Ta Test June July 2020 NBDE rqs

i got enamel mineralization ph
APF percentage
coughing due to Lisinopril
it was like a mini case
ACE inhibitor
OKC question where the option says recurrence is not common, so I picked related to NBCC
i got lidocaine toxicity, both allergy and toxicity
but it was written very differently
MI and angina difference
anaphylaxis response
like in anaphylaxis we can do everything except
lots of except and NOT question
whats not the diff diagnosis of the the lesion
i got combination syndrome, class 3 elastics, non working interference, centric relation
amelo, dentigerous, radicular, lateral periodontal
i dont remember what was in the question
oh yes! also which lesion turns into ameloblastoma? dentigerous
i got lots of VRF questions
whats contraindicated for endo treatment
one question i got was about xerostomia is caused by all except? all the options looked correct, one option was atropine administered, i picked that because i think atropine reduces saliva but doesnt cause xerostomia
abscess, why doesnt LA get absorbed? low pH, high polar, low lipid soluble
ph and pka question, didnt understand a thing
similarity between chronic peridontitis and GAP, i dont know that, i picked host response or something
how do we get color of tooth? Dentin
got a picture of ortho case where kid has white marks on teeth after getting the braces off, question was whats next step
whats the composition of etchant? 37% phosphoric acid
i also got whats the good prognosis after endo surgery or something, thats about the internal resoprtion
one question i got confused with
TMJ ankylosis reason? i marked articular disk misaligned, then i thought rheumatoid arthritis
i dont know whats correct
then i went back to articular disk
i dont think there was trauma in the option
i dont know this one, but dyspnea, orthopnea, and pedal spasm something, whats the disease?
dont remember options
sinus tract drainage one
Gracey curette 13,14
hand, foot and mouth disease
all are viral diseases except? shingles, aphthous,
red lesion on tongue, i think that was erythematous candidiasis , but now i think that was something else
i got squamous cell carcinoma pic
antiviral med for parkinson and flu
3 walled defect is better
penetration of xrays- KVP
nicotinic stomatitis picture
whats the most prevalent caries
whats the best way for kids to have less caries
kid falls from cycle, cant close right side, whats the reason
most dimensionally stable material
H2 histamine – cimetidine
MAA – bupernophrine
priolocaine – methemoglobenemia
what liner under amalgam
what test do we do for cyclic neutropenia

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