
46- Prilocaine – methemoglobinemia
47- Which liner we use under amalgam
48- What test do we do for cyclic neutropenia – I picked CBC
49- Host modulation medicine – tetracycline (there was no doxycycline in option)
50- 0.4 mg fluoridated water for 2.5 years child, how much we should prescribe?
51- Wavelength – Hue
52- What increases with age – chroma
53- Whats more important – value
54- Patient with class 3, what increases with age? SNA, SNB, ANB
55- Some pt management question like if the patient sues the dentist or something like that – I just thought expert witness seems known
56- Bundling question, the usual one
57- Why do we extend post palatal seal? Polymerization shrinkage
58- Outline form
59- Implant best in which location
60- Probability question. 30 teeth, 15 filled, 50 decay, 5 decayed and filled, probability of having decayed or filled – all in all it was 100 when we add 30+50+15+5, and 50+15+5 is 70, so it was 70%
61- I got denture picture, where they asked for which type of prosthesis we use? It was upper and 3,4 and 13, 14 were missing, so I picked palatal strap
62- Minimum and moderate sedation patient management
63- Post and core
64- Weird question about why dentist would do inlay over direct composite
65- Patient wants complete denture, what ethical violation? Autonomy and beneficence
66- Eruption and calcification questions
67- Supernumerary – initiation
68- Plaque index is used for – patient motivation
69- Two questions about pt management. You are scared of dentist, are you? Leading question
70- Whats when dentist refers to LA as a pinch juice? Relabeling
71- Irreversible pulpitis
72- Antibiotic for dental infection
73- Methotrexate, sulfa, and trimethoprim are what? Antifolates
74- Why do we raise incisal pin?
75- Arcon vs non arcon
76- What are not the correct drug-toxicity?
Penicillin – allergy
Clarithromycin – liver toxicity
Metronidazole – disulfiram related
Clindamycin – nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
I didn’t remember that so I picked B, God knows if correct or not
77- Patient needs implant on 19 and 20. Space from 19-22 is 14 mm wide. How much wide one diameter each would be? Since its 14 and we need 1.5+1.5 for each implant tooth, and then 3 mm each for implant to implant, 8mm remained so we divide 4 each for two implants
78- OSHA related question
79- Lots of questions related to salivary gland tumors
80- Sialolith
81- Warthin’s tumor
82- Most common salivary gland tumor
83- Which gland is most common
84- If a patient is child, and she or he got leukemia, which one? Lymphoblastic
85- Why patient bleeds spontaneously – leukemia (there was nothing else which made sense in options)
86- Patient has low WBCs, low hematocrit and HB A1c too high, bruising and bleeding. Options had nothing related to diabetes, it was leukemia again
87- Pilocarpine used for what
88- Which is the most common drug that causes abuse
89- Third molar extraction, which medicine – acetaminophen and oxycodone
90- Pregnant patient position to avoid what – please remember inferior vena cava or vena cava not just IVC, because then it confused when one don’t see that in option

On day 2, I got all the cardiac patients and smokers
1- One case was about cardiac stent, patient wanted teeth cleaned.
There were 10-12 questions
2- One case was about a lady with bad periodontal condition, she wanted to get her teeth look good
3- One case was about BRONJ
4- Case was about diastema and patient had peptic ulcer, questions were about diastema and canine guidance
5- Medical emergency questions of MI and aspirin related questions
6- Questions about sedation
7- HbA1c was 9.2 of a patient, what type of uncontrolled diabetes? Mild, moderate, sever
8- Implant related questions
9- Two cases were without any pictures or radiographs
10- A case had three questions about a patient who eats lemons, her weight was too low, whats the problem with her teeth – erosion
How would we tell patient to stop eating lemons
11- For furcation 2, best treatment ? GTR
12- There were few questions regarding artifacts and asked what treatment do we need? Nothing
13- Question about why does radiograph look different than picture? Take radiograph earlier and picture later or something like that
14- Prophylaxis needed

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